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Facts proved that those two didnt need to be worried at all.

That person fell very quickly at first like they were free falling, but once they fell halfway, they gradually slowed down and finally floated down like a feather.

That person who touched down and charged towards Xu Yi and Still with a smile was Akali.

Still snappily looked at her, “Do you want to scare us to death Suddenly jumping out like that.”

“I wanted to go a bit faster.” Akali replied with a smile. She took out a small box from her pocket and pressed it before saying, “Hey Evita, its sir chairman and Still down here, do you want to come”

Evitas voice came from the box, “Theres no need. Just report to sir chairman, Ill keep going with the test flight. Do you want me to pick you up later”

“Theres no need, but do you really not want to come down The weather is this good, its just right for swimming. Didnt you bring your swimsuit Its a waste not to use it.”

“You……” Evitas voice coming from the box was a bit embarrassed, “I just…..I just casually brought it along, I never thought…..thought of going swimming……”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling as he took the Magic Communicator from Akalis hands.

“Alright, Evita, you come down too. Let the other researchers take care of the test flight, theres something I need to ask you.”

Evita was silent for a bit before a soft voice sounded.


After a while, Evita floated down from the Magic Airship above them.

Seeing that Xu Yi was only wearing swimming trunks and revealed his upper body, Evitas face was a bit red. She calmed herself and asked Xu Yi, “Chairman, is ther something you need to ask”

Before Xu Yi said anything, Akali suddenly took Evitas backpack. She flipped through it and took out a swimsuit, shaking it in front of Evita with a proud look.

“Hei, hei, you said you didnt want to come. Look, your swimsuit was already prepared.”

Evitas face turned bright red. She wanted to snatch her bag and swimsuit back from Akali, but she quickly dodged.

Seeing the ghost of a smile on Xu Yis face, Evita said in an angry voice, “I just casually put it in, I never thought…..I never thought……”

Xu Yi laughed, “Alright, since youre already here, then you might as well take this chance to rest. Evita, Akali, you can change into your swimsuits in the room on the side, Im giving you the day off today.”

Akali cheered, but she didnt move to the changing room that Xu Yi had prepared, rather she took off her coat.

Xu Yi, Still, and Evita were shocked. When they wanted to stop her, they found that she had already taken it off and revealed a swimsuit that she was already wearing.

Xu Yi couldnt help finding this funny, “I say, Akali, did you already plan on doing this Youre already wearing a swimsuit, didnt that feel uncomfortable”

“Not at all.” Akali slipped off her skirt and Xu Yi found that she was wearing the bikini swimsuit that he had suggested to chairman Vincent.

Although style on the Sines Continent was quite open, for something that revealed quite a bit of skin like the bikini was considered advanced on the Sines Continent. Chairman Vincent didnt think that many people would choose to buy this kind of swimsuit at first.

But he never thought that Akali would buy one and put it on so naturally.

Seeing Xu Yis eyes on herself, Akali smiled as she turned around.

“How is it Sir chairman, do I look good wearing this swimsuit”

“Un…..You do look good…..But……” Xu Yi nodded and he couldnt help smiling as he continued, “Akali, this kind of swimsuit……Un……It suits a girl with a rich figure, but someone like you……”

“Rich figure” Akali looked down at herself and found that her chest was flat, instantly understanding what Xu Yi meant.

Even if she was open and didnt hold anything back in front of Xu Yi, when Xu Yi said this, she couldnt stop her face from turning red.

Then Xu Yi was saying her chest was too small which made her a bit angry, so she couldnt help glaring at him.

She wanted to refute this, but her eyes couldnt help turning to Still standing beside Xu Yi.

Seeing the powerful mounds on Stills chest, Akali could only give an angry snort.

But turning to look at Liz and Linda who were playing with Freya who had the same kind of chests, she couldnt help feeling a deep frustration in her heart.

Akali gritted her teeth and she couldnt help asking Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, you…..Do you like girls with bigger chests”

Hearing this, Evita on the side who had just calmed down had her face turn slightly red again. Still looked at Xu Yi with an interested look, waiting for his answer.

