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The Lampuri Kingdoms civil war was something that confused everyone.

In most peoples estimates, once the civil war began, it would fall into a deadlock and would take a long time.

To most people, Duke Staggs side clearly had more power than her highness Sevenis side. Once the battle began, it was clear that Duke Staggs side would have an advantage.

But facts showed that since the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war began in mid October, it only took two months for her highness Sevenis personal guards to storm Anvilmar City.

Although Duke Stagg reacted quickly and had fled Anvilmar City ahead of time with Prince William, returning to the Stagg Familys private territory and wanting to fight to the end with her highness Seveni, everyone could see that Duke Stagg couldnt fight back at all already.

Because with her highness Sevenis fierce offense step by step, the Lampuri Kingdoms cities began supporting her highness one by one.

When her highness Seveni reached Anvilmar City, with the support of the nobles that were loyal to the royal family led by Count Sean, over three fourths of the cities in the Lampuri Kingdom already showed support for her highness Seveni.

In just two months, the situation in the Lampuri Kingdom had changed.

If it wasnt for the fact that it was winter and it wasnt convenient to send troops, everyone believed that her highness Seveni would have continued her attack on the Stagg Familys territory, taking care of all these forces at once.

“Although I already expected this, I never really thought this would be the result.” Leslie gave a bitter laugh as he shook his head, “I never would have thought that her highness Seveni with the support of your company would have such powerful strength. I witnessed a fight between them once and that scene…..Ze, ze, it couldnt be considered a fight at all, it was considered a one sided slaughter.”

“So” Xu Yi looked at Leslie feeling this was a bit funny, “You saw that something was wrong and escaped to my place early I have to warn you, as a direct member of the Stagg Family, you might be charged with the crime of treason. If you stay here, Ill be charged with the crime of sheltering a traitor.”

“Che, are you afraid” Leslie rolled his eyes at Xu Yi, “You are the biggest supporter under her highness right now, even if you give shelter to a few traitors, I believe her highness wouldnt really do anything to you. Then again, I have already been expelled from the family by my lord father, I am no longer related to the Stagg Family.”

“If they really wanted to catch you, do you really think you can avoid this relationship” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Alright, lets stop joking. Youre planning on going to see this time But our open sea Magic Boats are far from being finished, it wouldnt meet your request.”

“No, I came this time to buy a batch of military magic machines from you.” Leslie said.

Xu Yi instantly knit his brows. After thinking about it, he said in a deep voice, “Leslie, although we are friends, if you want me to support Duke Stagg, I can only apologize to you.”

“Youve misunderstood.” Leslie slowly shook his head and said with a sigh, “Lord fathers life has already been decided, I cant change it and Im not interested in changing it. Since he has chosen this path, he should bear the results. Right now, I just…..want to keep his life.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “This might…..not be possible, right In this situation, you want to keep the Lord Dukes life after he is defeated”

“I cant guarantee it, but as his son, I have to do my best.” Leslie gave a sigh. After hesitating a bit, he looked at Xu Yi with a bit of begging in his eyes as he sincerely said, “Xu Yi, you are the closest to her highness Seveni and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the key reason for her victory. If you say something, I think that she has to at least give you some face……”

Xu Yi couldnt help giving a bitter laugh in his heart.

If it was anything else, he was 90% confident that as long as he said something, Seveni would agree.

But Duke Stagg was charged with the important crime of treason and he had participated in poisoning Lampuri Thirteenth. It was also very likely that he had personally killed King Eric.

This kind of great crime wasnt easily forgiven. Even if Seveni was benevolent, it was impossible for her to forgive him.

However, Leslie had known him this long and it was his first time lowering himself like this. Even if Xu Yi knew in his heart that it was impossible, he still nodded and said he would do his best.

“Actually I know that Im expecting too much, but this is something I should do. As for the result……Ill just go with it.” Leslie gave a sigh. He closed his eyes to think for a bit before turning to say goodbye to Xu Yi.

After sending Leslie off, Xu Yi came to another room and saw the envoy that Seveni had sent waiting there.

“Chairman Xu, if Im not mistaken, the person who left just now was Viscount Leslie, right” The envoy knit his brows to look at the door of the manor before asking Xu Yi, “He is Duke Staggs son, why didnt you catch him and send him to her highness This is a big merit.”

Xu Yis face turned cold, “He has already broken off his relationship with the Stagg Family. Moreover, he is my friend.”

The envoy wanted to say something else, but seeing Xu Yis expression, he gave a dry laugh and didnt dare mention this again.

If everyone said that Xu Yi and her highness Seveni were close because her highness Seveni cared about the magic machine industry represented by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, after the beginning of the civil war, everyone found that with the care that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi gave Seveni, she became very powerful, so he was worth it.

Her highness Sevenis army could unleash this terrifying battle strength was mainly because of the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So as her highness Seveni led her army in a series of victories, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces prestige in the Lampuri Kingdom quickly grew.

It was different from everyone thinking that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only made those new and easy to use household magic machines. This time everyones impression of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was focused on the military magic machines that had demonstrated their might on the battlefield.

Because of this impression, Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman became dignified and even terrifying in the minds of the people.

The envoy was the regular liaison Seveni sent to Xu Yi, so naturally he was clear on how important the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was to her highness Seveni, as well as understanding that her highness Seveni treated Xu Yi differently compared to others. He didnt dare show any power in front of Xu Yi at all.

So he could only watch as Leslie entered a Magic Sedan and watch as that Magic Sedan with a fat piece of meat drove off, not daring to make a sound.

Watching Leslie drive off in that Magic Sedan, Xu Yi then turned to the envoy.

“Her highness sent you Is it because theres changes in the next steps of the plan”

The envoy quickly nodded, “Yes, her highness wanted to come discuss with you herself, but there were many important things to take care of in the kingdom and she couldnt leave, so she had me give you the general idea.”

“Un, she definitely cant leave now.” Xu Yi nodded, “If my guesses arent wrong, her highness should be planning on having our Frestech Chamber of Commerce move back to the Lampuri Kingdom, right”

The envoy looked at Xu Yi in surprise before loudly praising, “Chairman Xu, you really are wise! Thats right, her highness did plan on this. Her highness said that she hopes the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can be the same as before, developing the kingdom and working for the prosperity of the Lampuri Kingdom. Her highness also said that she will definitely support all the plans of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the kingdom, she will not let you or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce receive any hindrance.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi smiled as he looked in the direction of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course he believed in Sevenis sincerity and also believed that Seveni would use all her power to help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develop in the Lampuri Kingdom again.

Xu Yi wasnt against this, but there was a small difference now.

This difference was that when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still in the Lampuri Kingdom, they had treated their foundation as in the Lampuri Kingdom. So their development plan meant putting a stronger foundation in the Lampuri Kingdom.

But now that they had left and started again in the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yis plan had greatly changed.

Although he still wanted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in the Lampuri Kingdom like Seveni wanted, greatly developing the magic machine industry there, he didnt want to take the Lampuri Kingdom as his foundation.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces foundation was currently in Xu Yis private territory.

In Xu Yis heart, he treated the Lampuri Kingdom just like the Rudson Kingdom, the Mirando Duchy, the Drake Duchy, and the other countries, they were only markets for them.

But because of his relationship to Seveni, he would pay more attention to the Lampuri Kingdom. However, it was impossible for him to fully consider the development of the Lampuri Kingdom anymore.

The Lampuri Kingdom had already lost the chance for him to work fully for them.

Did Seveni know about this

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