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An hour later, there were giant planks floating all over the sea fifty kilometers northwest of the Black Rice Harbour.

There were several ships that hadnt sunk into the sea yet and they created large whirlpools. These whirlpools sucked in all the Sack Kingdom first fleet soldiers that hadnt retreated in time to the bottom of the sea.

The deep blue sea water was stained with blood and a black colour that came from being burned. This represented the Sack Kingdoms most elite first fleet had just become a trace of history, disappearing without a trace.

There were some High Grade Magicians from the Sack Kingdoms first fleet that were floating in the sky. They all looked down at the sea with looks of disbelief, looking at the giant Unfolding Wings Ship that floated on the sea like a mountain, as their eyes filled with shock.

The Unfolding Wings had just appeared in front of them. They were shocked by how large the ship was and the fact that this ship was completely made of metal.

When they recognized that this ship was the one in the report, the giant Magic Ship that belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they immediately prepared to attack.

But they never thought that when the Unfolding WIngs Ship was more than two kilometers away, there would be flames that came from the Unfolding Wings. Then the sky was covered in Magic Rockets covered in the glow of magic that came from the Unfolding Wings.

With these dense attacks, there wasnt a chance to escape at all.

The Sack Kingdoms first fleets ships were completely made of wood. Although they were more resistant to flames compared to normal fishing boats and were strengthened against impacts, after the Magic Rockets hit, they immediately received heavy damage.

With just a single round of attacks, the Sack Kingdoms first fleet had lost all their strength to fight.

When the second round of Magic Rockets came, they couldnt dodge at all and they didnt have the ability to dodge. It didnt take them long before they were all sunk.

This elite force of the first fleet, the fleet that was considered invincible in the surrounding seas, couldnt take the assault of the Unfolding Wings Ship for more than five minutes before they were annihilated!

During this process, they couldnt even fight back at all!

The magicians stayed even though they wanted to run because when they thought of the severity of military laws and after thinking about their reports, they looked at each other and prepared to make a move.

With so many magicians working together, they might be able to take the Unfolding Wings Ship.

If they could take the Unfolding Wings Ship, the losses of these boats could be ignored.

However, when those magicians gathered their magic and were about to release their spells, the space in front of them had suddenly caved in. The space there turned into a darkness that they couldnt see the depths of.

The Sack Kingdom magicians took in cold breaths at the same time.

“Its actually Space Magic! They have a Great Magician!”

These magicians looked at each other and without any hesitation, they flew towards the Sack Kingdom to the north.

Xu Yi took back his hand and stopped his magic.

Looking at the stunned chairman Cruise, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Do you still doubt the strength of our company”

Chairman Cruise gave a long sigh before saying in an emotional voice, “Xu Yi, you are simply a monster. You built the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone, which also makes you a monster.”

Xu Yi laughed before giving the order to Narvil, “Return.”

The Unfolding Wings created a beautiful arc in the sea before turning back to the Stantine Duchys sea.


Two days later, the unfolding Wings ship had attacked the main forces of the Sack Kingdoms first fleet led by general Keller in the northwest seas of the Stantine Duchy.

The Unfolding Wings took no damage and only three ships escaped for the Sack Kingdoms first fleet, the rest had all sunk.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces bases sea had been unblocked.

Five days later, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards worked with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, the Armani Chamber of Commerce, the Renekton Chamber of Commerce, the Falcao Chamber of Commerce, and six other companies to hire five thousand guards, suddenly attacking from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

With this fierce attack, the troops of Duke Wein couldnt resist at all, instantly having their defenses broken.

Duke Weins blockade of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had ended.

A week later, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce continued their offense, defeating Duke Wein four times and finally attacking his manor.

Duke Wein knew that situation was bad and escaped ahead of time, not leaving a trace.

After losing the command of Duke Wein and losing their supplies, unable to use the might of the military magic machines, Duke Weins troops couldnt resist at all.

Half a month later, after defeating Duke Wein, Xu Yi took all of Duke Weins territory as expected. What they didnt expect was that he didnt stop, attacking two lords that were neighbouring him.

In just ten days, the private guards under Xu Yi had defeated those two lords, taking all their territory.

Then Xu Yi took twenty days to reorganize.

When everyone thought that Xu Yi would stop, not attacking the other lords like Duke Wein had done, Xu Yi suddenly moved again.

This move created mass shock.

In a month, Xu Yi sent his private guards to attack seven lords, taking all the territory from those seven lords.

