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Volume 4 Since Sevenis coronation, the successor of the Lampuri Kingdoms throne had always been a problem for countless people of the kingdom.

After Lampuri Thirteenth and King Eric died, after Seveni took the throne, the only successors of the Lampuri Kingdoms royal family was Sevenis second oldest big brother Mifam and Prince William who was Erics son.

Although Prince Mifam was married, he currently didnt have any kids and her majesty Seveni wasnt married.

This meant that if something were to happen to her majesty Seveni, the only ones qualified to succeed the throne were Prince William and Prince Mifam.

But Prince William was King Erics son. King Eric had poisoned Lampuri Thirteenth and Prince William had started a civil war with her majesty Seveni, so King Erics Son Prince Willaim was naturally removed from the line of succession.

And Prince Mifam was known for being useless in the kingdom. Whether it was when Lampuri Thirteenth was poisoned, when King Eric suddenly died, or when Seveni took the throne, this prince hadnt given a single opinion. He had stayed in his territory without contacting the outside world at all.

It was impossible for this person to succeed the throne.

So like this, the Lampuri Kingdom didnt have a single person suitable for succeeding the throne.

In the beginning, no one cared about this matter.

But as the Lampuri Kingdom gradually stabilized and the kingdom quickly became prosperous under her majesty Sevenis rule, with the nations strength increasing every day, the people of the Lampuri Kingdom praised Sevenis wise leadership while also beginning to worry about the issue of her successor.

All the newspapers in the Lampuri Kingdom began discussing this and they all came up with the same conclusion.

The best method to solve this problem was for her majesty Seveni to get married.

As long as her majesty Seveni gave birth to a child, that person would naturally be the most suitable successor to the throne.

After coming up with this conclusion, many people in the kingdom began creating a stir for this matter.

Her majesty Seveni was the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, there was no need to mention her status.

Although her highness Seveni wasnt considered absolutely gorgeous, she was still a first class beauty with a temperate personality and a warm smile. Even putting aside her status as the queen and looking at her as a girl, she was very outstanding.

Her majesty with this kind of noble status, beautiful face, and temperate personality who was only twenty four this year to not be married, not even having a set companion, not mentioning the Lampuri Kingdom, this would be considered rare even on the Sines Continent.

Moreover, her highness has always had a good reputation, never having any rumours about her…..

This wasnt considered right either.

When Lampuri Thirteenth was still alive, her highness Seveni had been with Xu Yi plenty of times that there were rumours about her and Xu Yi among the citizens.

But these rumours always changed. The most important thing was that after Xu Yi got married and had a child, they gradually disappeared.

After all, no matter what, whether it was her highness Seveni or her majesty Seveni, it was impossible for her to marry someone who already had a wife.

Although in the minds of most people of the Lampuri Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu YI always had a good reputation, it was impossible for there to be any chance here.

But other than Xu Yi, her majesty Seveni had never shown any signs of approaching another man.

This caused worry among many people in the Lampuri Kingdom.

If her majesty remained unmarried, the problem of the successor to the Lampuri Kingdoms throne would be a large hidden danger.

So not only did many citizens begin caring about Sevenis marriage, many ministers and nobles all began talking in public and in private. They advised her majesty Seveni about this and hoped that she would seriously consider the matter of marriage.

When Seveni came to the Stantine Duchy, she had secretly complained to Xu Yi. She said that there was another important reason why she came to the Stantine Duchy, it was to avoid those people.

“I dont know what they are all thinking, theyre all looking forward to seeing me get married…..Alright, they want to find a king and hope that I get married, as well as give birth to a kid. What do they treat me as A machine for giving birth to kids”

Thinking of how Seveni had complained to him before, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a smile.

Turning to look at Seveni with a smile, Xu Yi said, “What Even if Seveni does need a husband, it is impossible to turn to a married man like me. What are you worried about”

Still gave a soft snort, “That isnt certain. If there is a need, Im certain that she could do anything.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes, “Instead of worrying about this, you should be worried about the elves. Last time elder Lisanya gave me a final ultimatum. If I cant pick an elven companion in a year, she might consider using more forceful methods.”

