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Volume 4 “Leaving like this”

Seeing Count Wein leading his subordinates in retreating, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards who were prepared to fight were surprised.

When they saw Lord Wein leading ten thousand troops preparing to attack them, most of them were quite nervous.

After all, comparing it, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces side really was weak. Even if they had the Abundant River to help guard them, to take ten thousand people with only a thousand people, most people thought that it was impossible.

But when the fight began, everyone found that the fight far surpassed their expectations, it was so easy that it was hard to believe.

From beginning to end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards stayed on the bank and used the large Magic Trebuchets to shoot the large Flame Bullets, while using the new cylinder Magic Repeating Crossbows on the bridge. They hadnt done anything else.

If the two hundred people on the bridge had contact with Count Wein, the other Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards didnt even get to see what Count Wein looked like.

From beginning to end, the two sides never fought at close range.

The fight ended just like this and Count Wein had run away with his troops!

This strange fight had never been seen in the history of the Sines Continent.

Seeing the confused guards, Xu Yi laughed. He thought that even though the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had more contact with military magic machines, they still couldnt get rid of their traditional ideas of warfare.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed more magic machines, creating a revolution in the military situation of the Sines Continent that couldnt be avoided. If there was anyone who didnt make this change, they would be like Count Wein, only being able to passively defend and couldnt even approach the enemy while being slaughtered.

Actually, this change had also been demonstrated in the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war.

Seveni could lead less than five thousand personal guards to easily defeat the army Count Stagg was because, Sevenis guards and Seveni herself during their four month stay on Xu Yis territory had trained in using the various military magic machines with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, so they had grasped the new way of fighting.

In actual combat, Sevenis personal guards with a large number of military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, had completely steamrolled their enemy when facing the army sent by Duke Stagg.

It could be said that during the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war, each battle had ended the same way. This made it that the civil war that everyone thought would last a long time ended with Sevenis side coming out on top in less than three months.

Xu Yi wasnt surprised by this result at all.

To him, soldiers with military magic machines when facing soldiers with normal blades was like an adult bullying a baby.

Soldiers that were stuck in the era of cold weapons couldnt approach soldiers that were armed with military magic machines, they would fall in droves.

With this difference in strength, what meaning was there to fight

Xu Yi had rejected Count Weins unreasonable request because he was confident in the power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

Not mentioning ten thousand people, even if Count Wein brought his entire army of thirty thousand, Xu Yi was certain that they wouldnt have crossed a single step over the Abundant River.

Not to mention that in the battle just now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt even sent out a single magician.

The only thing that troubled Xu Yi was what he needed to face after this.

Although Count Wein realized the difference in strength between the two sides with this short fight, knowing that he couldnt invade the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he did have the overwhelming advantage when it came to population.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had no problem guarding their territory, but to depend on a thousand guards to attack Count Weins territory really was filled with problems.

Xu Yi was certain that Count Wein would use his advantage and blockade the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If Count Wein blocked all the channels of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, cutting off all their resource lines, this would be a heavy blow to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although Xu Yi wasnt really afraid of this because he still had other plans to solve this problem, Xu Yi didnt want this situation to occur.

He decided to break off all face with Count Wein was to show everyone his fangs, which would be considered a warning to everyone.

“Hart!” Xu Yi turned back to look at the five hundred guards who were waiting and hadnt participated in the fight at all.

“Here!” Hart focused and replied.

“Set out.”


With a wave of Harts hand, the five hundred guards jumped onto the thirty Magic Armoured Vehicles behind them. They set off across the bridge and headed right in the direction that Count Weins army had fled in.


“Your highness, its already done, is there anything you are dissatisfied with”

A maid on the side carefully smoothed out Sevenis dress. The other two maids brought a mirror in front of her and Sevenis form was fully reflected.

Seveni in the mirror looked beautiful and full of dignity.

Seveni gave a slight nod, “This will do.”

The maids carried the mirror away as another group of maids came over. Each one of them had a finely made accessory in their hand and they carefully put it onto Seveni.

Today was the day her highness was taking the throne, so she had to be perfectly dressed. Every single part of her had to be perfect, not even the slightest mistake would be allowed.

Seveni looked at the busy maids running around her and she had a vacant look, as her attention flew off to an unknown place.

Since the envoy brought back the news that Xu Yi wouldnt be attending, Seveni felt like she had lost a bit of interest in this matter. Even the most important coronation couldnt let her feel even the slightest bit of interest.

It was like she was in a daze during these days. She listened to the arrangements of the old nobles of the Royal Parliament and participated in various ceremonies before finally preparing for the coronation.

In these ceremonies, her expression had been perfect, but there was a tired feeling in her heart. She even felt that the things she did didnt have any meaning at all.

Seveni always asked what was wrong with herself, but when she chased this answer, Xu Yis smile with that gentle smile jumped out from time to time.

“Could it be that Im not interested in this matter at all since Xu Yi isnt coming”

When she first had this idea, Seveni was scared.

She never thought that Xu Yi not attending would be this important to her.

Other than royal father, Seveni had never found that anyone had held such an important position in her mind.

So she was stunned.

Just what was the matter

“Da, da, da……”

There were quick footsteps that came forward and a small figure charged into Sevenis embrace among the shocked cries of the maids, bringing her out of her thoughts.

Looking down, she found that the little fellow who ran over was Prince William.

“Aunt, you really are beautiful today.” Prince William hugged Seveni as he excitedly shouted out.

Seveni revealed a faint smile and patted his head, as she couldnt help feeling emotional.

If she was talking about people who held a rather important place in her heart, this Prince William who wasnt even five years old was one of them.

Eric had paid the price for his big mistake, but Prince William hadnt made any mistakes.

Moreover, Lampuri Thirteenth and Eric had died together within two years, so there were only a few people in Sevenis royal family.

Her other big brother Prince Mifam had stayed in his territory since Lampuri Thirteenth had passed, never showing himself. Now that Seveni was being crowned, he also didnt participate. So the only real family member that Seveni had was Prince William.

Thinking of this, Sevenis mind suddenly had Xu Yis figure appear.

She couldnt help being surprised.

Could it be that without noticing it, she had started treating Xu Yi as a family member

When she had this thought, Seveni found that this might actually be true!

If she didnt treat Xu Yi like a family member, how could she have told Xu Yi the secret that Eric had poisoned their royal father

This secret had only been told to Xu Yi alone, Seveni hadnt even told this to his highness Mifam or her most trusted subordinates.

Based on this, in Sevenis mind, Xu Yis position might even be higher than that of a family member.

After all, for Seveni who was born in the royal family, those so-called family members were more terrifying than her enemies.

Thinking this through, Seveni couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

No matter how she regarded Xu Yi, Xu Yi wasnt willing to attend this important coronation for her.

It seemed like she wasnt as important in Xu Yis heart……

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