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Volume 4 The person leading the cavalry was Sevenis personal guard cavalry leader Merlock. When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce worked with Sevenis personal guards to take care of the beastmen, he was the person who had led the five hundred guards from Seveni.

Xu Yi had made contact with him many times then, so he knew how important he was to Seveni, otherwise she wouldnt give him full control of such an important mission.

After the operation on the Black Rice Wasteland, Merlock led his team back to Sevenis private territory.

For him to suddenly appear here, there was only one possibility. Seveni was also here.

As expected, when Xu Yi had this thought, there was a pure white Magic Sedan that drove through the gates of Baron Rickto Magic Academy. It went through the path created by Merlocks cavalry and came to the city guards surrounding Xu Yi, only stopping after hitting a single city guard.

Xu Yi was stunned.

This Magic Sedan was clearly the one that he had given Seveni, but with Sevenis personality, she was very steady when she drove. How could she act as wild as she was driving now

Could it be that Seveni wasnt the one driving

But when the door opened, Seveni came out.

Seeing Sevenis face, Xu Yi was stunned again.

The normal Seveni would have a gentle smile on her face that made one feel close to her.

But the current Seveni had a cold face, like there was a layer of frost over it. There was also a cold chill in her eyes.

After getting out, Sevenis cold eyes turned to the city guards surrounding Xu Yi. There was a complicated look on her face before she roared in a cold voice, “Move aside!”

The city guards blankly looked at each other.

Even if they didnt know who Seveni was, just based on the cavalry and the powerful aura that Seveni released, they understood that this young girl wasnt a normal person.

Chopin on the side complained in his heart.

Of course he recognized Seveni and knew the relationship she had with Xu Yi.

Although he didnt expect to catch Xu Yi today, if her highness Seveni suddenly decided to interfere, it would make it very hard for him

After hesitating a bit, Chopin came over and with a soft cough, he revealed an awkward look as he said to Seveni, “Your highness, this…..”

“Move aside!” Seveni coldly cut him off.

Chopin and Xu Yi were both stunned.

Chopin never thought that her highness would have such a strong attitude and Xu Yi never thought that Seveni would show this attitude with her personality.

With Xu Yis understanding of Seveni, she would never do things forcefully. She was famous for being kind and treating people well.

And in Xu Yis long contact with her, this point was proven.

There were many times that Seveni wasnt like a princess because she was too gentle and lacked severity.

But now it seemed like Sevenis cold face revealed a different dignity, revealing her style as part of the royal family.

Chopin swallowed a mouthful of spit with difficulty. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Seveni suddenly raised her hand and the cavalry behind her raised their weapons, aiming them at the city guards surrounding Xu Yi.

The faces of the city guards immediately fell.

They were just normal city guards of Banta City, they couldnt even compare to soldiers of the regular Lampuri Kingdom army, so naturally they couldnt compare to the elite royal family private guards.

If her highness Seveni really gave the order, they definitely wouldnt be able to resist at all.

Moreover, even if her highness Seveni gave the order to kill them all, they could only die and no one would say anything for them.

It was a good thing that Chopin was clear on this matter. Seeing the serious cold look on Sevenis face, his expression changed several times. In the end, he could only give a sigh as he lowered his head and waved his hand at the guards surrounding Xu Yi.

It was like the city guards had been pardoned and they moved aside, moving away from Seveni and Xu Yi.

Seveni came in front of the stunned Xu Yi and said with a serious look, “Come with me, we need to leave quickly.”

“Why” Xu Yi looked over Seveni wice like it was his first time meeting her, “Did something happen There are many things I need to take care of this time, not to mention that if I leave like this, wouldnt people think that I did commit treason”

“Dont ask why.” Seveni shook her head, “I can only tell you that the elites of the kingdoms protecting army are on the way. Even if your magic is strong, you cant stop a thousand people. So if you want to live, you will leave this place with me right now.”

Xu Yi deeply knit his brows.

He was very confused, why did the Lampuri Kingdom suddenly change and become so ruthless towards him

But what he was even more confused about was why Seveni had responded so seriously to this matter, not even hesitating to use her private guards to protect him.

Although the relationship between the two of them were good, Seveni helping him like this was equal to treason.

Even if she was the princess, this was not a crime that could be forgiven.

