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Volume 4 Chapter 136 Magic Engraving Blessing

Xu Yi didnt hesitate, taking off all his clothes, even including his underwear. He stood in front of elder Illusia and elder Lisanya showing everything like a newborn baby.

The expression of the two elders didnt change at all as they waved for Xu Yi to come forward. They looked over Xu Yis body from top to bottom first before using their fingers to explore every inch of Xu Yis flesh.

This inspection this time was different. Last time in order for Xu Yi to learn the unique meditation method of the elves, the inspection had been different.

After the inspection, there was a light blue magical glow that appeared on fingertips of the two elders at the same time. Their fingers slid over Xu Yis body, leaving light blue marks on it.

These light blue marks flickered before gradually fading, like they had directly entered Xu Yis body.

This seemed to have taken a heavy toll on the two elders. They had only drawn less than twenty lines on Xu Yis body together, but after they took back their hands, they let out a slow breath at the same time like they were very tired.

“Xu Yi, start it and lets see.” Elder Lisanya said.

Xu Yi nodded. With a thought, he started the flow of magic in his body and countless blue glowing lines appeared on his naked body, almost covering it completely.

These lines spread all over his body and other than his face, they even spread across his butt.

Xu Yi seemed to be covered in a blue light, like he was a blue glowing person, looking very strange.

“Un, the fluctuations are stable. It seems like there should be no problem.” Elder Lisanya nodded before continuing, “Xu Yi, try using Spatial Magic.”

Xu Yi hesitated a bit before releasing all his magic power. The blue glowing lines on his body seemed to have reacted and he could feel the magic flowing very smoothly through him. With just a single thought, he gathered all of it in his right hand and there was a small black ball that appeared that even sucked in light.

“Dont stop, keep going.” Elder Lisanya ordered.

Xu Yi continued using his magic as the black ball floated in his right hands palm, not moving at all.

Seeing this, elder Illusia nodded with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, you really have an exceptional talent with magic. In less than half a month, you have already progressed this far with Spatial Magic.

Elder Lisanya also nodded, “Un, not bad. With this speed, you wont even need half a month to be able to master teleportation.”

The two elders had just finished when there was a sudden bit of light that appeared on the black ball in Xu Yis right hand before it shook.

Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “Two elders, youre praising me too early. I cant hold on any longer.”

“That isnt anything. Keep going and see how long you can maintain it.” Elder Illusia said.

“Alright, Ill give it a try.”

Xu Yi continued using all his magic, forcefully maintaining the most basic Spatial Spell, Swallowing Ball.

However, the magic required to maintain this was terrifying. Even if his magic already surpassed that of a normal Ninth Grade Magician, because he hadnt reached the Great Magician Realm yet, he couldnt manipulate the Swallowing Ball at will like a Great Magician, so it quickly consumed his magic.

After maintaining it for another two minutes, there were more white lines that appeared on the Swallowing Ball. There were more and more of them as the Swallowing Ball began trembling more intensely.

Seeing that Xu Yi could still maintain the shape of the Swallowing Ball and it didnt collapse, elder Illusia and elder Lisanya exchanged a surprised look.

Spatial Magic was the hardest kind of magic to grasp. Even a Great Magician with a deep understanding of Spatial Magic would find it very hard to control and use Spatial Spells.

A situation like Xu Yi who could maintain the general shape of the Swallowing Ball even though he was running out of magic was basically impossible.

However, Xu Yi had done it and he could maintain it for over two minutes. It could be seen that Xu Yis control of his magic and elemental magic energy had already reached a shocking degree.

Based on this, Xu Yi really was an outstanding magical genius.

The two elders both revealed looks of regret.

If Xu Yi was willing to spend more time and effort on studying magic, or if he just focused a bit more, his magic achievement would definitely go beyond his current level.

If he was willing to do this, he would have already become a Great Magician. How could he have almost been assassinated by that Great Magician named Runa before

If it wasnt for Xu Yi encountering this danger, elder Illusia and elder Lisanya wouldnt be using this kind of Magic Engraving Blessing to help him break the boundary between magician and Great Magician, so he could use Spatial Magic with limitations, alright

The Magic Engraving Blessing was a secret of the elves and in normal circumstances, it was impossible for the two elders to use it on a human.

But Xu Yi brought great benefits to the two tribes, so if something were to happen to him, it would be a serious blow to the two tribes and could even affect the future of the two tribes.

The situation of the two tribes was very good and the lives of the tribe members had greatly changed, they had a chance to integrate into human society, which would allow them to continue living on the continent.

The two elders werent willing to miss this good chance.

The key to all this was Xu Yi.

If Xu Yi dired, the new leader of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might not think about the development of the two elven tribes like him and it would be difficult for the two elders to trust a human like they did with Xu Yi.

