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The so-called raising the power was to increase the speed of the tired vehicles when this Fire Magic Engine was placed on the Magic Sedan.

Because the Fire Magic Engine was less stable than the Wind Magic Engine, it was more dangerous to research it. Great Magician Telucci had researched it by himself most of the time before and sent the data back to the headquarters. The other researchers would be given this data to confirm and then it would be given to the magic machine development center for testing.

Half a month ago, in the research Great Magician Telucci had sent, if they used the Fire Magic Array that he had developed for the Fire Magic Engine, in theory, the new Magic Sedans with the Fire Magic Engine could even reach a hundred kilometers an hour!

Great Magician Camilla had accidentally received this news and immediately rushed over to the Lampuri Kingdom. He had been working with Great Magician Telucci for half a month now just to develop this new Fire Magic Engine.

Because there wasnt a complete magic machine development center here, Great Magician Telucci had been experimenting with a Magic Sedan chassis with a Fire Magic Engine on it, using it to perform simple and crude experiments.

As for Great Magician Camilla riding it, this was because it was more convenient and it was easier to gather data.

Xu YI didnt know what kind of experiments the two of them did, but seeing Great Magician Camilla sitting on the crude chassis that didnt have any protection at all, he couldnt help being a bit worried.

“What is there to worry about” Great Magician Camilla waved his hand, “With my magic, theres no need to worry at all.”

Xu Yi thought it was right. He didnt say anything else and moved to the side, waiting for the experiment to begin.

Once all the preparations were made, Great Magician Telucci reached out to press down on the Fire Magic Engine on the chassis. There was a fire red glow that had appeared and the Fire Magic Engine had activated.

“Camilla, slowly send magic in and get the Fire Magic Engine started, this…..”

Great Magician Telucci didnt get to finish before the glow of magic appeared around Great Magician Camilla.


There was a loud buzzing sound before Xu Yi saw a dazzling fire red image burst past his eyes, creating a fire red line of light as it charged into the distance.

After a while.


There was a large sound.

Xu Yi was shocked. When he wanted to head over to investigate, he saw that the ashes flew into the sky and there was a blue light that suddenly lit up. Great Magician Camilla covered in light suddenly burst into the sky and flew all the way beside Xu Yi and Great Magician Telucci, bursting out in laughter.

“Satisfying! Too satisfying! Telucci, I like this engine! It would be better if it could go even faster!”

Seeing Great Magician Camilla looking excited, Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

This kind of experiment that didnt care about ones life, other than Great Magician Camilla, no one else dared to do this.

Great Magician Telucci was the same. With how steady he was, how could he be willing to cause trouble with Great Magician Camilla

Looking into the chassis that had shattered to pieces from the high speed collision, Xu Yi stroked his chin and revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

Although there wasnt any real data from Great Magician Camilla suddenly charging out, just with the estimates, the final speed should be over a hundred kilometers an hour.

Moreover, the propulsion of the chassis had been very quick. In just less than two seconds, it had already reached that speed from zero, so it could be seen that the power was quite strong.

Compared to the Wind Magic Engine that was very calm, the Fire Magic Engine demonstrated the specialty of Fire Magic, it had a strong impact.

Although the magic research facility had already developed the Fire Magic Engine, compared to the Fire Magic Engine that Great Magician Telucci had developed now, it was much weaker in comparison.

If the Fire Magic Engine developed before was only a bit stronger than the Wind Magic Engine, the power demonstrated by the Fire Magic Engine could be considered completely different from the Wind Magic Engine.

With such a powerful output, not only could it greatly increase the speed of the Magic Sedan, it could also create many of the large magic machines that Xu Yi had wanted to develop before.

Of course, the Fire Magic Engine developed by Great Magician Telucci was only in its initial stage of development and wasnt developed enough. At least it wasnt developed enough when it came to the stability, it was far from being truly operational.

But Xu Yi didnt plan on restricting Great Magician Telucci on this.

The magic research facility and Great Magician Telucci were both focused on developing the Fire Magic Engine, but they were developing in different directions.

The magic research facility focused on stability and used, focusing more on stabilizing the Magic Array. Great Magician Teluccis side was focused on changing the core Magic Array of the Fire Magic Engine before focusing on stabilizing it.

Both projects seemed to be opposites, but they were focused on the same goal in the end.

If both succeeded, it would speed up the development of the Fire Magic Engine, letting the technology mature faster.

