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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 95 - Stru Road

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Volume 4 A flame red Magic Sedan was like a roaring flame as it charged across the road. After entering Xu Yis private manor, it didnt slow down at all and only slammed the brakes when it saw Xu Yi standing outside the manor waiting.

After stopping, the front part of the car had already gone past Xu Yis legs.

The car door opened and elder Lisanya came out of the drivers seat. She nodded at Xu Yi and revealed a satisfied look.

“Un, not bad. Chairman Xu, you really have good guts among humans, you are worthy of being with the girls of our elf race.”

Xu Yis face couldnt help twitching.

The elves in his mind had always been quiet and elegant. A beautiful elven girl driving a Magic Sedan was already very strange to him, not to mention a beautiful elven girl driving a race car!

Although the physiques of elves were better than humans, with the max speed of the Magic Sedan which was only sixty kilometers an hour, it wasnt that fast to them at all. But Xu Yi could never connect elves with wanting to drive fast cars.

Not to mention that the beautiful elf girl driving the car was an elder of an elf tribe.

Seeing elder Lisanya with a high spirited smile who looked like a young human girl, Xu Yi couldnt help thinking of Great Magician Camillas old face.

Great Magician Camilla not only loved racing cars, after coming to the Stantine Duchy, he liked to surf along the waves and he liked driving the Magic Speed Boats across the sea. He even organized the sea guards that was newly formed among the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards into having races.

Compared to the young people of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this old man who was over sixty years old liked to go around looking for fun all day.

“Is it because they have reached their level that they want stimulation more than normal people” Xu Yi couldnt help thinking.

Elder Lisanya looked around after greeting Xu Yi and seeing no one else around, she knit her brows and gave a soft snort, “Wheres Aliya and the others Why arent they with you”

Xu Yi quickly explained, “The Half Moon Troupe is practicing a new song today, so they were interested. I had Still take them to watch.”

“Its like this……” Elder Lisanya nodded, “This is also good. If they learn how to dange and sing, wouldnt they be more welcome”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile, “This……No matter what, I think that girls should know how to dance and sing. They will be more charming than normal girls.”

“Thats good, but chairman Xu, Aliya and the others have been with you for close to four months, havent you decided to pick one yet” Elder Lisanya asked.

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh, “Your excellency, Ive already told you many times that I only want Still as my wife in this life, I wont consider choosing more people. I admit that Aliya and the others are charming and are enticing to me, but I will not take them as my wife. Not to mention, this isnt fair to them, right”

Aliyas group of five elf girls were sent by Elder Lisanya from the Moon Shadow Tribe. Their goal was to complete the proposal that elder Lisanya and elder Illusia had given to Xu Yi before. They wanted Xu Yi to marry an elf girl, that way their relationship would become deeper.

But Xu Yi hated the idea of a political marriage, so even if he did meet Aliya and the other elf girls frequently, he had never considered ever getting married to them.

“Im not saying they should be your wives.” Elder Lisanya slowly shook her head, “Chairman Xu, elder Illusia and I have already said it clearly before, we just hope that the elves and humans can come together more and you are the best choice for that. You dont have to take them as your wife, you just have to be with them and give birth to a half elf descendant.”

Xu Yi tightly knit his brows, “Your excellency, this…..sounds like you want to use me as a stud horse”

“If youre willing to explain it like this, that is fine.” Elder Lisanya casually said, “According to my observations of human society, you human males shouldnt reject being with a beautiful girl, right Moreover, I know that you human males are interested in our elven girls. You are no exception, otherwise you wouldnt have had that impulse in front of me and Illusia, right”

Thinking of when he had a naked interaction with the two elders, Xu Yis heart couldnt help churning. His eyes looked at Elder Lisanya couldnt help moving down a bit.

Elves were always keen and elder Lisanya noticed the change in Xu Yis expression immediately, so she shook her head, “Im already over five hundred years old. According to the standards of you humans, I am an old woman. Chairman Xu, since you can think of copulating with an old woman like me, you should be interested in young girls like Aliya and the others.”

Xu Yi awkwardly looked away and calmed himself. He gave a cough before turning to invite elder Lisanya in.

“Lets discuss this matter later, we should discuss business first.”

Elder Lisanya knit her brows to look at Xu Yi, but seeing his determined look, she didnt say anything else and walked in.

Watching elder Lisanya walk in, Xu Yi gave a sigh.

They were both elders of elf tribes, but elder Lisanya and elder Illusia had very different personalities.

Comparing it, elder Illusia was more like Xu Yis idea of an elf. Noble, intelligent, silent, and graceful, giving people a very kind feeling in all her actions.

Elder Lisanya was very different from the normal human concept of the elves. She was very forceful and was more radical than elder Illusia.

After deciding to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Moon Shadow Tribe under her leadership progressed even faster than the Night Song Tribe.

To this point, the Moon Shadow Tribe had set up three fertilizer factories, two rubber processing factories, and one botanical factory. Using the control over plants that elves had, they specialized in designing plants and gardens for humans.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had left the Lampuri Kingdom, because of the importance of fertilizer, the Lampuri Kingdom had never designated fertilizer as part of magic machines and it wasnt restricted by the kingdom.

Because of the recent fall harvest, in just a single month, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had ordered over seven hundred thousand tons of fertilizer from the Moon Shadow Tribes factories. They had paid an amount of over one million gold coins to the Moon Shadow Tribe.

Just with this order, they already surpassed the entire years worth of profits for the Night Song Tribe.

But that was also because the Moon Shadow Tribe was several times bigger than the Night Song Tribe.

In terms of profit per unit, the Night Song Tribes tire factory earned even more.

It was also because they realized the large benefits of cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as well as the improvements to the entire tribe, elder Lisanya and Elder Illusia approved of Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They even considered letting Xu Yi be with elven girls to deepen their relationship.

Elder Illusias approach was more gentle, she just hoped that Xu Yi would seriously consider this matter and didnt push it. Elder Lisanya had directly chosen the five most beautiful elven girls of the Moon Shadow Tribe to follow Xu Yi, not caring about his choice.

Even if Xu Yi said that he didnt like this method, elder Lisanya didnt care about Xu Yis protests at all. Xu Yi wasnt cruel enough to send Aliya and the other elf girls back, so he just kept stalling like this.

Of course, with the Moon Shadow Tribe earning large benefits, elder Lisanya wouldnt just consider deepening relationships with Xu Yi alone. This time, she came to discuss deeper cooperation between the Moon Shadow Tribe and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Elder Lisanya, for you to have the time to come here, it means that you wish to cooperate on the Stru Road elevation project with us” When the two came in, Xu Yi personally served tea to elder Lisanya before asking this.

The Stru Road elevation project had to begin with the Stru Road.

This Stru Road was the road that connected the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom.

This road went west of Xu Yis personal territory, connecting to the capitals of the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom.

The road was easy to handle, the only problem was where the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom were connected.

Because the Stantine Duchys terrain was like a large basin, at the border of the Rudson Kingdom, there was a long cliff that was over fifty meters tall.

To construct a continuous road from the Stantine Duchy to the Rudson Kingdom, they had to overcome this problem.

When Xu Yi had proposed this road project to the Rudson Kingdom side, the Rudson Kingdom thought that this would be impossible.

Even the Amrit Chamber of Commerce that had laid down over twenty thousand kilometers of road thought that this was impossible.

Because there was a drop of over fifty meters, it was impossible for horse carriages and Magic Cars to fly up, so there was no meaning in building a road.

But Xu Yi had come up with a simple and crude method of solving this problem.

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