“Forceful methods” Still looked at Xu Yi thinking it was funny, “How forceful Would the elven girls force themselves onto you”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “That isnt certain. With elder Lisanyas personality, that might really happen.”

Still revealed a smile, “Isnt this a good thing for you Dont you look forward to it”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes at her, “If I really was looking forward to it, why would elder Lisanya give me a final ultimatum”

“Perhaps you like being treated forcefully.” Still said with a faint smile.

Xu Yi was filled with anger. He picked up Still while his other hand slapped down on her tall and elastic buttocks.

“I think youre the one who likes being treated forcefully! Do you believe that I wont do it right now”

Still gave a charming wink to Xu Yi, “Come, I warmly welcome it.”

There was an evil fire that rose in Xu Yis heart. He picked up Still and used his magic, preparing to fly up to the manor carrying Still.

But when they began moving, their expressions changed at the same time.

When Xu Yi was about to rise, his magic power suddenly exploded from him and created a blue magic barrier around him.

In the nearby sea, there was a giant spout of water that came out like a vortex, flying out at the two of them.

The vortex hit the magic barrier and made a dull sound.

Xu Yis body that was halfway in the air was suddenly sent flying by the powerful force.

If Xu Yi hadnt used all his magic and used his flight magic to slow them down, they would have slammed into the cliff.

Xu Yi could barely keep himself stable. He looked down at Still in his arm and found that although she was shocked, she wasnt injured at all, which let his heart calm down.

Looking around, he didnt even see a single shadow.

What made him more surprised was that there wasnt any fluctuation of magic elemental energy around them.

That attack had come so suddenly. It was because he and Still had sensed the magic elemental energy fluctuation when the water vortex attacked, otherwise they would have been far worse off.

But where was the enemy

When he thought of this, there were two more water currents that came out of the sea, quickly flying out in Xu Yi and Stills direction.

Xu Yi let go of Still and let her float in the air by herself. He raised his hands and created another magic barrier as a water dragon charged at him.

The two water dragons slammed together and Xu Yi trembled. He felt his magic weakening from the shock and couldnt help being startled.

This person clearly wasnt in their field of vision and was attacking with the water dragons from afar, but they could still demonstrate this kind of terrifying might.

It could be seen that the other sides magic definitely surpassed Xu Yi, it should be at least someone in the Great Magician Grade.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi was surprised and angry. Looking around, he shouted in a dark voice, “Youre hiding like this even as a Great Magician, you really are a shame to all magicians!”

When his voice fell, there was a laugh that sounded in the darkness.

Then in the void not far away from Xu Yi, it was like the space was being ripped, creating a crack that was too deep to see the bottom of.

This laughter came from the crack before a dark figure appeared.

“If youre talking about being a shame to magicians, chairman Xu, you keep insisting that you are a merchant and the status of a merchant is more important than that of a magician, how could I compare to you”

Xu Yis hand holding Stills hand reached out a finger and drew a few times on her palm. Then he stared at the figure that came from the crack, it was clear that this person should be a Great Magician. He said in a deep voice, “At least Ive never done something as underhanded as ambushing someone. You are a Great Magician, but youre still doing something like this, dont you feel ashamed”

“Ashamed” That person gave two dry laughs, “I, Asura have always done things based on what I like, how could I care about something as meaningless as shame. When I was hiding just now, I wanted to play with this little girl first. Based on your performance, your magic power should be considered good, its no wonder you are considered the most talented young magician of the Lampuri Kingdom. Its a pity that you wanted too much time and energy in doing business. If you invested all your time in researching magic, you might surpass me in less than ten years.”

“Many thanks for your praise, but there are already plenty of people whove told me this, so I dont need you to repeat it again.” Xu Yi coldly said.

“Oh Is that so I dont like wasting words with people, especially one who will die.” That persons voice slowly turned cold, “Now, obediently accept your death!”

There was a magic glow in that persons hand which made Xu Yi let out a long breath.

The other sides magic power surpassed him and Still, this should be the hardest battle he has had since transmigrating to this world.

But seeing the glow of the Magic Communicator in Stills pocket, Xu Yis heart relaxed.

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