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Volume 4 The shipyard that Torres needed to visit was by the sea, but it was the final place they visited.

When they came out of the Magic Car, before Torres even entered the shipyard, he looked over the sea and took a cold breath.

Across the broad sea, there were ships that were five stories tall that were at least fifty meters long that slowly came out of the sea that was blocked by the shipyard.

Once this giant ship moved, it was like a mountain slowly moving across the sea.

Even being two hundred meters away, Torres felt that there was a strong pressure coming from in front of him.

The biggest Magic Ship that Torres had seen in his life was one that was used by the Porter Chamber of Commerce, it was thirty meters long and five meters tall.

This ship had already looked very big when it floated across the Sandy River.

But if that Magic Ship was placed here, it would definitely seem small.

Torres swallowed his spit and turned to look at the others, finding that they were also staring at the giant ship in a daze.

Thinking about it, Torres couldnt help pointing at the giant ship and asking Basaka from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who was guiding them around, “I say…..When we enter the shipyard, will we be responsible for building these giant ships”

Basaka just looked at Torres with a smile, not finding his reaction strange at all.

This was already the fifth group of workers and when each group of workers saw this “Unfolding Wings” type Magic Ship, they would all be stunned like the ones in front of him.

“Yes, our shipyard is currently fully focused on making this kind of large Magic Ship. Are you a welder”

After Torres confirmed this, Basaka continued, “This large transport Magic Ship has many places that need to be welded. After a welder like you enters the shipyard, youll be heavily used.”

Torres licked his dry lips before looking up at the large Magic Ship, as he couldnt help feeling emotional.

Such a large ship, if he could participate in the building process, that really would be great!

After these people gradually came back from the shock of seeing this large Magic Ship, Basaka called out to them and prepared to bring them into the shipyard.

The shipyard was the last factory they needed to visit. After guiding these workers, he still had to lead these new workers to the personnel management department to get them to sign their official employment contract. Then he would prepare their dwellings and their daily necessities.

There were still many things to do, so he had to make use of his time.

But when he just started moving, there was a pure white Magic Sedan that quickly drove over. After passing those people, this Magic Sedan suddenly stopped.

Torres group was confused while Basaka revealed a serious look and he couldnt help standing up straight.

When the door car opened, a person came out.

After seeing this person, Basaka gave a polite bow while Torres and the other became excited.

“Chairman Xu! Its chairman Xu!”

“Chairman Xu, hello! Do you remember me When you came to inspect our village three years ago, I was the one who led you around!”

“Chairman Xu, did you come see us”

“Chairman Xu, Im very satisfied with your place here, Ill definitely stay!”

“Chairman Xu……”


Xu Yi looked over these people and revealed a faint smile. He raised his hands and they all stopped, looking at Xu Yi and waiting for him to speak.

“Everyone, I think that you should all know that I treat Banta City as my second hometown. Since you came from Banta City, you can be considered as people from my hometown. As people from my hometown, since you are all here, I hope that you will have a good time here. If you are satisfied with this environment and are willing to stay with our company, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to extend a warm welcome to you!”

“Ha, ha, be assured, chairman Xu, we will definitely stay.”

“Thats right! This place is simply too great, I already cant wait to stay and work here!”

“Right, right, living here will definitely be very comfortable, I will definitely stay!”


Everyone not only praised the environment and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they also praised Xu Yi.

Xu Yi accepted their praise with a faint smile before looking over at Basaka.

Basaka immediately understood and said in a loud voice, “Sir chairman, please be assured, I will definitely arrange everything for our guests who have come from afar, they will definitely live a happy life here.”

Xu Yi nodded before saying to Torres group with a smile, “Good, then I hope that you can all stay here and have a happy time with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi waved his hand after saying this, but he didnt get back in the Magic Sedan. His figure went up and he quickly flew over two hundred meters in the air, landing on the deck of the giant Magic Ship.

Narvil on the deck who was reading a report saw Xu Yi land and came over to say, “Sir chairman, it seems like you attach quite the importance on the workers recruited from Banta City.”

