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“Sir chairman, I understand your feelings and I feel pain and anger for the staff that had died at the harbour, but…..” Kennard looked at Xu Yis calm expression and after hesitating a bit, he said, “It is also because of this reason that we blindly increase the defenses of our company, isnt this a bit……too impulsive”

“Blindly” Xu Yi turned to look at him, “Why do you think that this method is blind”

Kennard gave a bitter laugh and spread his hands, “Although this word is a bit impolite, but sir chairman, I cant understand why we need to invest three million gold coins at once into the company guards and increase this gradually in the future. According to your plan, why do we need to invest at least five million gold coins a month If it was just to avoid casualties of the companys staff in the future, there are many other alternatives that would cost less.”

“Ive always said that I was a merchant, but looking at it now, Kennard you really did come from the Emma Family. Your thoughts as a merchant are much deeper than mine.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Kennard knit his brows and said with a sigh, “Sir chairman, we are only a company.”

“No, to me, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is only a tool in my hands.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is already the best tool now that it has developed this far, it is still a tool in the end. My goal is to change the lives of the people of the Sines Continent, this goal has never changed. Earning money is just a way to achieve this goal.”

Seeing the expression on Xu Yis face, Kennard knew that it would be no use if he kept trying to persuade him. He just gave a sigh and didnt say anything else.

However, no matter what, Kennard couldnt understand why Xu Yi did this.

Because several people died at the Black Rice Harbour, Xu Yi suddenly had the idea of controlling the entire Black Rice Wasteland.

If this idea wasnt considered that strange, Xu Yi even wanted to attack the Sack Kingdom after taking control of the Black Rice Wasteland, which was an idea that Kennard was shocked and confused by.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had become a rather large company now, with strong influence in the surrounding countries, they were still a company in the end.

With the strength of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and more importantly with the power of the military magic machines, it wasnt hard to control the Black Rice Wasteland. The beastmen had no organization at all and were very weak.

But to attack the Sack Kingdom, that was completely wishful thinking.

A country and a company, those were two completely different concepts.

Kennard looked at Xu Yis face and thought that was it because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce controlled the Stantine Duchy, giving him a rough estimate of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces power that he had the misconception that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could contend with the Sack Kingdom

This question was not one that Kennard could easily ask though.

As the CEO of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was mainly in charge of managing the company. But regarding the Frestech Chamber of Commerces path of development, he could only give a few suggestions and couldnt control it.

Xu Yi had absolute control of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As long as Xu Yi made up his mind, the others could only obey.

This was something that Kennard couldnt defy.

Kennard thought for a bit and thought that even after he had been with Xu Yi for many years, they had similar thoughts, so why did he suddenly fall onto the wrong path

After pausing, Kennard said with a serious look, “Sir chairman, I still hope that you can think this through. Our company has the power to increase our defenses, but a company has its limits. With our companys current profits, we can only maintain no more than five thousand guards. If we exceed this, the strength of the guards would begin to drop.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and asked back, “You think that five thousand people is a small number”

Kennard was stunned, “Of course it is. Sir chairman, dont forget, even Count Wein has thirty thousand soldiers under him.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Are those thirty thousand people strong Dont forget, Count Weins thirty thousand people couldnt even deal with one hundred people led by Hart.”

Kennard knit his brows, “It cant be considered like this. Sir chairman, Count Wein couldnt deal with the hundred guards led by captain Hart because of many reasons, but in a war……”

“Even in a war, Count Weins subordinates cant do anything to Harts hundred people.” Xu Yi waved his hand to cut Kennard off.

Kennard was stunned, “How can that be possible That is thirty thousand people! How cant they deal with a hundred people!”

“So that means that you have the same old thoughts as most people of the continent.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “This world is already completely different from the world you already knew.”

Kennard looked at Xu Yi with a strange look. He thought that he was still the Frestech Chamber of Commerces CEO, so he knew the Frestech Chamber of Commerce better than most people of the continent.

But even so, he didnt feel confident about the scene that Xu Yi described. Why was Xu Yi this confident

Xu Yi smiled and didnt explain to Kennard.

Although Kennard was the CEO, he was mainly in charge of managing the business aspect. There were many things that he was limited on, so his assessment of the total situation couldnt compare to his as the chairman.

Of course, it wasnt just Kennard. Almost all the people on the continent would think the same as Kennard, they wouldnt understand Xu Yis ideas.

This couldnt be blamed on them because Xu Yi was relying on his mechanical engineering knowledge from earth, bringing magic machines that far surpassed their imaginations. This was equal to greatly propelling the level of technology forward on the Sines Continent.

People needed some time to catch up to the change in ideas.

What Xu Yi wanted to take advantage of was this gap in time.

The two of them fell silent as the Magic Sedan they were sitting in head north in the Stantine Duchy, heading through the territory under Count Wein. Right now they were heading on the road that led to Xu Yis territory.

This road was a part of the Stru Road, but it was only half finished. There were only two traffic lanes right now, it was far from the six lanes that would be there when it was finished.

When the Magic Sedan sped across the road, they could see the various workers from the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, the Black Rice Wasteland, the Mirando Duchy, and the Stantine Duchy at work.

These people were mostly with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. There were only a few of them that were responsible for planning and providing magic machines support that were with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The two companies had been working like this for close to four years now. The workers on both sides were familiar with each other, so they were very efficient.

According to the manager of the Stru Road, Xu Yis old friend manager Rileys estimates, it would be the middle of next year that the Stru Road would be complete.

When that time came, there would be a smooth road from the western sea of the Stantine Duchy to the Rudson Kingdoms capital Caraca City even though they were a thousand kilometers apart.

If they kept driving at forty kilometers an hour in a Magic Car, it would only take one day to arrive.

If they drove the latest model Magic Sedan that Xu Yi and Kennard were sitting in that could stay at a speed of sixty kilometers an hour, it would only take them a bit more than ten hours.

Of course, if the Stru Kingdom wanted to be complete, the most important part was still the cliff between the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom.

To be precise, the Stru Road would only be complete with this part complete.

The Magic Sedan the two were riding in drove on the road for a bit before entering a green first that reached as far as the eyes could see.

Entering this forest meant entering the area controlled by the Moon Shadow Tribe.

Before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, no one in the Stantine Duchy dared to enter the Slight Dream Forest because they might be retaliated by the elves of the Moon Shadow Tribe.

But now, this forest that had existed for several thousand years was filled with noise.

When they entered the forest, they heard noises as loud as thunder in the distance.

Looking over, they saw a giant tree suddenly fall to the ground, stirring up dirt into the sky.

“Sir chairman, if I didnt personally see it, I wouldnt have believed that the elves would let humans create such loud noise in their home. They would even let humans cut down thousand year old trees that were treasures to them.” Kennard looked at the large tree in the distance that had fallen and spoke in an emotional voice.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “The elves want to develop and fit into human society, they must take this step.”

“That is because sir chairmans charm is different from everyone else. The elves have lived with humans for thousands of years, but this is the first time they really wanted to enter human society.” Kennard said.

Xu Yi laughed. He thought that he wasnt sure with the other elves, but for the elves of the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe, he did indeed have plenty of charm.

Otherwise, elder Illusia and elder Lisanya wouldnt force him to be with an elven girl.

Thinking of how he would soon see elder Lisanya, Xu Yis head couldnt help aching.

He hoped that elder Lisanya would let him go this time, not forcing him to pick an elven beauty as soon as she saw him.

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