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“Why” Xu Yi looked at the doubtful chairman Cruise with a natural look, “Isnt this simple Of course its because it costs too much money like this.”

“Too much money” Chairman Cruises face twitched, “This is related to the life and death of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, youre actually telling me youre afraid to spend money It isnt like you have no money!”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Dont be so excited. Indeed I do have money, but I cant just randomly spend it, right Dont forget, after this matter, I need to spend a large amount on reconstructing my territory. If I use up all my money now, what will I do then”

Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi in disbelief.

“I say…..Just what are you thinking At this time, how can you give priority to rebuilding Dont target that your companys base is currently surrounded by Duke Weins troops and all those fellows from the Sack Kingdom. Youre not afraid that you wont be able to hold up and theyll break your defenses, swallowing your base”

Xu Yi looked at him, “Do you want the hear the truth”


“Alright, to be honest…..Im not worried.” Xu Yis response couldnt help make chairman Cruises eyes pop out.

Xu Yis answer was simply insane!

According to various sources of information, there were over thirty thousand troops from Duke Wein and the Sack Kingdom surrounding the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards only had a pitiful thousand people.

No matter how you looked at it, there would be a disparity in strength. Why was Xu Yi not worried about this at all

“Why do I need to worry You already said it, theres a disparity between the side, what is there to worry about” Xu Yi asked back.

Chairman Cruise was almost angered into a fool by Xu Yi.

“Hey, could it be that you think your Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards are stronger than the enemy”

Who would have thought that Xu Yi would give a nod.

“Right, I do think this.”

Chairman Cruise slapped his forehead. He thought that it couldnt be that Xu Yi was going crazy right Otherwise, how could he say this nonsense

“Dont doubt it.” Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Cruise, could it be that you havent noticed that since our company has developed many different military magic machines, the battlefield is already different from before Not mentioning anything else, just last year, you should know what happened in the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war, right”

Chairman Cruise knit his brows, “What Youre talking about her majesty Seveni leading five thousand guards to defeat Duke Stagg Right, the guards of her majesty Seveni received a large amount of military magic machines from your company, that was why they were so strong. But her majesty Seveni has over five thousand guards and your company only has two thousand guards, how could to compare”

“Dont forget, it has been a year since then. Our companys military magic machines cannot compare to the military magic machines her majesty Sevenis guards had last year.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“Youre saying that the military magic machines are stronger now” Chairman Cruise knit his brows still, “But dont forget, Duke Wein is also using the military magic machines your company has provided.”

“You wouldnt think that Im foolish enough to give the newest and most advanced military magic machines to Duke Weins troops, right” Xu Yi rolled his eyes at chairman Cruise, “Moreover, what do you think Ive been making these days Let me tell you, most of Duke Weins arsenals have been ruined by our special attack squad and the Magic Airships. In a situation where he has no supplier, Duke Weins military magic machines can only last three more days. Without the support of the military magic machines, what difference is there from his troops not having any weapons”

Chairman Cruise opened his mouth, but he couldnt refute it at all.

Xu Yi was completely right.

After the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war last year and a year of fighting between the Stantine Duchys lords, everyone was clear on one fact.

The military magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already changed the method of fighting on the continent.

In current battles, it didnt matter who had more people, who had better weapons, or who had better trained soldiers, it all depended on who had better military magic machines.

In this comparison, who could compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who made military magic machines

The only thing that chairman Cruise felt was unreliable was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had too few guards.

Otherwise, even if Duke Wein worked with the Sack Kingdom, chairman Cruise didnt think that he would have a chance.

Of course, if it was like this, Duke Wein wouldnt have made this crazy choice.

Chairman Cruise could guess Duke Weins plan.

He wanted to secretly work with the Sack Kingdom to use the time that Xu Yi was gone to use his troops to take all the facilities of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce base. He would take all the personnel and completely swallow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If he could control the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would become his biggest backing.

Even if Xu Yi reacted and wanted to fight back, he couldnt do anything without the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But Duke Wein never thought that even with all his troops, he couldnt break the defenses of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base, not allowing him to achieve his goals.

