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Volume 4 The person who came from the Magic Car was called Torres, it was old man Afaylias second uncles eldest son. He was two years younger than Afaylia and was his cousin.

The two of them were around the same age and they lived in the same village, so they had played together since they were young and were quite close.

Old man Afaylia wanted to go back to Banta City to see these relatives, he was one of the relatives that he was talking about.

Because Afaylia had been in the Stantine Duchy over the past few years, they had met very few times during these years.

The last time they met was when they had returned to Banta City of the new years.

Suddenly seeing Torres come out of the Magic Car, old man Afaylia was first surprised before he was filled with shock.

Did something happen at home that Torres suddenly came over here

His second uncles body has always been bad, could it be that the old man had gotten into some accident

Thinking of this, old man Afaylia quickly headed over to him.

But when he got close, he saw that Torres didnt look sad at all, rather he was excitedly looking around. He was calling out in surprise again and again, making it clear that he was being shocked by the clean and beautiful environment here.

Old man Afaylias heart was filled with curiosity as he looked over. He found that behind Torres, there were several other familiar people getting out of the car. They were all villagers who came from Roverto Village that Torres was from, they were people that had grown up with Afaylia.

These people had the same expression as Torres, looking around in surprise and looking very enamoured.

Old man Afaylia was very surprised.

Why did these people suddenly come here

Although it was much easier to come here from Banta City, it would still take them most of a day to come here.

Why would they come here if there was nothing important

Old man Afaylia quickly came over to Torres side and slapped him on the shoulder.

Torres was surprised at first, but turning to see Afaylia, he gave him a big hug and said with a wide smile, “Hey, Afaylia, you never thought that I would come here as well, right”

Seeing his reaction, Afaylia felt more assured.

It seemed like nothing bad had happened.

The two hugged for a bit before letting go. Afaylia immediately asked, “I never thought that you would come here, but Torres, why did you suddenly come here Could it be that youre looking for me”

“Its not wrong to say that I am.” Torres said with a smile, “I am new here and arent familiar with anything, so naturally I need to find you to bring me around. Hey, Afaylia, youve been here for several years, tell me, how is this place Is it much better than Banta City”

Afaylia was a bit confused by his question.

“I say…..Torres, what are you asking this for Could it be that youre planning on staying here”

“Of course!” Torres gave a strong nod, “I came here this time for work, so of course Im staying here. But you can be assured, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has told us that theyve already prepared living quarters for us workers and the conditions are quite good, so you dont need to worry that Ill be staying at your house.”

“Im not worried about this.” Afaylia waved his hand and continued asking with knit brows, “My meaning is……you want to work here”

“Right, not just me. Iducas family, Lopezs family of three, and also Deludes family are all moving here.” Torres forcefully patted Afaylias shoulder and said with a wide smile, “How about it Afaylia, with all these old companions coming here, are you happy”

Afaylia looked at Torres with a look of disbelief and only after a while did he hesitantly ask, “You said…..Youre saying that their families are all coming here for work How…..How…..How is this possible”

“Why isnt it possible” Torres looked at Afaylia, “What You dont like us coming here”

“No, no, no! I welcome you! Very much! I completely welcome you! I even want them to come now! Right, lets go back and Ill have Senna prepare some good dishes, well get drunk this afternoon. Ah, no, you just came, so you should report first, right The Frestech Chamber of Commerce arranged everything Right, how did you come here Ah, no, you came by the Magic Car, Im asking…..”

Because he was shocked and excited, old man Afaylia didnt know what to say.

Seeing Afaylias helpless appearance, Torres laughed before shaking his head, “Alright, Afaylia, you dont need to worry, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has arranged everything. The person in charge said they would bring us around and then prepare our dwellings, you dont need to worry. Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has said this, they will prepare everything.”

“Un, un, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has always kept their word. Right, I was wondering why they were building those new buildings, so it was prepared for all of you. Let me tell you, Torres, the houses here are very beautiful and filled with all the necessary household magic machines. Its also connected to the water system. When the time comes, the street lights will be put in place and itll be much more convenient. Moreover……”

Hearing Afaylias introduction, Torres was getting more and more excited.

Although the person in charge from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had told them about the good environment here before coming, seeing the environment with their own eyes and having a trusted person like Afaylia give them an introduction, he truly believed that the living conditions were as good as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce advertised.

Even listening to what old man Afaylia said, the environment here might be better than what was advertised!

Thinking of this, Torres heart was filled with excitement and joy.

It was a good thing that he had the idea of applying when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruited people.

Now that he was here, he found that the living conditions here were much better than Banta City.

The conditions in Banta City were already better than most places in the Lampuri Kingdom because of the efforts of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the City Lord Manor from before.

Moreover, according to the agreement he signed with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he would be entering one of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces shipyards as a welder.

With his skills as a second grade welder, once he entered the shipyard, he would be earning a monthly wage of twenty gold coins a year.

If he had good performance in the first year, that monthly wage would increase to twenty five gold coins next year.

Although with his skills in welding which was considered rare, he could find work in Banta City with a higher wage, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was more enticing than the other companies.

After coming here and seeing it, Torres didnt regret his choice even more.

If he could live in this beautiful environment, even if it was ten gold coins……Alright, ten gold coins less is too much, but even if it was five gold coins less, he was definitely willing.

Old man Afaylia hadnt finished introducing everything as the person in charge of new workers like Torres began taking roll call, preparing to gather everyone.

Torres patted Afaylias shoulder with a wide smile, “Ill find you tonight to drink.”

Then he ran into the crowd and lined up with the group.

Seeing Torres carefully following the rules, old man Afaylia couldnt help smiling.

This Torres always had a big personality since they were young, he was still not afraid of anything now that he was close to fifty. Now that he was obediently following the rules like this, it could be seen that he was very satisfied with this place and attached importance in working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, Afaylia could understand his idea very much.

After coming here and seeing the beautiful environment, then with the good wages and benefits the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave, who would want to miss such a job

Thinking that it was very likely that Torres would stay and live here, as well as the other three families that he had mentioned, the clouds that had been in Afaylias mind had finally scattered and his mood was much better.

Seeing Torres get in the Magic Car again, Afaylia laughed as he turned to head back home.

Torres said he would come and drink tonight Hei, hei, that fellows capacity was so bad, he would definitely be crawling on the ground tonight!

The Magic Car headed off in a completely different direction from old man Afaylia.

Afaylia returned to the living quarters his family in and the Magic Car was carrying Torres and the new workers to the factories in the industrial district. They were planning on letting them see the factories, so they would have some understanding of their work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future.

Although they came all the way here from Banta City, it didnt mean that they would definitely stay and work here.

But after going through each of the factories, the two hundred and seventy six workers carried in these ten Magic Cars were very satisfied with the working conditions of these factories.

Each factory was very clean and the work was very orderly, it looked very smooth.

All the workers were like a screw in this giant factory when they were working, they all played their own parts.

Compared to the messy factories they had worked in before, with chaotic work routines, it was unknown how many times more orderly the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory was.

Then after seeing the conditions of the living quarters, all the workers gradually made their final decision.

They had to stay!

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