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The Banta City bicycle race successfully ended and Xu Yi and the companies of Banta City reached an agreement, preparing to hold the “Frestech Bicycle Circuit Grade Race”.

At the same time, Xu Yi had signed an initial agreement with Princess Caroline on behalf of the Drake Duchy.

According to the agreement, all of the Drake Duchys current magic machine companies would follow the standard set by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would conduct their research under the guidance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

That way, including the Lampuri Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine standard was already being used in several countries.

Although the Rudson Kingdom hadnt signed a contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on this for now, with how the Rudson Kingdom was developing, it was a matter of time.

Integrating these countries into a single standard was a very important thing for Xu Yi.

Because with this, he could develop the magic machine industries of those companies according to his plan. That way he could lay out a more complete magic machine industry.

Right now, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the most complete one out of the early magic machine industry was the Lampuri Kingdom.

Other than the military magic machine that Xu Yi never relented on, the Lampuri Kingdom had already started walking into the realm of production magic machines.

There was a production magic machine factory outside Banta City, mainly building Magic Punch Press and Magic Milling Machines.

Although the technology for this production magic machine factory came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, under Xu Yis instructions, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent technical staff to teach the other workers in the factory how to produce production magic machines.

The effects seemed quite good right now.

Of course, because the talent of humans differed from that of dwarves, for humans workers to reach the same level of skill as the dwarven craftsmen, it would take quite a long time.

Other than the Lampuri Kingdom, whether it was the Drake Duchy, the Rudsone Kingdom, or the Mirando Duchy, they were only limited to cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on household magic machines.

It had to be said, the household magic machines had many uses, so they were very popular in these countries. So the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machine factories that they invested in together had quite decent sales.

Moreover, it wasnt the Drake Duchy, the companies of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom began selling their brands of household magic machines to other countries.

Only the companies of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom were cautious. They were very cautious with the development and didnt cause fatal accidents like the Drake Duchy.

Princess Caroline stayed in Banta City for several days, spending every day in the factories jointly invested in by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. She was understanding the technical questions of the household magic machines that those factories produced.

She didnt understand the technology, but she did this to show her attitude to Xu Yi. She wanted to prove that the Drake Duchy was sincere and wanted to make back for the losses caused by those big incidents.

But Xu Yi only stayed in Banta City for a week before leaving it with Liz, Linda, Freya, and Agnes.

He didnt return to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces headquarters in the Stantine Duchy, he went to the Lampuri Kingdoms capital Anvilmar City.

Princess Caroline wanted to go with Xu Yi, but Xu Yi rejected her.

According to Xu Yis arrangements, Princess Caroline had to rush to the Stantine Duchy now to learn from the technical staff of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces headquarters. She had to solve the quality problem of the Drake Duchys Magic Fan and Magic Refrigerator as soon as possible.

Time didnt wait for anyone in these matters. If it was delayed even more, the Drake Duchy would suffer more losses.

So even if Princess Caroline wanted to stay with Xu Yi very much and become closer to him, she had to part ways with Xu Yi and head to the Stantine Duchy.

She was different from how nervous she was when she came to Banta City. When she left Banta City, Princess Caroline had a happy heartfelt smile on her face the entire time.

It was for no other reason that Xu Yi guaranteed that since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce agreed to this cooperation, they would use their full power to help the Drake Duchy through this mess.

Princess Caroline knew that Xu Yi was a person who didnt easily promise things. Since he promised this now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would do their all.

With the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Drake Duchys problem couldnt be considered a problem.

So when she left Xu Yi, Princess Caroline didnt care that Liz, Linda, Freya, and Agnes were present, she gave Xu Yi a warm kiss in front of everyone.

While also throwing some tempting words.

“Xu Yi, Ill be waiting for you any time.”

Xu Yi smiled at these words.

After bidding farewell to Princess Caroline, he drove his Magic Sedan out of Banta City. In just a single day, he finally arrived at Anvilmar City that was four hundred kilometers away from Banta City at night.