Seveni doing this was without a doubt sacrificing a lot.

“It doesnt matter.” Seveni gave a sigh as a trace of sadness appeared in her eyes, “The status of a prince doesnt matter, or perhaps it is better to just give it up.”

Xu Yi was more confused, but Seveni didnt give him a chance to keep asking questions. She turned to get in her Magic Sedan and indicated for Xu Yi to sit down.

Seeing the determined look on Sevenis face, Xu Yi hesitated a bit. He turned to tell dean Fording a few things before sitting in the passenger seat.

After Xu Yi sat down, Seveni turned on the Magic Sedan. She turned the steering wheel and turned the Magic Sedan around, quickly driving out of Baron Rickto Magic Academy and disappearing along the road outside the school.

The cavalry team led by Merlock formed a neat formation and quickly followed.


Close to noon, a pure white Magic Sedan drove out of Samara Town and rushed forward, entering the Black Rice Wasteland.

The pure white Sedan suddenly turned and drove off the road, coming to a high cliff on the side of the road.

Seveni got out and came to the cliff, looking at Samara Town behind them as a complicated expression appeared.

Xu Yi also got out and came to Sevenis side. After looking at her for a bit in thought, he asked in a low voice, “Seveni, did something happen You dont seem normal today.”

Seveni looked at Samara Town for a bit before shaking her head, “No, its nothing.”

“Really” Xu Yi didnt believe her.

If nothing happened, why did Sevenis style suddenly change this much

Something must have happened and this matter was very serious.

Otherwise, Sevenis calm and determined personality wouldnt have changed this much.

But Seveni clearly didnt want to talk, so Xu Yi naturally wouldnt keep asking.

He just silently stood by her side and looked at Samara Town with her.

Based on the expression on Sevenis face, she wasnt looking at Samara Town, but rather all of the Lampuri Kingdom.

But why were her eyes filled with determination

Connecting it with the words she said when leaving the school, Xu Yi had an idea.

Could it be……Seveni wanted to leave the Lampuri Kingdom

Seveni suddenly turned her head, “Xu Yi, how is the Magic Boats development coming along”

Xu Yi was surprised, he never would have thought that Seveni would ask about the Magic Boat at his time.

“Eh…..Its quite good. The first Magic Boat has finished a journey of five hundred kilometers, so it can be officially used. Next month, our company will make two more Magic Boats. If nothing unexpected happens, we might have five Magic Boats by the end of this year.” Xu Yi said.

“Those Magic Boats can go out onto the open seas, right” Seveni asked.

“Yes, although we havent tested it yet, the data has shown that it wouldnt be a problem for the Magic Boats to go onto the open seas.” Xu Yi replied and he couldnt resist the curiosity in his heart as he asked, “Seveni, are you planning on going to the open seas like Leslie”

Seveni revealed a bitter smile, “If possible, I want to leave the Sines Continent, the further the better. It would be best if I could find some isolated island on the ocean and live the rest of my life there.”

Hearing the discouraged tone in Sevenis voice, Xu Yi was shocked.

He always admired Sevenis determined personality. Just what had happened for her to want to retreat from this world

After being silent for a bit, Xu Yi shook his head, “This desire cant be achieved for now. Our companys Magic Boats will be used by ourselves first and according to our plan, our company needs a fleet of at least twenty Magic Boats. To achieve this goal, it would take at least three years with the production capacity of our company.”

“Three years” Seveni knit her brows, “That is too long.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug. Three years wasnt long at all, it was actually quite fast.

Building ships and building other things were different.

Even if the capacity of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Boat wasnt a lot, it still took quite a bit of time to make a boat.

“Moreover, Leslie has made an order for Magic Boats, so it will take one to two years to satisfy his order. I think that it would take at least five years before we have extra boats for you.” Xu Yi said.

“Five years” Seveni looked at Xu Yi and after thinking for a bit, she said, “That means this matter can only be delayed for now. Xu Yi, can you help me with something”

Xu Yi immediately said with a smile, “No problem, as long as it is something I can do, just tell me.”

“Alright, Xu Yi, lend me a place to stay for now.”

Seeing the slight helplessness in Sevenis eyes, Xu Yi was stunned and unable to say a thing for a while.

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