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Volume 4 Count Wein wasnt able to reject any of the conditions that Xu YI put out.

Because in the war between them, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could withstand the losses and find ways to solve them without any trouble, but he couldnt take these losses at all.

Because he had beat Count Fran and the other lords, there were over thirty thousand soldiers under him. In terms of soldiers, he was considered one of the lords that was just under Duke Stantine.

If they were to compare battle strength, he might even surpass Duke Stantine.

But in the war against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he found that he couldnt deal with them at all.

Forget about not being able to attack Xu Yis territory, he couldnt even blockade the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, not to mention dealing with the small squad the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent out.

The five hundred human soldiers led by Hart had swept through everything on Count Weins territory, making Count Wein lose thousands of elite soldiers, as well as many important supply points.

If both sides continue clashing like this, Count Wein believed that he would be smothered to death by just five hundred guards from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, the most important loss that came from fighting with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was that he couldnt be supplied with any more military magic machines.

While fighting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the four lords to the south kept attacking the territory that Count Wein had seized before.

In the beginning, Count Wein could still easily defend and fight back.

But after several close encounters, Count Wein found a serious problem.

Because he was fighting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he lost his supply of military magic machines. Adding in the large consumption from fighting, he didnt know how long he could keep fighting with his supply of military magic machines.

According to the estimates, he could hold only for only a week with the supplies in his hands.

And different from him, the four lords he was fighting with had stored up a large amount of military magic machines.

When he thought of the loss of the military magic machines and the four lords still being able to use them, Count Weins heart immediately turned cold.

He knew better than any lord of the Stantine Duchy just how strong the military magic machines were in the hands of soldiers. Once this situation came, his subordinates wouldnt be able to hold off the attack of the four lords.

And if he couldnt get any military magic machines, he could only keep retreating. Not only would he retreat from his captured territory, he might even…..No, those four lords wouldnt give up, they would definitely keep attacking until they completely defeated him.

Count Wein was very clear on this situation, so even if Xu Yi didnt come to negotiate, he would have had the idea to negotiate with Xu Yi eventually.

Although the conditions Xu Yi gave were very excessive, compared to having all his territory seized by the four lords and then losing his life, it was without a doubt much easier to accept.

Not to mention that when Xu Yi gave these conditions, he even gave a condition that Count Wein never thought of and even dreamed of.

As long as Count Wein agreed to the other conditions that Xu Yi had, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would put Count Wein as first on the list of important partners. They would give him priority in various military magic machines and would give him access to many of the new military magic machines!

Hearing this condition, Count Weins anger from Xu Yis various other conditions disappeared. He didnt take long to consider before agreeing to all of Xu Yis previous conditions.

Because the so-called “important partner” Xu Yi mentioned meant that when providing military magic machines to the lords of the Stantine Duchy, he would prioritize Count Wein and would put the other lords behind.

This meant that when Count Wein faced the other lords, he would have the advantage in terms of equipment again.

As long as he had the advantage in military magic machines, how could the other lords of the Stantine Duchy be his match

As long as he defeated the other lords, what did it matter if he agreed to the previous conditions that Xu Yi put forth

So Count Wein and Xu Yi had a happy discussion and set forth a preliminary ceasefire agreement.

According to the ceasefire agreement, after both sides stopped, Count Wein would cede another six hundred square kilometers of land in the north to Xu Yi and he would have to leave the people on the land, ceding them over completely.

With this territory, Xu Yis private territory had become a long strip that was to the north of the Stantine Duchy.

This piece of land faced the endless sea to the west and bordered the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom to the east. If one looked at it on a map, it was like a hat at the top of the Stantine Duchy, covering the northern part of the Stantine Duchy.

But Count Wein didnt care about this at all.

The Stantine Duchy was very blocked because of the geography. It had few ways of connecting to the other countries, so even if the entire north was blocked, it didnt affect Count Wein at all.

