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Runa saw that Xu Yi and Great Magician Camilla used eyes that didnt have any good intentions to look over him and his heart gradually turned cold.

However, this situation was completely bad for him. He couldnt win and couldnt escape, he could only let them do as they wished.

If Great Magician Camilla were to kill him, he wouldnt have a chance at all. Rather, if the other side wanted to use some method to deal with him, he might have a chance to live.

Thinking of this, although Runa had a face that was like dying ashes and his heart was dead, his mind began to quickly turn and he was prepared to take any opportunity.

Great Magician Camilla kept watching him and he didnt have a chance to condense magic to use Spatial Spells to escape at all.

Runa could only patiently wait.

What made him surprised was that the girl named Still took out an iron box and whispered something into that box.

Runa could feel a trace of magic come from the small box and based on the situation, it should be some new magic machine made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But what use did this small bow have

Around ten minutes later, there were footsteps that came from the cliff. Based on the sound, it should be around several hundred people.

Juna wasnt surprised and felt happy.

In this situation, more people meant it became more chaotic and more chaos meant more chances for him to escape.

The footsteps went around the cliff and came down the side of it. After a few minutes, there was a neat line of soldiers that came from the path that connected to this beach.

Juna looked over and he was surprised.

There were around four to five hundred of these soldiers and not only did each persons armour have a trace of magic, which should be armour with Magic Arrays in them, even the strange things that they carried had magic fluctuations. It was clear they were all magic machines.

Although he already knew that there were many kinds of military magic machines, seeing this complete set of military magic machines, Runa was a bit stunned.

“Is it Great Magician Runa” Xu Yi suddenly spoke.

Runa knit his brows and gave a soft snort, “What Does chairman Xu have something to say”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and pointed at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards in formation, “Great Magician Runa, I believe that you should know that you cant escape from grandfathers hands. However, Ill give you a chance to escape.”

Although Xu Yis tone was impolite which made Runa annoyed hearing it, he couldnt do anything in this situation.

He looked at the distant Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and his brows jumped up, “What chance”

“As long as you can last under the attack of these guards for ten minutes, Ill have grandfather let you go. What do you think”

Runa was stunned before bursting into rage.

He was a respected Great Magician! Xu Yi actually…..wanted him to last ten minutes under the attacks of his companys guards”

What a joke!

He could kill these normal soldiers with just a single finger!

Xu Yis condition was the greatest shame to him!

But then he was filled with joy.

Xu Yi actually looked down on him like this, this was his best opportunity.

Runa didnt reply to Xu Yi and turned to ask Great Magician Camilla, “Great Magician Camilla, what do you say”

Great Magician Camilla gave a shrug, “Xu Yi is in charge here.”

“Good.” Runa turned back to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, do you keep your words”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “Even if I dont, what can you do”

“You……” Runa was filled with rage. He pointed at Xu Yi and wanted to curse, but he couldnt say anything.

One became strong with the situation and in this situation, he could only follow Xu Yis words.

Thinking about it, Runa suppressed the flames of his rage and said in a deep voice, “Alright, chairman Xu, I hope that you will keep your words. Let your companys guards start attacking. Humph, not to mention ten minutes, I can take the attacks of normal people like these for more than ten hours without wavering! Chairman Xu, youre looking down on Great Magicians too much!”

“Is that so” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “Ive never looked down on grandfather.”

Runa looked at Great Magician Camilla with a faint smile and he suddenly had a bad feeling.

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, was there something strange about them

But turning to look at the soldiers in the distance, Runa relaxed.

Even if these fellows had those military magic machines, they were only a bit stronger than normal people. Could they possibly threaten a Great Magician like him

“Alright, let them begin.” Runa waved his hand.

“Great Magician Runa, are you certain youre ready”

“Nonsense! Let them begin!”


Xu Yi took the Magic Communicator from Stills hand.

“Leader Hart, begin the attack.”

With this order, Xu Yi took Still and went further away with Great Magician Camilla to watch.

Runa looked at the three in surprise. He was the one being attacked, why were they moving so far away

Especially Great Magician Camilla. If he went that far away, wasnt he worried that he would suddenly escape with Spatial Magic

But after that, Runa was surprised to find that he didnt have time to consider this at all.

There were countless arrows covered in magic light that came from the guards and fell down on him like rain.

Runa gave a cold laugh.

These were just low level Magic Arrows with Fire Magic, they wanted to use these to threaten a Great Magician

What a joke!

