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Volume 4 Facts proved that King Terucs support for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt stop at his mouth.

In the discussions that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce represented by Xu Yi and the Rudson Kingdom had, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned plenty of benefits. The large organizations in the Rudson Kingdom supported all requests of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which was clearly on special instructions from King Teruc.

After only being in the Rudson Kingdom for half a month, there were three contracts signed between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce represented by Xu Yi and the Rudson Kingdom.

First, they would start their cooperation in five cities. They would invest in over twenty household magic machine factories which both sides provided capital for, producing all the household magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently had.

According to the contract they signed, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be giving funds and technology, while the Rudson Kingdom would be giving land and preferential treatment. In the final profits, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took the majority 70% and had absolute control over these twenty factories.

But accordingly, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to release all the technology to the Rudson Kingdom. They could only recruit local Rudson Kingdom workers, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could only provide technical staff.

At the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to teach these workers how to work the production magic machines, therefore they would be setting up a magic machine vocational skill school in Caraca City.

This magic machine vocational school was controlled by the Rudson Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would only be providing the teaching material and would interfere with nothing else.

Second, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce reached a deal with the Rudson Kingdom on Nissi City. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would invest in expanding the port in Nissi City.

After this construction was complete, this port would give all their profits to Nissi City and Nissi City would have absolute ruling right over it, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had absolute preferential rights to seven of the ten wharfs in this port. As long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces boats came, the other boats had to move.

Although there werent any definitely clauses in this contract, according to Xu Yis private discussions with Nissi Citys City Lord, Nissi City would keep two wharfs empty at all times for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When Xu Yi discussed this with Nissi Citys City Lord, he was very confused on why Xu Yi insisted on this.

Although King Teruc had given the order to fully support the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, meeting their demands to the best of their capabilities, he had also stressed that the harbor must be controlled by the Rudson Kingdom.

Xu Yis request was already touching the border and if the king decided to investigate, this might all break down.

But with the money attack of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Nissi Citys City Lord agreed to Xu Yis request in the end.

Anyway, they still maintained control of the harbor, they just needed to change how they managed it a bit.

Moreover, although Nissi City was the biggest port city in the Rudson Kingdoms south, for the Sines Continent that didnt have any marine transportation at all, there were few boats that came to Nissi City each year.

Xu Yi suddenly investing three million gold coins to build this large port was something the City Lord couldnt understand.

Even if King Teruc supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, thinking that building this port would benefit the Rudson Kingdom without any downsides, he was also confused on why the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did this.

The third major contract wasnt just related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

On this contract, Xu Yi on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce requested the Rudson Kingdom to start examining thirty other companies, which meant opening up the Rudson Kingdom market. He wanted to let the products of these thirty companies enter the Rudson Kingdom.

These thirty companies were the magic machine companies that followed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the Black Rice Wasteland from Banta City.

It should be said that this final agreement was the most important one to Xu Yi.

He wasnt worried about the Rudson Kingdoms cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, rather he was worried that the Rudson Kingdom would reject other companies to protect their own kingdoms magic machine industry development.

But Xu Yi had underestimated the courage of King Teruc. After hearing Xu Yis request, King Teruc made a decision in only three days, opening up the market to those thirty companies and giving them preferential treatment as they spread their products in the Rudson Kingdom, using all his powers to guarantee normal circulation of these products.

But King Teruc had put some strict rules. Other than the thirty six companies this time, the Rudson Kingdom wouldnt let any other companies in.

At the same time, King Teruc had requested the other thirty five companies to be the same as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, building at least two factories in the Rudson Kingdom.

Xu Yi naturally agreed to this.

Right now those companies had lost their biggest market in the Lampuri Kingdom, they could only barely keep afloat with the small and undeveloped markets in the Drake Duchy, the Mirando Duchy, and the Stantine Duchy, which was very hard for them.

Now that the Rudson Kingdom was willing to open their market to them, it was no different from saving them from water and fire.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces cooperating with the Rudson Kingdom would help their profits, so how could the other thirty five companies not agree.

Other than these three most important agreements, Xu Yis Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Rudson Kingdom also reached a few small agreements.

