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Watching elder Lisanyas fire red Magic Sedan drive off, like a ball of fire flying away, disappearing across the horizon, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head with a smile.

Talking to elder Lisanya felt like talking to a human merchant for him, it was completely different from the relaxed feeling of talking to elder Illusia. Rather he was a bit nervous and it made him focus, properly handling it.

But this method was easier for him to adapt since he spent more time with human merchants.

Moreover, if both sides clearly stated their benefits, it was easier for them to have a cooperation, as long as they both received what they needed.

Although elder Lisanya had given quite a few requests, it wasnt hard for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. But the solution that she gave in the end made Xu Yi feel like it was unbelievable.

This method was even more crude than the method Xu Yi gave the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yis method was creating a hill that they could lay a road on, which was already exaggerated enough. However, elder Lisanyas plan was even more exaggerated.

Because she wanted to use plants to replace the hill!

Xu Yi naturally had great doubts about this matter because plants in his mind were always fragile, how could it replace a hill in taking a large amount of weight

Not to mention that the highest part of this had to reach the cliffs of fifty meters, what kind of plant could grow to such an exaggerated height

But elder Lisanya had promised him that the elves had a way to solve this problem because when the elves ruled the continent, the biggest city of the elves, the Moonlight City Darnasus was placed atop a giant tree. The weight that it bore was countless times greater than that of a road.

Although the elves had declined and this World Tree no longer existed, the elves still had ways to grow special plants.

With the characteristics of these plants, they could replace the hill in bearing this load.

Xu Yi was very doubtful.

In his opinion, ignoring everything else, just the stability of plants couldnt replace that of a hill.

Even if they could build this road, if the plants that were used as support were to change or wither, that could destroy the entire road.

As a mechanical engineer, Xu Yi could not approve of this plan.

Elder Lisanya didnt insist on Xu Yi approving of it, rather she had Xu Yi think about it before leaving.

“If there was the legendary Goddess of Life that descended, perhaps I could believe in this kind of exaggerated road.” Xu Yi gave a shrug and turned away from the Magic Sedan driving off before looking surprised, “When did you get here”

Seveni revealed a faint smile, “Ive been here a while, but seeing that you were talking to elder Lisanya, I didnt disturb you.”

Seeing Sevenis face that was clearly thinner, Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart.

After Seveni brought her personal guards with her, Xu Yi arranged a corner in his territory for her to stay. Normally she rarely came out, she only came to see Xu Yi and talk to Still from time to time. Other times she would sit at home painting, becoming a stay at home girl.

This was completely different from Sevenis bright and gentle appearance from before, but whether it was Xu Yi or Still patiently urging her, they couldnt change her actions at all.

According to what Still said, she felt a kind of “dying hope” from Seveni.

Xu Yi didnt know what she encountered to become like this and he couldnt think of a way to comfort her. He could only watch as Seveni became thinner with each day and her face turned from the healthy red glow to its current paleness.

In order to find the truth, Xu Yi had used some of his connections left in the Lampuri Kingdom to investigate, but he couldnt find anything.

But based on news from Leslie, he knew that King Eric didnt make any remarks about Seveni taking her private guards to leave the Lampuri Kingdom. There was no sound in the kingdom on this matter, it was like her highness Seveni no longer belonged to the Lampuri Kingdom.

This matter was clearly strange, but Seveni wouldnt say a thing, so Xu Yi didnt know the truth.

Xu Yi thought about it and found that he didnt have a way to ask Seveni about what happened, so he could only ask with a smile, “Did you need me for something”

Seveni shook her head, “Its nothing, I just felt bored staying in my room and wanted to come out for a walk.”

“Un, you should walk more.” Xu Yi immediately said, “If you stay at home any longer, you might become a NEET.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “What is a NEET”

Xu Yi laughed, “A girl who wont come out even if she was beaten to death, thats what a NEET is.”

Seveni couldnt help smiling, “It doesnt sound good, but its quite interesting.”

Seeing Seveni finally revealing a happy smile, Xu Yi gave a sigh of relief in his heart. He looked at the sea in the distance and pointed behind the manor, “Since youre here, how about we sit and have a chat”

Seveni didnt reject him and followed Xu Yi to the back. They came to a special platform on the cliff that Xu Yi made when he built this manor.

