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Seveni slowly and serious read the book, almost going word for word.

Although the book was thin and there werent many words written on it, Seveni had taken half an hour to finally finish reading the final word.

After she finished, Seveni closed her eyes and fell into thought for over ten minutes before speaking.

“Xu Yi, only the benefits that are brought to our Lampuri Kingdom are written here, can you tell me what benefits energy standardization can bring to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Dear majesty, do you want to hear the truth or a lie”

Seveni snappily glared at Xu Yi, “Deceiving the queen is a capital crime.”

Xu Yi said with a laugh, “What if it isnt evil deceiving At least…..its a lie that doesnt have that much effect”

“That wont do.” Seveni said with a serious look, “If I dont know what benefits this energy standardization will bring to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the members of the kingdoms parliament wouldnt feel assured following your suggestion and making this reform.”

“Then that means your majesty trusts me” Xu Yi asked.

“If I didnt believe you, why would I say all this” Seveni suddenly gave a sigh, “Theres no one else here, stop calling me your majesty all the time. Lets just call each other by our names like before, alright”

Xu Yi hesitated for a bit before slowly nodding, “Alright. Seveni, this energy standardization will gather all of the Lampuri Kingdoms energy management into one, which can tighten the control, which Ive clearly written in this report. As for the benefits of this energy standardization for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, if I said that it could save our company quite a bit of effort, would you believe that”

“Oh” Seveni was a bit curious, “Save what effort”

“To give an analogy.” Xu Yi paused before saying, “For a Magic Fan, because of the different quality and sizes of Magic Crystals, when our company is designing the Magic Fan, we have to consider all these different aspects. We have to pay several times more when it comes to the design, which brings unnecessary costs.”

“So you want to let all Magic Fans use the same kind of Magic Crystals” Seveni immediately asked.

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded, “Actually our company has always been doing this. For example, the new Magic Crystals refining factory that our company has set up, it is specialized to make the same Magic Crystals. When we produce new magic machines, with the standard that our company has set, the people who use the new household magic machines have to purchase the Magic Crystals that have been refined.”

“Un, this isnt a bad idea.” Seveni praised, “With your Frestech Chamber of Commerces absolute monopoly of the household magic machine industry, you want to use the household magic machines to force people to have no choice but to follow your standard. Youre also forcing them to use the new standardized Magic Crystals.”

“Facts arent as good as you think.” Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “Although our Frestech Brand household magic machines are the most popular household magic machines, and there has been great support after promoting this new standard, but……This approach has caused many of our old customers who dont want to use the our standardized Magic Crystals to switch to other brands of household magic machines. Because of this, our companys household magic machines departments sales has dropped by 13% last month.”

“It actually dropped by this much” Seveni couldnt help raising a brow and looking surprised.

In terms of household magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was without a doubt the best and their lead wasnt just by a small amount compared to the other companies.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines are a bit more expensive than the other brands, because of the Frestech Brands outstanding performance and quality, people always had the Frestech Brand as their first choice when buying household magic machines.

However, in this situation, the Frestech Brands sales had dropped by 13%, which really was surprising.

“This isnt right……” Seveni said in a confused voice, “Using the standardized Magic Crystals can clearly increase the operation time of the household magic machines and can even prolong their service life, why wouldnt the people be willing to accept this Could it be that you havent advertised the performance of the standardized Magic Crystals”

“No, to promote this standard, our company has invested at least two hundred thousand gold coins and advertised the benefits of the standardized Magic Crystals. But……For many of the customers that buy household magic machines, what they care most about is whether it is easy to use and how convenient it is. Our companys magic machines only use standardized Magic Crystals and there arent many places to buy them right now. Since they arent convenient to use, people have chosen to give up.”

“Impossible.” Seveni suddenly shook her head, “Xu Yi, its impossible that you havent predicted this, so why did you do this”

Xu Yi pursed his lips into a smile, “Alright, I have indeed already predicted this, so this is actually an experiment for me. I want to see that with just our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, could we promote this energy standardization.”

“Then you failed, so you came to ask for my help” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a ghost of a smile.

“This……Your majesty……” Seeing Seveni glare at him, Xu Yi changed his tone, “Ke, Seveni, you are my good friend and helping friends is something that a friend should do. Not to mention that there are many benefits to the Lampuri Kingdom this time, so you wouldnt reject me, right”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi for a while before looking down at the small book in her hand. After thinking for a bit, Seveni slowly nodded.

“Alright, even if I agree, how do you plan on doing this If there arent other methods and you want to promote it forcefully, the kingdoms parliament definitely wont accept this.”

“Of course.” Seeing that Seveni finally gave a nod, Xu Yi revealed a confident smile, “First, I suggest that you Seveni set up a company in the name of the royal family.”

“The royal family already has a company, its managed by Lewis. Dont you know him” Seveni asked back in a surprised voice.

“This is different.” Xu Yi shook his head, “This company should clearly tell everyone that this company is only owned by the royal family. As for this companys business, it can only involve those of the Lampuri Kingdom and no other merchants are allowed to interfere.”

Seveni was surprised, “This overbearing The rules of the Royal Parliament is that no nobles are allowed to be involved in business, even the royal family is not an exception.”

“That doesnt matter, no matter what the name is, you just need to send out this information. In short, no one else is allowed to enter this industry.”

Seveni slightly knit her brows, “Its this serious”

Xu Yi gave a strong nod, “Of course. Seveni, I can tell you that this business will control the foundation of the continent, only by controlling this business can you control true power. If you want the royal family to control the Lampuri Kingdom, you have to control this business.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

After knowing Xu Yi for this long, although she had seen his serious appearance many times before, she had never seen Xu Yi this serious before.

With his tone, Seveni knew that in Xu Yis eyes, the business of this company was much more important than she imagined.

After pausing, Seveni nodded, “Alright, I can consider this. But you still havent told me yet, what business will this company be involved in”

“To put it generally, its energy. This companys name will be the Lampuri Energy Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi said.

“Energy Its Magic Crystals” Seveni was more confused, “Magic Crystals are everywhere, how could they be important”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Seveni, if you think this way, the Lampuri Kingdom will miss a good chance to rise. I have a bold prediction, on the future Sines Continent, those that control energy will control the continent. This energy is just a general reference, but right now that is referring to Magic Crystals.”

Seveni paused for a bit with a look filled with doubt.

But after seeing that Xu Yi had the same confident look for a while, Sevenis confusion gradually faded.

“Alright, I believe you.” Like she had strengthened her own faith, Seveni gave a strong nod, “Xu Yi, your predictions havent failed until now, so Ill naturally believe your prediction of energy. But if energy only refers to Magic Crystals, it is impossible to completely control it because on the continent, Magic Crystals really are everywhere.”

“So thats why I put forth this proposal for energy standardization, right” Xu Yi pointed at the small book on the table, “Magic Crystals are everywhere, but refined Magic Crystals that have a high purity and high concentration arent found everywhere.”

Sevenis eyes immediately lit up.

“Xu Yi, youre willing to give the Magic Crystal refining technology”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and reached his hand out to Seveni.

“Dear majesty, are you willing to represent the Lampuri Kingdom to open the first Magic Refill Station on the Sines Continent with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce”-

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