“Of course.” Xu Yi nodded, “Banta City is the place with the greatest magic machine industry foundation other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce on the continent. The workers there have a rich experience working with magic machines, so recruiting workers from there is the most direct method of increasing the strength of our company, of course its important to me.”

“But…..Doesnt Banta City and the Lampuri Kingdom also have a great need for these skilled workers If you do this……” Narvil paused as he revealed a strange look, “Wont her majesty Seveni be unhappy”

Xu Yi laughed, “Ive helped establish thirteen magic machine vocational schools in the Lampuri Kingdom and have also provided many of our companys most skilled magic mechanical engineers and workers as teachers. Im only recruiting a few workers from the Lampuri Kingdom, her highness wont mind. Then again, these workers came on their own free will, I didnt force them.”

Narvil couldnt help shaking his head.

Although Xu Yi didnt force them, giving them such good conditions, any normal people would be moved, alright

Moreover, no matter who it was, as long as they found better living and working conditions, how could they resist the enticement

He used to be the biggest owner of fishing ships in the Stantine Duchy and his life was considered quite good. But didnt he also come work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because of the excellent conditions

“How was the journey this time” Xu Yi asked Narvil.

Narvil gave the report in his hand to Xu Yi and nodded with a smile, “Very good. Sir chairman, we went as far as a hundred kilometers away from the coast and the ship sailed very smoothly. Even if we met a storm, the Unfolding Wings went strong and there wasnt even the slightest bit of danger.”

Saying this, Narvil patted the railing beside him as he revealed an emotional look.

“Actually, the storm we met this time wasnt small at all. If we were on wooden fishing boats like before, our chances of survival would have been very low. But the Unfolding Wings in front of this storm, it was like it was nothing more than an inch, there wasnt any threat to us at all.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Of course, the Unfolding Wings Ship was built with research and work from all the researchers, mechanical engineers, and workers in our company. It used all the power of our company and if we cant even stop a small storm, that really would be too disappointing.”

Narvil gave a strong nod, “Yes, sir chairman. I was always nervous when I went out to see before, who knows if I would be buried at the bottom of the sea, but with this Unfolding Wings Ship, it felt as smooth as being on land when on this ship, there was no risk at all. I feel that with this Unfolding Wings Ship, I can even sail into the depths of the sea!”

“Good! Your courage is praiseworthy!” Xu Yi patted his shoulder, “In the future, when our company organizes a deep sea exploration fleet, I will definitely have you as the commander of this fleet!”

Narvil was filled with excitement as he loudly said, “Many thanks for sir chairmans trust, I will definitely lead this fleet and explore the depths of the sea!”

Xu Yi smiled before waving his hand, “Alright, theres still a long time before we can establish that fleet. Before this, we still need to complete our first long distance offshore voyage.”

Narvil laughed, “Reporting to sir chairman, the Unfolding Wings Ship is prepared, please give the order!”

Xu Yi nodded before saying in a deep voice, “Alright, set off!”

Narvil took a Magic Communicator that was the size of his palm from his chest and shouted, “All prepared, Unfolding Wings, set off!”

There were several “understood” responses that came from the Magic Communicator and after a while, the giant ship suddenly trembled. They set off from the harbour they were anchored in and set off into the endless seas.

This Unfolding Wings Ship was built with the research of many researchers and magic mechanical engineers. It had taken five thousand workers, an investment of two million three hundred and ninety thousand gold coins, and eight months to complete.

This giant Magic Ship that could sail into the open seas in theory represented another major breakthrough in the magic machine technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although this was only a Magic Ship, it contained many different pieces of technology.

With the success of this large Magic Ship with a large carrying capacity, it didnt just mean that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had taken the first step in building a complete magic machine industrial system. It also meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could build large scale magic machines, getting closer to the industrial system on earth, which meant that they had taken a step closer to Xu Yis dream.

So when the Unfolding Wings Ship left the harbour and headed towards the endless seas, Xu Yi stood at the bow and watched the red sun on the horizon, while feeling the sea breeze in his hair. He felt like there was a strong confidence that filled his entire body.

There would be a day where he would bring the miracle of earths technology to this world!

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