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Count Weins face sunk. After thinking for a bit, he came out of the ranks and looked down on Xu Yi as he said in a deep voice, “What Chairman Xu, are you afraid after seeing my large army Are you willing to accept my conditions”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and shook his head, “No, Im just here to urge the Lord Count that since we had a good cooperation before, there is no need to destroy the good relationship between us. If you draw back your army now, I can treat it as nothing happened and we can continue our happy cooperation.”

“Humph!” Count Wein gave a strong snort, “Happy cooperation I have given many important resources from my territory to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to obtain the military magic machines. If we continue cooperating like this, are you planning to entirely swallow my territory”

Xu Yi looked at Count Wein in surprise, thinking that this lord really was good at laying out false charges.

It was clearly him who was too greedy and wanted to swallow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but now he said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to swallow him.

Of course……Xu Yi did have this thought before if he was being honest……

“Sir lord, I am only a merchant, the cooperation between us is a normal business deal. As long as you give our company enough gold coins or the resources we need, naturally we will provide the military magic machines that you need. No matter what, hasnt our Frestech Chamber of Commerce helped greatly in you defeating Count Fran and the other lords”

Count Wein gave a cold snort, but he didnt deny this.

This was a fact that everyone knew, instead of denying it, he deeply accepted this face.

“Alright, lets not waste words between us. I will only ask you a single question, do you agree or not to my request from before” Count Wein asked in a cold voice.

Xu Yi shook his head, “Lord Count, I said it just now, I am a merchant. To merchants, business must be done fairly and to treat customers differently, that goes against the principles of a merchant, so I cant agree to this.”

Count Wein gave another cold snort, “You dare say you dont treat people differently Forgetting about the others, when you supported the Lampuri Kingdoms her highness Seveni with military magic machines, you treated her very differently from others.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I think the Lord Count should be very clear that her highness Seveni is indeed different from others. The most important thing is that she is my friend.”

“Friend” Count Wein gave a laugh, “What a joke! Youre saying you are a friend of the honoured queen Ha!”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

Although he felt that once Seveni became the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, they wouldnt have the same pure friendship that they had before, hearing this from Count Wein was very grating.

“Alright, Lord Count, it seems like youre not pulling back your troops today” Xu Yi asked.

“Nonsense!” Count Wein raised the sword in his hand to point at Xu Yi, “Since I have led my army here, youre not hurrying to surrender Im telling you, if youre willing to surrender, I can leave a position for you. If youre not willing…..Hei, hei, dont blame me for being impolite.”

Xu Yis eyes fell onto the ten thousand shapes behind Count Wein. Their formation wasnt united at all and they were wearing scattered armour. He revealed a smile and spread his hands, “Since the Lord Count isnt willing to pull back, I also will not flinch. Then Lord Count…..let us see how this fight will end. That is on the premise that you are still alive at that time.”

Count Weins expression changed and he roared, “Since you are here, you still want to leave Keep him here for me!”

With Count Weins order, the five hundred archers behind him raised the Magic Repeating Crossbows in their hands and pulled the trigger.

“Sou, sou, sou, sou, sou……”

Countless arrows flew through the sky. The sky in front of Xu Yi was completely filled with arrows in an instant, looking like the arrows were blotting out the sky, making it look very terrifying.

Seeing the traces of magic that was scattered among these arrows, Xu Yi couldnt help laughing.

Just to deal with a single person, Count Wein had used Magic Arrows that had cost three gold coins per arrow, he really thought highly of him.

The arrow rain that blotted out the sky, with a rough estimate, it cost close to a thousand gold coins.

It was no wonder Count Wein always complained to Xu Yi that war cost too much, complaining that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce military magic machines were too expensive.

With his way of using them, it would be strange if he didnt spend that much.

Seeing the rain of arrows that covered the sky, Xu Yi waved his hand and a pale blue magic barrier surrounded him.

Those normal arrows hit the magic barrier and didnt react at all. They just bounced weakly onto the ground and fell around the magic barrier.

Those Magic Arrows that were a bit stronger created ripples along the magic barrier like ripples on water before the glow around them also disappeared and they fell to the ground like normal arrows.

In a single breath, Xu Yi was surrounded in arrows, but there wasnt a single arrow that had entered his magic barrier.

Seeing Xu Yis relaxed look, Count Wein had a dark look as he raised his hand to stop the archers from shooting.