This platform was above the cliff and the sea was below them. Looking down from the platform, they could see the endless sea.

It was the afternoon right now and the sun was getting close to the horizon. Looking at it, there was a bright white light reflected on the sea. It was like the entire sea was a beautiful white scale, which looked very gorgeous.

Xu Yi sat in his special made seat and leaned back before letting out a sigh of comfort.

Seeing Xu Yis appearance, Seveni couldnt help revealing a faint smile. She learned from Xu Yi as she sat in another chair and looked at the distant horizon before nodding, “Un, watching the sea from here really is comfortable. Xu Yi, I never thought that you would be a person who would know how to enjoy himself.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Of course. Im normally tired all the time, if I didnt learn how to relax and take good care of myself, wouldnt I be suffering”

Looking over at Seveni, Xu Yi continued, “Seveni, staying inside all day isnt a good thing. You should learn from me and do something. No matter what it is, you should let your mind and body get tired, that way you wont think of all those things. When youre tire, you can rest and relax and you will find that you as a person will feel much better.”

Seveni was silent for a bit before she slowly said, “Youre worried about me”

Xu Yi was surprised, he never thought that Seveni would ask so directly.

Looking over Sevenis calm expression, Xu Yi gave a serious nod.

“Yes, I am indeed very worried about you. I dont know what happened to you to make you like this, but as a friend, I am very worried about you right now. I liked the sunny appearance you had before, the Seveni that was always optimistic and had a kind smile. Not like now……this Seveni that is spiritless and doesnt have any energy at all.”

Sevenis lips curled into a bitter smile and she shook her head, “Not just you, I also dont like my appearance right now, but I cant think of a way to solve this problem, so I can only escape. But if I keep escaping, it puts me into even more pain, so I really dont know what to do……”

Seeing the vacant look on Sevenis face, Xu Yi felt pain in his heart.

Seveni had a rather strong personality, but this matter made a strong person like her become helpless, so it could be seen how serious this matter was.

But what Xu Yi found the most strange was that for the princess of the Lampuri Kingdom, what matter could make her feel this pain and this helplessness

If it was because she wanted the throne, but she couldnt become the king, being in pain could be understood. However, Xu Yi was very clear that Seveni wasnt this kind of person.

If she really wanted the throne, when Lampuri Thirteenth passed, she had a great chance to summon the nobles that supported her and fought for the throne with Eric. There was even a great chance that she would have won.

But she chose to withstand the anger of those nobles and gave up on the throne. She handed the throne to Eric so easily, which meant that she didnt care that much about the throne.

Since it was like this, why did she feel this pain

“Seveni, do you believe me” Xu Yi thought about it before asking Seveni this with a serious look.

Seveni turned to see Xu Yis serious expression and suddenly took a deep breath before turning to look back, “Are there other people here”

Xu Yi was surprised, but then his heart filled with joy.

Seveni was clearly planning on opening her heart and revealing her secrets.

He stood up to look behind him and after confirming there was no one else, he sat back down and nodded to Seveni, “No problem.”

“Alright then.” Seveni closed her eyes and after being silent for a bit, it seemed like she made her decision. She opened her eyes and took a deep breath as she looked at Xu Yi with a serious expression and calm eyes, “Xu Yi, perhaps you are my only friend. I couldnt tell anyone else about this and kept it in my heart, but I cant take the pain anymore, so I want to tell you to lessen this pain, do you understand me”

“Of course.” Xu Yi gave a strong nod, “Listening to the pains of a friend is the responsibility of a friend.”

“But the thing I want to tell you wont have any benefits to you after you hear it, do you still want to listen” Seveni asked.

Xu Yi laughed, “Your highness, arent you looking down on me too much”

“You still have the same problem. When youre dissatisfied with me, youll talk to me formally.” Seveni revealed a faint smile before falling into thought again. Her expression kept changing, but finally it became calm as she looked at Xu Yi again, “Alright then, Xu Yi, Ill ask you a question, please answer me honestly.”

Xu Yi slowly nodded, “Please ask.”

“Xu Yi, if your big brother were to kill your father, what would you do”

Xu Yi was stunned as his expression fell.

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