Xu Yi and Great Magician Telucci discussed the power output and performance of the Fire Magic Engine with Great Magician Telucci before leaving Great Magician Camilla with Great Magician Telucci here. He went to a joint invested factory in the Falling Rain Valley.

This joint invested factory was one that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce created with Banta City, it mainly produced Magic Fans.

This summer, this factorys magic fans had sold a high eighty thousand units. Not only did it bring profit of fifty thousand gold coins to the factory, it brought twenty thousand gold coins to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Twenty thousand gold coins didnt seem like much, but this was only one of the factories that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invested in with the Lampuri Kingdom. Moreover, it was rather small, so counting all this together, it was considered one of the factories that had large profits.

Of course, Xu Yi coming to the factory was not because of the income of his factory, but rather because Princess Caroline was coming to this factory.

When Xu Yi walked in, he saw Princess Caroline walking with the manager of the factory, watching a production magic machine currently at work.

Beside her was a skilled worker that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had left at this factory. He was pointing at the production magic machine while explaining things using the blueprint in his hands.

Princess Caroline was very serious as she listened. When Xu Yi came to her side, only then did she react.

“Ah Chairman Xu, youre here.”

Perhaps it was because she was focused on the technology, but when Princess Caroline greeted Xu Yi, she was a bit vacant.

Xu Yi looked at the blueprint in the workers hand and found that it was related to the Magic Fans bridge bearing joint. He gave a nod before asking Princess Caroline, “How about it Do you understand it What do you think”

Princess Caroline finally came back to her senses. She gave Xu Yi a bright smile before turning to look back at the production magic machine. She turned back to the blueprint before saying with a sigh, “After this inspection, Ive found that weve looked down on magic machines too much before.”

“Oh Why do you say that”

“We thought that since we obtained technology like the companies of your Lampuri Kingdom from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we would be able to make these magic machines. Even if the quality couldnt compare, it wouldnt be a problem using it, so we never thought that magic machines were that difficult.”

“So you thought that self research was also that simple” Xu Yi asked.

Princess Caroline had a trace of shame on her face as she said with a bitter smile, “Yes, however we never thought that imitating a magic machine was that easy, but it would be so hard developing one ourselves. On those Magic Fans that had problems, the main problem was with the central bridge bearing joint. If we wanted to change it, we had to make it different from your Frestech Brand Magic Fans. We thought it wouldnt be that hard, but it made us suffer a large loss.”

“That isnt strange.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Manufacturing magic machines seems simple, but there are many parts to it. Imitating it might not be hard, but to develop it yourself, you need a complete foundational understanding of the entire system. You developed it so rashly, it would be strange if there werent any problems.”

Princess Caroline nodded before asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, then if we want to be capable of inventing new magic machines in the future, how would we do it”

“Its very simple, you do it step by step.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “You cant become a fatty with a single bite. Its not a problem to develop magic machines yourself, I support your idea very much. For example, the joint investment factories in the Lampuri Kingdom, I support their own innovations but they need to build a good foundation first.”

After saying this, Xu Yi turned to the manager of the factory.

“Manager Fuze, how is your companys development of the Magic Fans automatic start and stop technology”

The fat manager Fuze replied with a smile, “Its almost done. Of course, that is because of chairman Xu and your Frestech Chamber of Commerces support. Otherwise with just our research, we might not succeed even with several years worth of time.”

“You dont need to be too modest.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “The companies that have built Magic Fan factories with our company and have bought the Magic Fan technology from our company number a total of forty seven, but only your company has developed this automatic start and stop technology. This is your advantage, I hope that you will keep it up.”

Manager Fuze kept nodding, “Of course, of course, we also hope that chairman Xu can keep supporting us.”

“As long as you dont become reckless, I will definitely keep supporting you.” Xu Yi nodded before turning to say to Princess Caroline, “Manager Fuze has developed the automatic start and stop technology. From the beginning of the year to now, it has only been ten months and they already had success. In my opinion, it is a very primary project and it is several levels lower than the bridge bearing joint.”

Princess Caroline took a deep breath and gave a strong nod.

“I understand what you mean. The technology cant be rushed out, we have to build a foundation and slowly develop it step by step.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. If Princess Caroline could really understand this theory, the Drake Duchy will be able to progress even more steadily on the path of the magic machine industry.

That way, the Drake Duchy would become an important piece to Xu Yi building the magic machine industry sooner.-

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