Not to mention that this territory still belonged to the Stantine Duchy in name. If the people of the Stantine Duchy wanted to enter the Black Rice Wasteland to the north, Xu Yi couldnt complain.

Then again, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had limited people. They had no problem defending their previous territory, but to defend this loong strip, without the natural moat as defenses, it was basically impossible.

So Count Wein was very relaxed when he signed this ceasefire agreement.

To him, even if Xu Yi wanted all the people in the territory, he couldnt pose any threat to him and it might even weaken him.

Count Wein was very clear on the people in his territory.

The men who could fight were already recruited to his army and the remaining people were the sick, the elderly, the young, and the women. They wouldnt increase the Frestech Chamber of Commerces strength, they would only weaken it.

Xu Yi kept those useless people which would become a burden to him.

Before Xu Yi left, Count Wein had even said with a heavy look that he wanted Xu Yi to take care of those citizens.

When Xu Yi agreed, Count Wein couldnt help laughing in his heart.

This Xu Yi, did he really think he was taking advantage of him That was simply a joke!


“That Count Wein must be thinking that he has earned quite a bit.” Xu Yi handed the ceasefire contract to Kennard beside him, “This fellow that only thinks of fighting definitely hasnt considered that I dont want this land and territory to fight.”

“How could someone like him understand sir chairmans thoughts” Kennard laughed before looking over the ceasefire agreement. He said with a nod, “Very good, sir chairman, like this, your territory can connect to the Blakc Rice Wasteland, cover the Moon Shadow Tribe, and connect to the Rudson Kingdom to the east. As long as the Stru Road is finished, our companys products can easily enter the Rudson Kingdom and the other places of the continent.”

“That is not the most important thing, the Lampuri Kingdoms situation has changed and the biggest hindrance no longer exists for our company. It isnt a problem to transport across the continent, its more convenient to go through the Lampuri Kingdom most times. I requested this territory mainly because it relates to connecting the territory we have and the Black Rice Wasteland, that way it is easier to develop it as a whole.” Xu Yi said.

Hearing Xu Yi mention the internal situation of the Lampuri Kingdom, Kennard hesitantly looked at Xu Yi before asking, “Sir chairman, why werent you willing to attend the coronation ceremony of her majesty Seveni Our company will definitely enter a deeper relationship with the Lampuri Kingdom in the future, so using our relationship with the queen is very helpful to us.”

Xu Yi turned in the direction of the Lampuri Kingdom and slowly shook his head, “Just treat it as me being willful.”

Hearing the complicated emotion in Xu Yis voice. Kennard had an idea. He looked at Xu Yi and revealed a smile.

“Alright, since this is a rare willfulness from sir chairman, I have nothing to say.”

Xu Yi patted his shoulder with a smile, “Alright, I can be willful, but you cant be willful. Its already getting late, you should hurry up and go back to Anvilmar City. Count Emma is definitely waiting for you to go home and if I keep you here, Count Emma will definitely complain to me.”

Kennard shook his head, “Lord father has always supported me being by your side, he has nothing to say even if I dont go back for new years. The one who really is complaining about sir chairman is Sophia…..”

Hearing the name “Sophia”, Xu Yi gave a bitter smile.

“Isnt Sophia already engaged Just tell her to treat me as a fantasy, it is best to forget me. This would be better for her.”

“How simple it would be if she could forget just by saying forget.” Kennard gave a sigh, “Sir chairman, Im very clear on Sophias personality, for things that she cares about, she is much more serious than other people. If she did something shocking because of this, it wouldnt be that strange.”

Xu Yi looked at Kennard with a confused gaze, “What does she want to do”

Kennard shook his head, “I cant guess it, I just want to warn you of this possibility.”

Xu Yi thought about it and shook his head with knitted brows.

The thoughts of a girl, not mentioning him, it was something that most people in the world couldnt guess.

But even if Sophia was bold, what could she really do

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