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Volume 4 The Lampuri Kingdom situation gradually stabilized and with the wise rule of her majesty Seveni, the prosperity of the kingdom kept growing.

But the situation in the Stantine Duchy was the opposite.

After signing the ceasefire agreement with Xu Yi, although Count Wein had lost close to six hundred square kilometers of territory and handing over many rights, for example, he had some control in the factory that he had built with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but now it was completely controlled by them.

But Xu Yis promise to him helped him much more.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce provided military magic machines to him first, Count Wein had the absolute advantage in weapons when fighting with the other lords.

Even if he couldnt completely suppress them like before, what decided the fights between lords of the Stantine Duchy now was who had more and better military magic machines.

Count Weing had the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so he surpassed the other lords in this.

So once the new year came, Count Wein once again attacked the four lords that had attacked him before, gaining a series of victories in this war.

Through his win streak, Count Wein had used only three months to completely defeat the opposition of the four lords.

Count Wein took most of the territory from these four lords and was now the strongest lord in the north Stantine Duchy.

At the same time, there was war that erupted in the south of the Stantine Duchy.

Anklo who had been steadily fighting last year began wildly expanding as soon as it entered year 3875.

Because he also had the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Anklos subordinates swept through all obstacles in the southern Stantine Duchy.

In just four months, he went from having one city, five thousand troops, and a small territory of less than a thousand square kilometers to over five cities, twenty thousand soldiers, and a large territory of over ten thousand square kilometers.

In the Stantine Duchy, Anklo had become one of the two strongest lords in the north and south along with Count Wein.

Everyone believed that there would be a life and death fight between these two lords.

The reason why these two lords were invincible in the country was because they had the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But if they were to fight, who would win

When most people considered this issue, they immediately came up with an answer.

Whoever the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supported more would win.

Who would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce support


Xu Yi didnt have the time to consider who to support right now.

After the new years, he had fallen into a period of busy work and didnt have any free time to consider these matters.

After obtaining the six hundred square kilometers of land from Lord Wein, his territory had increased by several times.

But to control this territory, there were many things that he had to do.

After deep consideration, Xu Yi gave up the idea of building up this new territory like his previous territory.

Because to achieve this, he had to invest in an astronomical figure. With the current strength of the Frestefch Chamber of Commerces strength, they couldnt achieve this and there was no need at all.

After obtaining this territory, the first thing Xu Yi needed was to count the population.

In the final data for this six hundred square kilometers of land, there were only thirty thousand people living there.

Among the thirty thousand people, there were less than a thousand young men between the ages of sixteen and forty.

Actually there werent few young men before, but Count Wein had been fighting with the lords and had recruited all the young men on this land, so being able to have close to a thousand people was already considered quite good.

It was a good thing that the manpower that Xu Yi needed was as workers who operated the simple machinery, it didnt mean that he had to have young men.

After counting the people, Xu Yi gathered all the people who could work together and began training them. Finally he picked the nineteen thousand people who had the best skills to enter the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factories, dong simple mechanical jobs.

Although these Stantine Duchy locals were lazy, with the forced training from Xu Yi, they had trained a bit of discipline. Adding in the deterrent Xu Yis status as the lord had, they all began working properly in the factories.

Not to mention that it was different from when they were under Lord Wein. Although they were forced to work in the factories under Xu Yis orders, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would still give them proper wages and benefits.

Even if their wages were lower than other workers for only doing simple mechanical jobs, they earned at least five gold coins a month, as well as a series of benefits. This was something the poor Stantine Duchy people never dreamed of, which made them very happy.

Now that these workers had more enthusiasm for working, their efficiency quickly increased.

With these workers taking these simple jobs, the more skilled workers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were freed which also greatly increased the production efficiency of the factories.

At the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invested in new factories in the first few months of the year.

As long as these factories were complete and their production lines became operational, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces capacity would greatly increase.

According to the stats, as quickly as the second half of this year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production capacity could double compare to before.

Like this, the production capacity problem of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be greatly helped.

Of course, to completely solve this problem, just investing money and people wasnt enough.

To Xu Yi, the best way was to increase their technology.

“Sir chairman, look, this is the automatic Magic Punch Press that our group has recently developed.” Sancheli had an excited look as he pointed at the strange looking machine, “As long as steel plates are put in and the data is inputted ahead of time, you can change the steel plate to look like however you want it to look.”

After giving this introduction, Sancheli had the two workers lift the steel plate that was one meter long, eighty centimeters wide, and seven meters deep towards the input of this production magic machine. Then he pressed several buttons on what seemed to be a control table.

The magic machine started and the steel plate was sent in. Then the steel plate went it bit by bit as the irregular head kept coming down to create an irregular trapezoid shape.

A steel plate of this size was a very important component of the medium sized Magic Excavator.

To make this component before, it would take two skilled workers at least half an hour with a production magic machine to finish. But now this automatic Magic Punch Press took the steel plate and without any workers operating it, it took less than five minutes to finish this process.

There was without a doubt that there was a large difference in efficiency.

Xu Yi was shocked when he saw the processed steel plate.

Although this automatic Magic Punch Press looked very crude, it was very powerful.

Being able to use programmed data to process components, it was almost at the level of a CNC punch press!

It had taken several decades to develop the punch press on earth to create a real computer controlled punch press, but this Sancheli on the Sines Continent without any foundation of computers had actually created some similar to a computer controlled punch press!

This was simple……Simply too amazing!

Xu Yi couldnt suppress the joy in his heart as he broke out in laughter. He forcefully slapped Sanchelis back, making his excitement clear in his voice and actions.

When he had picked up this fellow in Anvilmar City, Xu Yi had only done so because of his ability to program magic. He hoped that he would have results in this aspect, but he never thought that after two years of studying for Sancheli, he would be able to develop this shocking thing.

“Very good! Sancheli! This is great!” Xu Yi laughed as he patted Sanchelis shoulder, “This automatic Magic Punch Press, it can be considered this years…..No, it should be the biggest invention for our company in several years! With its appearance, it will completely change the face of the magic machine industry! Sancheli, with my status as the chairman, I award you with a first grade reward!”

“Its actually a first grade reward!”

“God, a first grade reward! Its already been a long time since someone has got one, right”

“Its not a long time, its that no one has ever gotten one!”


The surrounding people were all shocked.

Although they knew that the automatic Magic Punch Press that Sancheli developed this time was powerful, no one thought that sir chairman would place such importance on them. He even gave Sancheli the first grade reward that no one else in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had received!

Sanchelis face was red from excitement, he was so excited that he could only nod his head without speaking.

He had always felt a deep gratitude and a deep guilt towards Xu Yi in his heart.

He felt gratitude because Xu Yi had pulled him out of the deepest ditch in his life and helped him fulfill his dream, giving him such a relaxed environment to do what he loved to do.

He felt guilty because for a long time, he could only repay Xu Yi with few things.

Seeing Xu Yis satisfaction towards this automatic Magic Punch Press and even giving him a first grade reward, naturally Sanchelis heart was filled with excitement.

He didnt have Xu Yi take back this reward because he was very clear that with Xu Yis personality, he definitely wouldnt take it back since he said this.

The most important thing was that this was a rare first grade reward which was the best proof of his contributions towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this helped relieve the guilt he felt towards Xu Yi in his heart.

Whether it was the surrounding workers or Sancheli, they werent as excited as Xu Yi.

For him that had come from earth, he knew better than anyone what this machine meant.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could have the same factories on earth, being able to automate their production, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production capacity problem would be truly solved.

Although this automatic Magic Punch Press was only the beginning, as long as they took the first step, he believed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be able to firmly walk on this path.

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