Seeing the Anvilmar City gates in the distance, Xu Yi finally let out a sigh.

After stretching himself out, Xu Yi looked at Liz, Linda, and Agnes. He thought that no matter what, he had to let the three of them learn how to drive the Magic Car.

Otherwise when he made another long trip like this, it would be too tiring for him to drive alone.

“Hey, Freya, youre about to see mom soon, are you happy” Xu Yi slowly drove the Magic Sedan towards the gate as he asked Freya sitting in the back seat this.

“Un, very happy.” Freya nodded without hesitation, “I havent seen mom in a long time, I really miss her.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Relax, after we enter the city, youll get to see mom immediately. I guarantee that mom will miss you a lot.”

“Un, I know.” Freya nodded again before suddenly asking Xu Yi, “Dad, do you miss mom”

“Of course, I havent seen mom in a long time, how could I not miss her” Xu Yi replied.

“But I dont feel like you miss mom.” Freya said.

“Why do you think that” Xu Yi was surprised.

“Because big sister Caroline is also very beautiful.”

Xu Yi turned his head in surprise and seeing Freyas serious look, he couldnt help smiling.

This little fellow wasnt even two yet and she was this strong, she could even say these kinds of words.

Liz and Linda on the side secretly laughed.

Princess Caroline had stuck to Xu Yi every day, how could they not see through Princess Carolines thoughts

Thinking of how Princess Carolines appearance didnt lose to madame Stills, Liz and Linda couldnt help feeling a bit worried.

The master wouldnt be seduced by her highness, right

Only Agnes didnt reveal a strange look. She picked up Freya and put her on her legs as she said to her with a smile, “Freya, although Princess Caroline is very beautiful, your dad will definitely miss your mom. Because I know that in your dads heart, you mom is always number one, dont you think so”

After all, Freya was still young and didnt know how to use her words to express her feelings. She did nod to express her thoughts.

Xu Yi laughed and he couldnt help reaching out to pinch her small face.

“Our Freya will definitely become a beauty after growing up, you might even be more beautiful than your mom.”

Freya laughed as Xu Yi pinched her little face. His eyes turned to Agnes and he suddenly felt a bit unsettled.

He would be seeing Still soon.

Even accepting Agnes was the result of his discussion with Still. Still hadnt rejected this matter at all and had fully supported it.

The one who had chosen Agnes was actually Still.

But no matter what, Agnes had agreed with elder Illusia to officially become Xu Yis companion, making Xu Yis heart fill with guilt towards Still.

Thinking of how he would see Still soon, Xu Yis heart became a bit unsettled.

Even if Still didnt seem to care on the surface and no matter how she supported Xu Yi, would she really not care about this matter deep down

The Magic Sedan carried Xu Yi with his complicated thoughts and the others slowly through the gates.

After her majesty Seveni was crowned, her first big political move was to build roads all over the Lampuri Kingdom.

After a year of construction, the Lampuri Kingdom now had over fifty thousand kilometers of roads.

Not only was every city connected, some cities didnt just have a single road.

Because of the support of Seveni, there were many villages under cities that were getting roads as well.

According to the policies that Seveni put through the «Lampuri Weekly», her initial plan was to make traveling through every part of the Lampuri Kingdom as convenient as the area around Banta City.

This wasnt shown in the other cities of the Lampuri Kingdom, but it was being displayed in Anvilmar City.

On Xu Yis way from Banta City, he drove from the Anban Road that had been finished three years ago. But other than this Anban Road, there were seven other roads that connected to Anvilmar City, gathering all together five kilometers away from the Anvilmar Citys south gate.

So there were many different pedestrians and vehicles that came from the eight roads that gathered at the south gate, so it was very crowded.

Seeing the crowd of people and vehicles slowly moving into the city, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

Perhaps when he saw Seveni again, the first suggestion he should make was to cancel the tax collection for entering the city.

This really wasted too much time.-

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