Although with the data from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before, with the terrifying power of the Magic Repeating Crossbow, they could deal with a high grade magician.

This data came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so Count Wein wasnt certain about it.

Moreover, the Magic Repeating Crossbows were produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so Xu Yi as the chairman had his special method of dealing with them.

Seeing the other side stop their attack, Xu Yi waved his hand to Count Wein before flying off.

Watching Xu Yi fly in the sky, Count Wein forcefully gritted his teeth. He forced down the urge to have his crossbow unit fire at the sky.

There was no meaning in wasting these things on Xu Yi. As long as he invaded Xu Yis territory and seized it, no matter how strong Xu Yis magic was, he was only a single person and couldnt affect much.

Even adding in the terrifying might of Great Magician Camilla, it was impossible for a few people to change the entire situation.

With this analysis, Count Wein felt confident.

However when he had this idea, he suddenly heard deep sounds coming from the other side of the bank that made his expression change.

“This is bad! Its the Magic Trebuchets! Dodge them!”

When Count Wein looked up to shout this, he saw giant fireballs quickly cut through the sky above the river before falling down onto the army behind Count Wein.


With a deafening explosion, the fireball exploded in the center of the army and scattered into countless smaller fireballs.

These fireballs fell onto Count Weins subordinates and completely turned them into people of flames.

And a few soldiers that were hit by the fireball were no longer in the shape of people, it could be seen how terrifying the might of those fireballs were.

With just a single fireball, it had caused over a hundred soldiers to lose their ability to fight.

Seeing the chaotic situation behind him, Count Weins heart was filled with rage.

“That damn Xu Yi, he really hid the best things!”

But it didnt matter how angry he was now. After the first fireball exploded, there were countless deep sounds that came from the other side of the bank. Each sound made Count Weins heart tremble and each sound sent another giant fireball.

Countless fireballs fell onto Count Weins army just like countless meteor and the giant explosions rang across both banks of the Abundant River.

The ten thousand soldiers who were looking confident behind Count Wein before fell into chaos with these terrifying fireballs and suffered heavy casualties.

“Damn! Charge for me! Charge the bridge! No retreat! Whoever retreats will die!” Count Wein pulled out his sword and cut the head off a subordinate that had tried to escape. Then he shouted, “The first one who charges across the bridge to the other side will be awarded five hundred gold coins!”

Perhaps it was because of the excitement of the gold coins or because their hearts were filled with fear, Count Weins subordinates didnt have any array as they began charging across the river.

There were quite a few soldiers who jumped into the river, planning to swim to the other shore.

However, when the first group of soldiers stepped onto the bridge, they saw that on the other side of the bridge, there were three rows of Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards standing there. Each person was holding a thick cylindrical item that was aimed at them.

They heard a roar from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards and then the cylinders in the hands of the guards let out a soft blue magic glow.

After a while, countless arrows came out of those cylinders.

These arrows were shorter than normal arrows, but they were shot at incredible speeds and these arrows were very strong. The leader armour and real armour that Count Weins troops were wearing were like armour that were easily pierced by the arrows.

The arrows pierced through the chest of one soldier and even pierced the chest of the soldier behind that soldier.

Just a single arrow took the lives of two soldiers.

Although there werent many guards guarding this bridge, the cylinders in their hands kept sending out arrows that were faster and even more dense than the Magic Repeating Crossbows. Moreover, they were in three rows, so after the first rows arrows were shot, the second row came forward and shot.

When the third row finished shooting, the first row had finished loading and they could keep fighting without stop.

So when Count Weins soldiers came onto the bridge, the arrows had never stopped flying across them.

Under this dense and terrifying rain of arrows, Count Wein sent batches of soldiers, but they all fell.

In just a moment, there were piles of corpses on this side of the bridge and they had only moved less than twenty meters forward.

“Lord, should we…..retreat” The subordinate standing beside Count Wein looked at him and asked with a look of panic.

Count Weins face was dark and he wanted to give up, but he was very unwilling.

The subordinate could see the hesitation in his heart and urged him, “Lord, we are just retreating temporarily. This Frestech Chamber of Commerce cant leave our control. Although we cant go in, they cant get out either. As long as we block them out, with this small place of theirs, they cant get any supplies, so they will surrender sooner or later.”

Count Weins expression relaxed a bit. After thinking about it, he felt his subordinate was correct.

He looked at the calm shore on the other side that he didnt know what was going on at all before giving a strong snort and waving his hand.


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