For example, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would work with the Rudson Kingdoms magic department to research and develop magic machines together.

For example, the Rudson Kingdom would follow the Frestech Chamber of Commerces requests, looking for dwarves and elves in the Rudson Kingdom. After they made contact, they would let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruit them.

Then for example……


In short, half a month later, Xu Yi and Kennard were attending the banquet held by King Teruc. After they were sent out of Caraca City by Newman, the two were satisfied with their trip to the Rudson Kingdom this time.

Xu Yi turned back and looked at Caraca City fading in the distance from the back window of the Magic Sedan. He couldnt help saying in an emotional voice, “It has to be said, in terms of vision, boldness, taking action, and foresight, King Teruc is much better than his majesty Lampuri Thirteenth, not to mention the current King Eric.”

Kennard beside him shook his head with a bitter smile, “Theres no other way, King Eric didnt have a way to demonstrate any outstanding abilities before and Lampuri Thirteenth wanted her highness Seveni as his successor. Moreover, after becoming the king, the Lampuri Kingdom is being controlled by the Stagg Family, so he cant do anything even if he wanted to.”

Xu Yi laughed, “The Lampuri Kingdom is being torn apart by those fellows, the situation is getting worse and worse. Although Kolebo City that had succeeded has been solved, from the information I received, the Lampuri Kindgoms internal situation is going to collapse. If they arent careful, it might become a civil war.”

Kennard thought about it before shaking his head, “That isnt certain, sir chairman, you know how the situation of Kolebo City was solved”

“I heard that Kolebo Citys City Lord surrendered, wasnt it like that”

“He did surrender, but the reason he chose to make this decision was King Eric stopping the guarding army that Duke Stagg had sent. He solved his matter by expressing that he wouldnt let a civil war occur in the kingdom and that he wanted peace. Then King Eric gave his promise that he wouldnt pursue this matter and Kolebo Citys City Lord surrendered.”

“Promise” Xu Yi had a strange expression and he couldnt help shaking his head, “Kolebo Citys City Lord isnt a three year old child, he actually believed this promise”

Kennard revealed a faint smile, “Sir chairman, King Eric promised as a king and a noble, if he went against this, it would be a heavy hit to his prestige. So unless it was absolutely necessary, he wouldnt go against his promise.”

“The facts prove it, Kolebo City has been pacified and King Eric isnt planning on investigating this matter. Then again, the rebellion in Kolebo City was the nobles going against the Stagg Family sending a message. Now that King Eric has given them the response they want, everyone naturally wouldnt create trouble for no reason.”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brow, “If its like this, doesnt that mean King Eric is suppressing the Stagg Family Is the Stagg Family not responding at all”

“At least the Stagg Family hasnt said anything for now. Duke Stagg not only obeyed the order to call back the second army that was planning on attacking Kolebo City, he also indicated that the stability of the kingdom is above all, the Stagg Family would fully support King Erics decisions.”

When he said this, Kennard suddenly became excited.

“Do you know Sir chairman, King Eric is much more diligent compared to before. Not only has he started expressing his opinion on matters in the kingdom, he has also demonstrated a strong stance, rejecting several of Duke Staggs suggestions, gradually showing the boldness and dignity of a king. I feel that as long as this continues, our Lampuri Kingdom has the hope of becoming stronger.”

Seeing Kennards happy smile, Xu Yi didnt agree at all in his heart.

First, he was someone who came from earth, so he didnt care that much about the Lampuri Kingdom. He naturally wouldnt feel as much joy as Kennard from this change.

Second, he didnt think King Erics change was that good.

If he had the skills and boldness, would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have been chased out of the Lampuri Kingdom

If he could control the Lampuri Kingdom like King Teruc did with the Rudson Kingdom, supporting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the ten million gold coins the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was investing in the Rudson Kingdom would have been placed in the Lampuri Kingdom. This would have greatly helped the Lampuri Kingdoms development.

The most important issue is that he wanted to suppress the Stagg Family and restore balance in the Lampuri Kingdom, controlling it again. This idea wasnt bad, but…..could he really do it

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