So Xu Yi definitely couldnt die by accident.

So the two elders even exposed the thousands of years old secret of the elves, using this Magic Engraving Blessing on Xu Yi. They hoped that Xu Yi would be able to keep his life in a dangerous situation.

The Magic Engraving Blessing could temporarily increase the magic flow of a magician, instantly increasing their magic power and increasing the level of spells they could use.

Xu Yi was already on the verge of becoming a Great Magician, so if his level increased, he could use Spatial Spells normally.

Based on the current result, because of Xu Yis outstanding magical talent, everything had gone smoothly.

With the Magic Engraving Blessing, with the strict teachings of Great Magician Camilla, it wouldnt take him long to learn the most important Teleportation Spell among all Spatial Spells.

This was a spell that could teleport a magician a far distance, which would be enough to save Xu Yis life in a critical moment.

Although Runa wasnt able to escape when he met Great Magician Camilla, that was because Great Magician Camilla had reached the peak of the Great Magician Realm, being only a single step away from reaching the Arch Magus Realm. He could already touch the spatial laws, which was why Runa wasnt able to use teleportation to escape.

Normally speaking, there wouldnt be a magician at the level of an Arch Magus that would assassinate Xu Yi.

As for direct conflict

What were the benefits of fighting against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

Not to mention that with the current power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even if an Arch Magus came, they wouldnt do that well.

While these thoughts passed through the minds of the two elders, Xu Yi already couldnt hold on. The Swallowing Ball trembled before quickly shrinking and disappearing without a trace.

Seeing this, there was another look of surprise that appeared in the eyes of elder Illusia and elder Lisanya.

Actually, they were already prepared for when Xu Yi lost control of his spell.

But they never thought that Xu Yi could pull back his magic bit by bit in this situation, letting this Swallowing Ball calmly disappear.

Based on this, Xu Yis control of his magic had reached a shocking degree.

However, for the two elders, the greater Xu Yis magic talent, the better.

Xu Yi seemed very dissatisfied as he looked at his empty right hand. He gave a sigh and shook his head, “It really is a pity, I cant fully control this Swallowing Ball now. It must be much harder to master the Teleportation Spell.”

Elder Illusia said with a faint smile, “No, chairman Xu, although the Swallowing Ball is the most basic Spatial Spell, it represents the basics of all Spatial Spells. Letting you use this spell was to let you experience the characteristics of Spatial Magic, making it easier for you to learn Spatial Spells.”

“Right, in theory, as long as you can control one Spatial Spell, as long as you have enough magic, you can use any Spatial Spell. If you can grasp the Swallowing Ball, you can definitely use the Teleportation Spell.” Elder Lisanya added.

“When I have enough magic” Xu Yi knit his brows before saying with a bitter smile, “The problem is that I dont have enough magic. I can only hold the Swallowing Ball for this short period of time, how can I take the large consumption of the Teleportation Spell”

“What do you think were giving you the Magic Engraving Blessing for” Elder Lisanya glared at Xu Yi, “Let me tell you, the Magic Engraving Blessing not only increases the flow of your magic and your control of elemental magic energy, the most important thing is that with the Magic Engraving Blessing, when youre using the Teleportation Spell, you can reduced the spatial elemental magic energy shock that will hit you, which will reduce your consumption of magic energy. You can hold the Swallowing Ball for three seconds now, so that means you can use the Teleportation Spell for three minutes or even longer.”

“Three minutes How far can I go” Xu Yi asked the most important question.

“I dont know right now.” Elder Lisanya shook her head, “The speed of the teleportation depends on the understanding of the magician on Spatial Magic and the Teleportation Spell itself, its different for each magician. However, with your talent, I think that it shouldnt be that bad. If its three minutes……It should be at least one kilometer.”

“One kilometer……” Xu Yi thought about it before nodding, “That should be enough to escape.”

“It shouldnt be a problem normally.” Elder Illusia gave a nod and said, “Actually, the most important thing is that you dont let yourself be in danger. With your talent for magic, I believe it wont take more than a few years for you to become a Great Magician. When that time comes, even without the help of the Magic Engraving Blessing, you should be able to use the Teleportation Spell at will.”

Xu Yi laughed, thinking that elder Illusia had overestimated him.

Although he was only a single step from becoming a Great Magician, that step was very difficult to take.

There were many magicians that could only remain as a Ninth Grade Magician, being unable to take that final step.

Although he was confident that he could cross the threshold, but to say that it would take only a few years……He wouldnt dare guarantee that.

Turning over, he saw elder Lisanya slightly knitting her brows like she was in deep thought.

Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice, “What is it Elder Lisanya, is there a problem”

Elder Lisanya was silent for a bit before suddenly asking, “Xu Yi, do you want to copulate with me”-

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