Now Duke Wein was about to collapse.

If he gave up, Xu Yi definitely wouldnt let him go. Not only would he lose all his power, he might not even be able to keep his life.

If he continued to fight, he had no way of defeating the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Chairman Cruise didnt need to guess, he was certain that Duke Weins only way was to beg the Sack Kingdom.

He could only place his hopes in more reinforcements from the Sack Kingdom to defeat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, allowing him to control it.

But if he did this, the Sack Kingdom would take most of it away and wouldnt leave Duke Wein with much.

In this situation, it wasnt much better than when he listened to Xu Yi, it was even worse.

Chairman Cruise was worried about Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He wasnt worried about Duke Wein, but rather he was worried about the Sack Kingdom.

The Sack Kingdom had been able to suppress the Lampuri Kingdom for hundreds of years, their national strength couldnt be looked down on.

If the Sack Kingdom felt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was worth them investing, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone wouldnt be able to stop them.

“Your worries are reasonable, so I have to solve everything here before the Sack Kingdoms real reinforcements arrive.” Xu Yi nodded, agreeing with chairman Cruises opinion.

Chairman Cruise gave a bitter laugh, “How do you solve it With your Frestech Chamber of Commerces two thousand guards Xu Yi, why arent you willing to listen to me and ask her majesty Seveni for help I think that whether it is your personal relationship with her majesty or the importance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the Lampuri Kingdom, her majesty wouldnt sit still.”

“One sentence, its easier to summon a spirit than to chase it away.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I dont want the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to be limited by people. So this matter has to be solved with our own strength.”

Chairman Cruise knit his brows again.

“I cant see what strength you have to take out this powerful enemy.”

Xu Yi smiled and didnt continue. He looked behind chairman Cruise and asked, “Are the people you brought reliable”

Chairman Cruise gave a sigh before nodding, “Be assured, since I brought them, they are definitely reliable.”

“Good.” Xu Yi turned to nod at Hart on the side, “Give them the things.”

Hart left to follow the order.

Not long after, Hart and two hundred human guards carrying a bunch of Magic Bazookas came back. They gave them to the thousand Amrit Chamber of Commerce guards that chairman Cruise brought.

Watching Hart and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards teach his subordinates how to use the Magic Bazookas, chairman Cruise asked Xu Yi, “Are you certain you want to give me a thousand Magic Bazookas”

“Of course, this is the commission of your companys guards, it cant be skimped.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Chairman Cruise nodded, “If it wasnt for you agreeing to give me these things, I wouldnt have brought our companys precious guards to these turbid waters.”

“You think that our companys guards arent precious” Xu Yi gave a chuckle and took a telescope to look into the distance.

Right now he and chairman Cruise, as well as the two hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and the one thousand Amrit Chamber of Commerce guards were on the giant Unfolding Wings Ship.

The Unfolding Wings was sailing on the sea at ten knots, to the northwest of the Black Rice Wasteland. If they continued another fifty kilometers, they would enter the sea space of the Sack Kingdom.

Xu Yi looked forward for a while before there was a buzz that suddenly came from his body.

Xu Yi reached into his chest to dig out a small Magic Communicator.

When he connected, Evitas gentle voice came from inside the Magic Communicator.

“Chairman, I already see the Sack Kingdoms fleet. They are currently 11 oclock to the Unfolding Wings, about twenty kilometers away.”

“Alright, received. Keep observing and contact us if there are any changes.” Xu Yi said.


Xu Yi hung up and turned to see chairman Cruise looking at the Magic Communicator in his hand with a curious look, then he revealed a proud smile.

“Modern warfare heavily relies on information. We completely lead the Sack Kingdom on this, do you think I need to be worried about winning”

He didnt care if chairman Cruise reacted after he said this, Xu Yi gave the order to Narvil who had been waiting on the side the entire time, “11 oclock to the northwest, go full force!”

Narvil turned to leave.

After a while, the Unfolding Wings suddenly trembled and went at its max speed of fifteen notes, heading northwest on the boundless seas.-

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