Runa didnt move at all, he just used his magic to create a magic barrier around himself.

The Magic Arrows that filled the sky fell down on the magic barrier and didnt even create a ripple in the barrier.

Those Magic Arrows only had a Third Grade Fire Magic Array, of course it couldnt break the magic barrier of a Great Magician.

Runa watched the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards continue to fire Magic Arrows with a cold smile. He turned to look at Xu Yi in the distance and gave a cold laugh.

“Chairman Xu, you wouldnt be naive enough to think that this child like toy could make me surrender, right”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and didnt reply.

Runa was filled with rage. He thought that Xu Yi was actually looking down on him like this, if it wasnt for the situation, he would have destroyed the hundreds of guards in front of him to teach Xu Yi a lesson in blood.

But after a while, Runa found that he was the one who was a bit too naive.

The Magic Repeating Crossbows alone couldnt be a threat to Runa, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards never stopped as they kept sending out arrows.

Under this high frequency attack, even if Runas magic shield didnt weaken at all, he could feel that this magic was quickly dropping from defending against these Magic Arrows.

Runa calculated it and was shocked to find that with this speed, his remaining magic wouldnt last ten minutes!

Thinking of this, Runa could only suppress the shock in his heart first. Raising his hand, he sent out several fireballs that burnt away the Magic Arrows that fell down on him.

Compared to just using the magic barrier to passively defend, this used less magic power.

Xu Yis group of three saw Runas sudden move and couldnt help smiling.

“Grandfather, this Great Magician Runa really is worse than you. When you fought the guards for the first time, you only used half a minute to notice this, but it took him a full three minutes.” Still said with a smile.

Great Magician Camilla stroked his beard with a smile before saying with a nod, “Un, with this, this fellow wont even make it to the third waves of attacks. He definitely cant last ten minutes.”

Xu Yi didnt participate in this conversation, rather he just firmly watched the battle.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards fought Great Magician Camilla several times, they only fought for practice. Great Magician Camilla and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards all had scruples, so they never used their full power.

But fighting Runa this time, they had no scruples, so naturally the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards could use their full attack power.

Based on this situation, the guards were without a doubt much stronger than when they practiced with Great Magician Camilla.

Runa was at least a Third Grade Great Magician, but under the attacks of the guards, he couldnt keep going any longer and was forced to fight back.

However, Runa had found this problem too late.

When Runa used his magic to fight back, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards changed their attack pattern again.

Half the guards continued to attack Runa with the rain of Magic Arrows while the other half took out the individual Magic Bazookas on their back, aiming it at Runa in midair.

Seeing the magical glow from these Magic Bazookas, Runa gave a cold snort.

Although these strange things were clearly stronger than the Magic Arrows, they couldnt pose any threat to him.

While using magic to take care of the Magic Array attacks, Runa maintained his magic barrier, blocking the missiles that were fired from the individual Magic Bazookas.

Runa did this to experience the might of the Magic Bazookas, so he could figure out how to deal with them.

However, when the first rocket hit the magic barrier, Runas heart was filled with regret.

The Magic Bazooka didnt seem that big and the rocket shots were also small, but there was a powerful explosion when it hit the magic barrier. This might was actually comparable to a Sixth or Seventh Grade Magician.

Even if Juna was a Third Grade Great Magician, that Sixth and Seventh Grade Magicians couldnt pose any threat to him, he had to use quite a bit of magic to defend against this might.

Not to mention that it wasnt a single rocket being shot, there were over two hundred of them!

When more than half of the two hundred rockets hit Runas magic barrier, there were many bright flames that appeared around him that were like fireworks in the sky.

Countless explosions rang out and Runa found that a big part of his magic had been consumed, he had less than one third of his magic left.

Runa was greatly shocked.

When he was fighting Xu Yi and Still before, he didnt consume any magic at all.

His biggest consumption was to block Great Magician Camillas Forbidden Fire Magic Spell, the Ragnarok Trial.

Just with this Forbidden Spell, he had spent a third of his magic.

But this was after all a Forbidden Spell. Being able to spend less than half his magic to defend against it was already good enough to make him feel proud.

But after this, just by defending against the Magic Arrows and rockets shot by the several hundred normal soldiers, he had spent more magic defending against it than when he defended against the Ragnarok Trial!

How was this possible!

The attacks of less than five minutes from normal soldiers, was it comparable to a Forbidden Spell

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