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Volume 4 Great Magician Telucci didnt say anything. Smilton saw those military magic machines and his eyes lit up, as he quickly walked over and picked up a Magic Repeating Crossbow to look over, revealing a satisfied look. Then he picked up a small Magic Bazooka and looked over it for a while before turning back to Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, are you giving these good things to us”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes in his heart.

This Smilton really has worked as a pirate before. When he delivered all those important daily necessities to Caraska Island, he didnt seem that happy. Now that he was bringing weapons, he looked very happy, it was clear on his face.

Of course, Xu YI had the same smile as he nodded.

“Yes, but it isnt for free. Lord Smiliton, there is a large demand for military magic machines right now. It was hard to take a bit from the large orders of others, so of course its impossible for this to be free.”

“Un, I understand this.” Smilton gave a strong nod before saying with a wide smile, “Chairman Xu, you dont need to say anything, our island has accepted enough help from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The brothers on the island can live such good lives because of your help. Actually, theres no need to waste words, if you need us to do something for you, just say it. Although Im a crude person, I know how basic customs work.”

Great Magician Telucci had a look of deep thought on his face before giving a nod, “Chairman Xu, you are a merchant, doing business at a loss is not something you would do and we cant make you do that. Although I have some value as a Great Magician, Im very clear that Im not worth you spending this much on me. For you to pay such attention to this island, you must have some plans, everyone can understand this.”

Xu Yi helplessly spread his hands and gave a smile of self ridicule, “It seems like Im not suited for acting, I do things too forward.”

Smilton waved his hand, “Alright, chairman Xu, theres no need to say this. No matter what you want to do, just with the help that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has given us is enough to let everyone live good lives. It should be normal for us to give our lives, this is the most basic rule that everyone understands. Be clear, what do you want us to do”

Seeing the questioning look from Great Magician Telucci, Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Relax, your excellency Great Magician, Im not planning on letting the people of this island die for me. As a merchant, Ive always felt that this method isnt efficient at all, there are no benefits to me.”

Great Magician Telucci and Smilton looked at each other as they revealed curious looks.

“Then what do you want us to do If it was anything else, what would you send these military magic machines for” Smilton asked.

“Un…..It isnt that theres no risk at all since I cant guarantee that you wont meet any danger in those places.” Xu Yi waved his hand and had the two approach.

The two were confused as they came over. Xu Yi took out a sheet of paper and spread it on the floor of the warehouse.

With the bright light of the Magic Lamps in the warehouse, the two looked down to find that this sheet of paper was a map.

Looking carefully, they noticed that most of the map was covered in sea and there were only a few spots of land.

These pieces of land were naturally islands.

The two looked over the coast on the right edge of the map before finally looking at a marked island.

“This is our Caraska Island” Smilton pointed at the island and asked in a surprised voice, “Why is this shape so strange”

“What Does the lord not know what the island looks like from above” Xu Yi asked with a smile, “It does indeed look like a flower and if you look at it from above, it looks very good.”

Great Magician Telucci gave a slight nod, “Yes, this is indeed Caraska Island. Ive flown above it many times before and the shape is exactly the same as the island.”

Smilton turned to ask Xu Yi, “This is a map drawn from the air These surrounding things should be the nearby islands, right”

“Un, this is a map that I had someone draw from the Magic Airship. Your excellency Great Magician, what do you think” Xu Yi asked back.

Great Magician Telucci looked at the map and his expression became serious.

“This detailed map, it can only be drawn from the air and to draw precisely, the Magic Airship is indeed the best for this. But chairman Xu, why did you have someone make this accurate map for”

Smilton also looked at Xu Yi with an interested look, as if he could guess what Xu Yi was thinking.

As expected, Xu Yi revealed a smile and pointed at the map several times as he said, “Your excellency Great Magician, lord, if you look, from the coastline of the Black Rice Wasteland and the Stantine Duchy, there are a total of thirty four large and small islands. There are six islands that are much bigger than Caraska Island, but among these islands, other than Caraska Island, there are only twelve islands that are inhabited. The other twenty two islands are all abandoned islands.”

Smilton raised a brow, “Chairman Xu, you want us to take those islands for you”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Accurately speaking, I want to let those islands fall into my control. Im not interested in these islands, Im just interested in the resources on these islands. Carasak Island has a good source of iron ores, so these islands might also have the same important resources.”

“Un, this is true.” Smilton nodded, “I know that there is an island not far from here called Saxon that has iron ores. There were people from your Lampuri Kingdom who came to investigate before, but they found that it wasnt effective to transport from Saxon Island, so no one cared about it.”

“I also dont think its worth it.” Great Magician Telucci knit his brows, “Chairman, if you want to harvest resources from those islands, I feel that it would cost too much and wouldnt be good.”

“Youre only thinking that way because the sea transport isnt developed enough.” Xu Yi shook his head before pointing at his feet, “But do you see where youre standing right now”

Great Magician Telucci and Smilton were stunned. Then they remembered that they were currently in a below deck warehouse on a giant Magic Boat.

This Unfolding Wings Magic Boat was just too big. Just the warehouse that they were currently in could already store a large scale wooden boat.

With this kind of large scale Magic Boat, they could transport several dozen more times cargo than those wooden boats.

Adding in the fact that this large Magic Boat was much less dangerous on the sea, when calculating it, the cost was much lower when sea transportation was much more dangerous. It also wasnt as not worth it as before.

It was no wonder Xu Yi was confident, it was because he had this Unfolding Wings Ship.

Seeing the two reveal looks of understanding, Xu Yi revealed a smile. His finger slid across the map to draw a circle.

“Actually, compared to the resources on the island, what is more important is this sea area.”

Great Magician Telucci and Smilton revealed confused looks again.

This sea area was just sea water, what was important about it

“I cant explain to you why this area of the sea is important, youll have to wait and see when the competition is more fierce on the sea to understand.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “But no matter what, I need this sea area, it is best if I can control it all. Lord Smilton, can you do this for me”

Smilton looked at the map and fell into deep thought. Then he turned to look at the military magic machines in the warehouse before turning to look at the ceiling and floor of the warehouse. After all that, he said to Xu Yi with a serious look, “Other than these military magic machines, I need several boats. It would be best if it was a big boat like this, then Im certain I can do that.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Its no problem giving you several boats, but theres no way to give you one as big as the Unfolding Wings. This ship used all the power of our company and we could only finish one in just eight months. The ones that will be produced later will be used for ocean shipping by our company, so theres no way to give you one in the short term.”

“Oh…..” Smilton was a bit disappointed, “Without this large boat, itll be much harder to create a deterrent force on the sea. The matters of the sea are very simple, whoever has the biggest ship has the biggest voice. If we could also have this large ship, I just needed to drive by and all the other boats on the sea would behave.”

Xu Yi smiled as he patted his shoulder, “You dont need to be too disappointed. I cant provide you with such a large ship, but I can provide you with smaller ships. They are smaller than the Unfolding Wings, but compared to those ships that you care about, they are still much bigger. I can even guarantee that all other boats cant compare when it comes to performance.”

Smiltons eyes lit up, “Really Chairman Xu, could it be that youre also planning on giving me the small Magic Speed Boats”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “That will depend on how much sincerity you can take out.”

Smilton immediately raised his fist and hit his chest as he said in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, in front of Great Magician Telucci, I promise you that I, Smilton will take every inch of this sea for you. Even the fish that swim in the sea will have to ask for my…..no, will have to ask for your permission!”

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