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The final results of the Banta City bicycle race werent that surprising.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent out five people and these five people had reached the goal before everyone else, taking first to fifth place.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced that these five people wouldnt be ranked and take the prizes, to everyone, the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth place belonged to the Frestech Race Team. As for the others, they were just drinking the remaining soup left by them.

Because the Frestech Race Teams competitors had taken the absolute lead since the beginning. Most of the other competitors could only be convinced while also feeling a bit sad.

According to the announcement of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would be entering the race officially next year. The most important thing was that they would be taking the prizes.

But in just a year, how could they pull back this giant gap and catch up to the Frestech Race Team

After several days, the «Banta Times» posted another announcement from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In this announcement, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce stated that starting next year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be working with the other companies to host a specialized bicycle competition. It would be considered an official athletic competition.

The Frestech Race Team would not be attending the public Banta City race next year and would participate in the specialized race.

This news attracted everyones attention.

What was called a specialized race

Why was it different from the Banta City bicycle race

What was the specialization part of it Was it just because the participants were strong

If this was true, then it was very good news for the people who participated in the Banta City public bicycle race.

With fewer strong competitors, they would have a higher chance of getting better prizes.

However, when everyone saw the details of the race that had been named the “Frestech Bicycle Circuit Grade Race” for now, they were all shocked.

Because in the announcement, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce stated that the yearly winner of the grand race circuit would have the chance to receive an ultra high prize of fifty thousand gold coins!

Fifty thousand gold coins!

To most people, this was a giant amount of money that they could never even dream of!

If they could obtain fifty thousand gold coins, they wouldnt have to worry about anything in the future. They could even live the luxurious life that they had dreamed about!

For many people, it didnt matter what they had to do if they could receive fifty thousand gold coins!

This so-called “Frestech Bicycle Circuit Grade Race” was really this valuable

“Hey, kid, are you really planning on giving fifty thousand gold coins to the circuit winner”

With Xu Yis current position, the only person who dared to speak to him without any courtesy was naturally Great Magician Camilla.

He looked at the «Banta Times» in his hand before looking at the smiling Xu Yi and giving a strong snort.

“I work hard in the magic research facility for a whole year and you only give me a wage of ten thousand gold coins. Now someone can just be good at riding a bicycle and youre willing to give them fifty thousand gold coins Its five times my worth! Could it be that you think a Great Magician like me isnt worth anything”

Xu Yi quickly waved his hand and explained, “No, no, no, of course not. Great Magicians have a place that no one can compare to in my heart, dont you think, Great Magician Telucci”

Great Magician Telucci who had been watching Great Magician Camilla with a faint smile said with a nod, “Un, I believe that Xu YI places great importance on Great Magicians, but……” Great Magician Telucci stretched out his voice, “Just like Camilla said, just by riding a bicycle, they can obtain more money than us two Great Magicians. This doesnt seem right, right”

Seeing the two Great Magicians with unkind gazes, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a bitter laugh.

When he was planning this sports event, he had only been thinking about how to create a stir and had forgotten to hold back.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Grandfather, Great Magician Telucci, you have to know that only the champion would win fifty thousand gold coins and that isnt certain. In fact, with the rules of the competition, it is impossible to receive the highest prize.”

“Then how much can they get” Great Magician Telucci kept asking, “Its a max of fifty thousand, so it should be twenty thousand gold coins still, right That is still much higher than us.”

“Thats right!” Great Magician Telucci glared at him, “Kid, if you dont explain it today, dont blame me for being impolite!”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “Grandfather, Great Magician Telucci, Great Magicians are important to me, you should know that. Actually, as long as youre willing, I can give you a wage of fifty thousand gold coins or even a hundred thousand gold coins without any problems. Moreover, if any other Great Magicians are willing to join our company, it isnt a problem to give them a high wage either. But…..With the wage structure of our company, I cant do this, so I hope that you can understand my difficulties.”

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “You still dont understand Telucci and I dont care about our current wages. Actually, ten thousand is already more than enough for us to use. Only what we cant accept is why does this champion earn even more than us two Great Magicians And its so much higher”

“This…..Grandfather, actually the prize from the champion isnt taken out by our Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone, it is taken out by all the companies that are holding the event. With the current distribution, even if the champion gets the max of fifty thousand, our company will only pay no more than eight thousand gold coins.”

“Eight thousand Un…..That is more like it.” Great Magician Camilla nodded, “But this is still very high. The magic research facility has several decent magicians who arent earning more than a few hundred gold coins a year.”

“That is different.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Actually, the main purpose of this competition is for advertising. Through the attention this sports event receives, it will advertise our companies. So, the higher the prize money, the better because it attracts more attention that way.”

Great Magician Camilla thought about it before slowly nodding, “Un…..You are right. Alright, kid, your words are reasonable.”

Seeing that Great Magician Camilla was finally letting this go, Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief.

He saw the thing that Great Magician Camilla was sitting on and he had a thought before saying with a smile, “Actually…..Grandfather, not just bicycles, after the Magic Sedans become more popular, I also plan on holding a specialized sports event for the Magic Sedans. Moreover, this sports event will be even bigger than the bicycle race, so there would be more investment and naturally greater prizes.”

“Car race” Great Magician Camillas eyes lit up, “That is great! Right, this event must be held! I will definitely participate when the time comes!”

Seeing how excited Great Magician Camilla was, Xu Yis mouth couldnt help twitching.

Great Magician Camilla relied on his undying spirit and powerful magic protection to finally develop a good set of driving skills, but he had also fallen in love with racing cars.

Even if Xu Yi didnt raise this idea, he would wildly drive his Magic Sedan all over, racing about in the name of experimenting.

A few days ago, when elder Lisanya came to Xu Yis private manor.

Because she also fell in love with racing cars, she had been wildly driving with Great Magician Camilla every day.

In just a short month, the two of them had smashed over seven Magic Sedans.

It was a good thing that those two had powerful magic, so they were safe even if there was an accident.

Thinking about how if they held a F1 race in this world, Great Magician Camilla really might enter and elder Lisanya might also enter, Xu YI felt very strange.

A sixty year old man was racing in F1 cars with an old woman who was over five hundred years old

This was simply a giant joke!

And the worst thing was that this joke was true!

Xu Yi forced down the strange thought in his mind and gave a cough before continuing, “Grandfather, before this, we have to finish the current research. I think that you should know better than anyone that the Wind Magic Engine has its limits, so we cant make a breakthrough in the speed of the Magic Sedan. To enjoy the super speeds, we have to finish developing the Fire Magic Engine first.”

Great Magician Camilla glared at Xu Yi, “Nonsense! Why did you think I ran all the way here from the Stantine Duchy”

Xu Yi nodded and stood up, giving a hand signal to Great Magician Telucci, signaling that he could begin.

They were now in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility branch in the Falling Rain Valley.

After Great Magician Telucci was hired by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had always stayed in this branch.

Because of his special identity as a Great Magician, this place wasnt affected much during the civil war.

And in the last two years, Great Magician Telucci had made quite a few discoveries.

His main research direction right now was on the Fire Magic Engine.

The reason why Great Magician Camilla wasnt responsible for this was because one, Xu Yi was worried that Great Magician Camilla would be too invested, which would become dangerous and two, because Great Magician Telucci had more research into Fire Magic compared to Great Magician Camilla.

At the same time, the research that Great Magician Telucci did on the Fire Magic Engine went in a different direction from the main magic research facility in the Stantine Duchy.

In short, the main magic research facility focused on stabilizing the Fire Magic Engine, reducing power loss and consumption. As for Great Magician Telucci, his only research direction was to increase the power of the Fire Magic Engine.-

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