In all these fights, with the massive firepower of the military magic machines, the lords couldnt resist at all. All of them were defeated without exception.

At this time, the lords of the Stantine Duchy finally understood.

Although Xu Yi wasnt Duke Wein, he was more of a threat than Duke Wein!

So the rest of the lords of the Stantine Duchy all gathered their forces and planned on defeating Xu Yi.

However, the brutal reality had crushed their final hope.

Xu Yi had only sent out five thousand troops and had easily defeated the giant army of forty thousand sent out by these lords.

Moreover, Xu Yis troops had been active the entire time, always maintaining the advantage.

In front of Xu Yis private troops, the troops of the lords were like children fighting adults. They could only be beaten, they couldnt resist at all.

This battle had crushed all thoughts of resistance in these lords. After this battle, most of them had chosen to surrender Xu Yi. A few of them secretly gathered their property and fled the Stantine Duchy, disappearing without a trace like Duke Wein.

In less than two months, Xu Yi had defeated all the lords of the Stantine Duchy. He had achieved what Duke Wein had thought was impossible, which was to integrate the entire Stantine Duchy under his control.

However, unexpected to everyone, Xu Yi rejected the request of many people to have him become Duke Stantine. Rather he announced that he would be forming the Stantine Duchy State Council, which would be called the Stantine Duchy Congress, who would be responsible for taking care of all of the small and large matters in the Stantine Duchy.

At the same time, Xu Yi recommended Count Anklo as the chairman of this state council. He recommended several young lords, as well as several Stantine Duchy citizens to join the state council. They would also be committee members who would help Count Anklo manage the duchy.

As for Xu Yi himself, he would be given the title of special advisor and he wouldnt participate in government business directly. He only would give his opinion when it was needed.

Of course, this was just his own way of saying this, but everyone knew that with his current control of the Stantine Duchy, how could he avoid being involved in government matters right now

If one was more direct, although Xu Yi didnt have the title of Duke Stantine, he was actually Duke Stantine.

To put it in a more exaggerated manner, with his control of the Stantine Duchy, it could be said that he was the king of this country!


With a breeze that came through the window, there was a chill that came in.

Xu Yi looked away from the report in his hand and looked out the window.

Although there was green outside the window, it was already the end of December and the middle of winter.

From leaving the Lampuri Kingdom to now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been in the Stantine Duchy for over two years now.

Only now did they truly take root here.

Whenever he thought of all the trouble the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had faced in the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling emotional.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt strong enough when it left the Lampuri Kingdom and entered the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi had decided that standing firm was the most important.

But in fact, during these two years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many chances to take over the Stantine Duchy.

The only reason they didnt do this was because Xu Yi didnt want to take the risk,

But as the situation changed in the Stantine Duchy over the past two years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had paid large prices because Xu Yi didnt want to take this risk.

When Duke Wein ambushed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it didnt create that much of a threat, but when he worked with the Sack Kingdom to take the Frestech Chamber of Commerces territory, it created heavy losses.

Xu Yi didnt care that much about the economic losses.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had lost over three million gold coins from dealing with Duke Wein and the Sack Kingdom. Then with the investments that had to be made for the reconstruction and following projects, Xu Yi estimated that they would be investing close to ten million gold coins next year, Xu Yi didnt feel any pain over this.

What made him feel pain was the loss of human lives during the battle.

“If I had been more determined back then, perhaps there wouldnt have been this many people who lost their lives”

Looking at the red leaves falling outside, Xu Yi had a dim look in his eyes. After a while, they filled with determination again.

“No matter what, since Ive made up my mind, I cant hesitate in the future.”

Xu Yi clenched his fists before releasing them.

After taking control of the Stantine Duchy, there were many people who had proposed that he take over the title of Duke Stantine or even become a king.

Xu Yi had rejected them all.

Although his heart had changed from the past experience and now he was willing to take over, he was clear that with the current power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was no problem controlling the Stantine Duchy and stop other forces from coveting the assets of the Stantine Duchy and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was impossible for him to control the Stantine Duchy on the surface.

“No matter what, I cant let my destiny be controlled by others, I have to grasp it in my own hand.”

Xu Yi watched the red leaves falling outside and the empty trees before suddenly becoming aware of something.

Raising his hand to point, the red leaves that had been falling outside like a normal scene in fall suddenly looked like it had been hit by a stone as ripples appeared.

At that time, Xu Yi had broken through.

(Volume 4 «Throne» End)-

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