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Volume 4 Installment payments was something that Xu Yi had proposed to chairman Cruise. Because this payment method was flexible, it allowed people who couldnt pay for everything at once to have the villa of their dreams, so it was very welcome once it was proposed.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerces new villas used to belong to the rich of Banta City, but because of the installment payment system, it allowed many of the normal households to have the ability to buy the villas they admired. It also greatly increased the sales volume for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

With just this proposition, the Amrit Chamber of Commerces housing sales had increased by threefolds, making chairman Cruise naturally very grateful towards Xu Yi.

But because the transportation and information system couldnt compare to that on earth, this world didnt have a complete credit system, this method could only be implemented in a small region and was very limited.

Other than proposing this to chairman Cruise, Xu Yi didnt recommend this to the other companies.

As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, because their production capacity was never enough, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never needed to promote their items, so they could never use this method.

But now Seveni suddenly proposed that she wanted to use installment payments which made Xu Yi surprised.

But thinking about it, this suggestion was actually viable.

Although the Lampuri Kingdoms finances werent good, they were still a country in the end. Without gold coins, they still had a large amount of resources.

Although there were many risks that couldnt be controlled when making a transaction with a company, the Lampuri Kingdom was currently controlled by Seveni.

Xu Yi had enough confidence and understanding of this queen.

As long as Sevenis control of the Lampuri Kingdom didnt weaken, he felt relieved making this deal with the Lampuri Kingdom.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was currently cooperating with the Lampuri Kingdom who had a strong dependence on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they wanted to strengthen their relationship with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The installment payment plan was a long term transaction, which would strengthen the relationship between the two sides.

As for the Lampuri Kingdoms ability to pay, Xu Yi wasnt that worried.

The magic machine factories owned by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom had sprung up all over the Lampuri Kingdom. Up to this point, there were seventy six factories already constructing various kinds of household magic machine and production magic machines.

Just last month, the household magic machines produced by these seventy six factories even surpassed the production of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone.

Because there was a difference in quality, it couldnt compare to the Frestech Brand on the high end market, but in the low and medium end market, it could compete with the household magic machines of the companies from before.

In the Lampuri Kingdom, because these companies were built with investment from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they could be considered of the Frestech Brand. Adding in the fact that they were all local factories of the Lampuri Kingdom, naturally they had the support of many people in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Other than this, the Lampuri Kingdom also sold products to the surrounding six countries, earning a large amount of gold coins from them.

At the suggestion of Xu Yi, the Lampuri Kingdom even smuggled household magic machines through special channels into the Sack Kingdom, selling them for actual benefits in the Sack Kingdom.

According to the data the Lampuri Kingdom side had provided, in just the last three months of last year, the Lampuri Kingdom had earned over two million gold coins with the magic machines produced from those factories.

With this income, the Lampuri Kingdoms finances had received close to five hundred thousand gold coins, making the tax income for the Lampuri Kingdom over three million gold coins last year.

Only half of this year had passed and the Lampuri Kingdom had already collected over two million gold coins as tax from the magic machine industry. Adding in the payments from the various other industries linked to the magic machine industry, just from this, the kingdoms finances had already reached an income of three million and four hundred thousand gold coins.

With this trend, when this year ended, the Lampuri Kingdoms financial revenue might even reach a historical five million gold coins!

In the six hundred years of history for the Lampuri Kingdom, they never had such good financial revenue in a single year since the founding of the nation.

With this good financial situation, Seveni had the confidence to carry out various reforms in the Lampuri Kingdom.

In the less than half a year that Seveni had been crowned, the lives of the citizens of the Lampuri Kingdom had greatly changed.

It also increased Sevenis fame in the Lampuri Kingdom, increasing her control over the kingdom.

If the Lampuri Kingdoms situation hadnt stabilized, how could her majesty Seveni have the time to come to the Stantine Duchy.”

“Un…..Theres no problem with installment payments, but Seveni, a hundred Magic Airships cost thirty million gold coins. Even if it was split to a hundred years, you have to repay three hundred thousand gold coins each year and this is considering that I dont change any interest. Not to mention that I wouldnt accept such a long term.” Xu Yi thought about it before saying this with a serious look.

“Its very clear I wouldnt accept the term of a hundred years either. How about this, well set the deadline for twenty years, what do you think” Seveni asked.

“Twenty years” Xu Yi knit his brows, “Even if there is no interest, that is one and a half million gold coins a year. Although your Lampuri Kingdoms finances are good, this would be a very large pressure on it. For just a hundred Magic Airships, I wouldnt recommend this choice.”

Seveni revealed a faint smile, “Who said that it has to be the same amount each year Our kingdoms finances arent good enough yet, so in the beginning, well pay less. When the kingdoms finances become better, we can pay a higher amount. Its fine as long as the deadline is twenty years, but as for the amount, we can still discuss this.”

“This is a way, but Seveni, why do you think I would agree to this Theres no benefits to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce like this. Although we are friends, as the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I cant agree to this.” Xu Yi said.

“I understand this.” Seveni said with a smile, “So other than this, I still have another method of cooperating, are you interested”

“What is it” Xu Yi was a bit curious, “What benefits are there for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Of course there are benefits.” Seveni nodded, “Xu Yi, didnt you go see commander Lantis before You proposed to him strengthening the defenses on the Black Rice Wasteland and stopping the invasion of the Sack Kingdom, right”

Xu Yi wasnt surprised Seveni knew about this, but he was curious how Seveni would relate this to the matter they were just discussing.

“We dont have the ability to control the Black Rice Wasteland right now because the investment is too big, the kingdoms finances cant support this. But while our Lampuri Kingdom has no money, Xu Yi, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is quite rich.”

Seeing Sevenis smile, Xu Yis expression became strange.

Could it be……

“This cooperation is very simple. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will give money and our Lampuri Kingdom will give money. I can have the western army follow the commands of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As long as it is related to the Black Rice Wasteland, you will have full control of the western army.”

Although he had already guessed this, Xu Yi was shocked in his heart.

Sevenis words were equal to handing the western army to him.

As the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, giving an army of the kingdom to a company and a company whose chairman was no longer in the kingdom, this was simply a shocking thing!

“Seveni, if you do this, are you not afraid that the Lampuri Kingdoms people will scold you to death”

Seveni gave a soft snort.

“Whoever dares to oppose, I will have them think of a way to get the thirty million gold coins. If they dont have the skills, they can only shut up.”

Seeing the dignity on Sevenis face, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Seveni rarely said words like this before. After becoming the queen for half a year, she naturally had her dignity.

“Alright, I have to admit it, this suggestion is very enticing to me. But Seveni, I still dont think it is enough for me to agree to the installment payment plan you proposed because I could hear another meaning in your words. Seveni, are you planning…..on letting me handle all the expenses of the western army”

“Of course.” Seveni gave a shrug, “If I had enough money, why would I risk making a proposal that many people would oppose”

“Good, then I can only reject this.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Unless you really give the western army to me, there arent any benefits to me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like this.”

“If this isnt enough, I can give you another condition.” Seveni said with a smile, “Not only on the Black Rice Wasteland, even in the Stantine Duchy, the western army will follow your orders. What do you think about that”

Seeing the smile on Sevenis face, Xu Yi was shocked, but his expression stayed the same.

“Alright, lets make a deal.”

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