“This…..From everyones viewpoints, a girl with a richer figure is naturally more popular. But there is a saying in my hometown, small breasts are also a rare resource, so there are also many people who like it.” Xu Yi nodded and patted Akalis shoulder in encouragement, “Dont worry, youre also popular like this.”

Akali rolled her eyes, “Im not asking if others liked it, Im asking you now. Sir chairman, do you like how I look or how Still looks”

“This cant be compared, Still is my wife, of course I like her more.”

“Im not asking about the person, Im asking about this…..” Akali reached out to point at Stills chest.”

“This…..From an objective perspective, I have to side with Stills kind…..” Xu Yi thought about it before honestly answering.”

“Humph! I knew it!” Akali angrily turned around and walked over to the beach. She jumped in and swam far out into the sea.

“Xu Ui, dont you know how to be tactful” Still glared at Xu Yi, “Saying it like this will hurt Akali.”

Xu Yi smiled and didnt try to explain.

Turning to see the stunned Evita, Xu Yi said, “Evita, you should change too. The Magic Airship should be doing the two hundred kilometer test, so it should take all afternoon. You can just rest up today.”

Evita paused for a bit before shaking her head, “I shouldnt. If something happens after I change into my swimsuit, it isnt convenient for me to rush off. Ill just suntan on the beach. Right, sir chairman, you said that you have something to ask me, what is it”

Seeing that Evita was insisting, Xu Yi didnt force her.

Although Evita had a gentle personality, things that she decided on couldnt be changed. This was something Xu Yi learned after being with her for a long time.

But he just said that to have Evita come down, he didnt really have anything to ask.

Now that Evita was pursuing this matter, Xu Yis mind quickly turned and he really thought of some important matters.”

“How many kilometers can your Magic Airship travel at once right now”

Talking about specifics, the various expressions on Evitas face disappeared and she focused.

“We havent tested the limits yet, but according to our data, it should be around eight hundred to a thousand kilometers.”

“Then can this limit be raised For example, I need a Magic Airship that can travel over three thousand kilometers on one journey, is this possible” Xu Yi asked.

“In theory, as long as we increase the size of the Magic Crystal storage cabin, it should increase the duration.” Evita thought about it before replying, “But this would involve the entire design of the Magic Airship and if it operates for a long time, there might be some problems with the power supply Magic Array. If it was for three thousand kilometers, the Magic Array would need to keep working for over fifty hours, which is a very serious strain on the Magic Arrays.”

“The Magic Arrays wouldnt be able to persist with this heavy load and would collapse”

“Yes.” Evita nodded, “This problem has occurred with the other magic machines of our company. For example, the two batches of Magic Fans that our company sold when we were established. Its been close to four years now and its hard for the Magic Array inside to keep working normally, so there are many problems that would occur with them.”

Speaking of this, Evita looked at Xu Yi and hesitated to speak.

“What Just tell me if theres a problem.” Xu Yi said.

“Un……Sir chairman, because the Lampuri Kingdom has sealed off all our industries in their borders, our company has not been able to provide the customers who have bought our products after sale support. According to my estimates, the household magic machines that are three years old have all reached the end of their lifespan and there might be problems that could occur with their quality. If we dont take care of this, it would have a serious impact on the prestige of our company.”

“Its reasonable to worry about this, but……” Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh, “I was nearly caught as a traitor by the Lampuri Kingdom. My arrest warrants have been spread and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is kept out of the Lampuri Kingdom. Its easy to talk about other places, but to provide service for the Lampuri Kingdom, theres no good way to solve this.”

Evita naturally understood the situation and could only give a sigh when she heard this. She shook her head and also couldnt think of a good method.

Xu Yi knit his brows to think for a bit, “Alright, no matter what, the problem you mentioned is very important. I will do my best to think of a way to solve it and if I cant, well explain everything to the customers in the Lampuri Kingdom and provide them with compensation. Its easy for a company to ruin their name, but to build it and maintain it means we have to pay a price.”

After receiving Xu Yis promise, it was like the stone in Evitas heart fell and she revealed a happy smile.

“Sir chairman, I knew that you werent like those other cold hearted merchants.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and pointed at Akali swimming into the ocean.

“That isnt certain, at least Akali is scolding me as being heartless right now.”

Evita and Still looked at each other before they both revealed smiles.

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