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Xu Yi slowly walked in the Rudson Kingdoms royal palace like he was on a stroll. While walking, he looked around, looking very relaxed.

At the station outside the city, ambassador Hakanin was not willing to settle, but his group couldnt do anything to Xu Yi and Xu Yi wasnt willing to give up, so it had created a tense situation.

This stalemate was not broken until Caraca Citys guards and the royal palace guards came over.

However to everyones surprise, including ambassador Hakanin, although this matter was important enough to alarm the Rudson Kingdoms King Teruc, his response was different from what everyone expected.

Everyone knew that Xu Yi was a low level magician who had dared to attack ambassador Hakanins motorcade. Since he was from the Candra Empire, King Teruc would favour ambassador Hakanin without a doubt or at least send this bold magician to jail.

If everything went as expected, his majesty would have handed this magician to ambassador Hakanin to subside his anger.

For a small kingdom like the Rudson Kingdom, it was normal to choose to bow their heads when facing the Candra Empire.

Ambassador Hakanin acted arrogantly in the Rudson Kingdom because the Rudson Kingdom had always acted this way.

However, when the royal guards arrived with the kings orders, they didnt plan on taking care of Xu Yi at all, it was just to have ambassador Hakanin and Xu Yi enter the royal palace.

This ending greatly surprised everyone.

Because the way the king handled this was actually putting Xu Yi at the same level as ambassador Hakanin.

It had to be known, ambassador Hakanin was the Candra Empires ambassador to the Rudson Kingdom. For the small Rudson King, he was a very special guest.

How could Xu Yi be placed on the same level

This not only confused the Rudson Kingdom officials, even ambassador Hakanin was confused while also feeling a bit angry.

This King Teruc, he wanted to protect this damn small magician

Wasnt he worried about the rage of this ambassador Hakanin

Kennard looked at ambassador Hakanin not far away and seeing his eyes filled with hatred looking over, he couldnt help slightly knitting his brows. He said to Xu Yi beside him in a low voice, “Sir chairman, why are you doing this”

“What Is it very confusing” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

“It is.” Kennard nodded, “Youre not someone who is impulsive and righteous. You could have just left after saving the mother and daughter, so why did you choose to clash with this ambassador Hakanin I dont believe that you couldnt guess his status.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Your right, I did it on purpose.”

Kennard knit his brows, “This…..theres no need, right I cant see what benefits there are in clashing with the ambassador from the Candra Empire.”

“Of course theres no benefits.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “But it can let us see the attitude of certain people.”

“Attitude” Kennard looked at the Rudson Kingdom officials and gave a bitter laugh, “Sir chairman, I think theres no need to see this attitude to know it. In front of the giant Candra Empire, whether it is the Rudson Kingdom or our Lampuri Kingdom, theres no choice.”

“No, I dont care about the attitude of these fellows. What I really care about is inside.” Xu Yi pointed at the royal palace, “Based on this current situation, the results seem quite good.”

Kennard looked at the royal palace in surprise before turning to Xu Yi with eyes filled with admiration.

He thought that it was an impulse from Xu Yi, but he never thought that he had considered this far.

With these eyes, Kennard couldnt compare to Xu Yi.

The Rudson Kingdoms royal palace was much bigger than the Lampuri Kingdom, but they actually stopped outside a hall while being led by the commander of the royal guard.

“Lord ambassador, chairman Xu, please come in. His highness is waiting for you inside.”

The one who came out was the royal aide who invited ambassador Hakanin and Xu Yi inside. The other Rudson Kingdom officials were actually kept outside.

Xu Yi waved his hand at Kennard before entering the hall with ambassador Hakanin.

This hall was very large and it was at least fifty meters from the door to the innermost part.

They saw a large red carpet leading to the door after walking through and at the most far end part, there was a platform that was raised above the ground.

There was a large throne on this platform and there was a young man who was around thirty years old sitting on it.

The young man was wearing a crown, who was clearly the Rudson Kingdoms King Lobotni Teruc.

This was Xu Yis first time seeing King Teruc.

From the information he had received from Kennard on King Terbuc, he knew that although this King Teruc wasnt even forty yet, he was a very powerful king.

Seeing him now, Xu Yi just needed to take a single look to agree with this evaluation.

Based on his appearance and manner, he should be someone who liked to control everything and wasnt willing to let others organize things.

Xu Yi couldnt help slightly knitting his brows.

A king with this personality wasnt easy to get along with.

Xu Yi and ambassador Hakanin came in, but King Teruc didnt move at all. When the two came in front of the throne, he stood up and welcomed them with a wide smile.

“Ambassador Hakanin, you are my old friend, so theres no need for all those formalities.”

Ambassador Hakanins salute was very lazy and being raised up by King Teruc, he immediately stood up and said with a smile, “Your majesty, I am very honoured to see you again. After returning to the empire, the emperor personally asked me about the situation here. I was full of praise of your wisdom and vision in front of the emperor and he admired you very much. He said that if it was possible, our Candra Empire would definitely have a deeper cooperation with the Rudson Kingdom.”

“Oh That really is great.” King Teruc gave two laughs before turning to Xu Yi, but he didnt say a thing.

Xu Yi quickly gave King Tercu a bow like a normal citizen bowing in greeting to a king.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi greets your majesty.”

“Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman” Ambassador Hanakin looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Youre not a magician”

“Lord ambassador, no one said that a companys chairman cant be a magician, right” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

This ambassador Hakanin finally learned Xu Yis identity. It seemed like he wasnt that famous in the Rudson Kingdom, or those officials definitely would have told him if they knew anything about Xu Yi.

Ambassador Hakanins expression scrunched and he gave a soft snort, “Whether youre a magician or a chairman, you will die today for offending me!”

After saying this, ambassador Hakanin raised his voice and said to King Teruc, “Your majesty, this Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman actually used magic to stop my motorcade and even injured two of my subordinates, how do you think we should handle this”

King Teruc had a look of surprise, but there was a smile on his face as he nodded to ambassador Hakanin. Then he said to Xu Yi with a smile, “Chairman Xu, hello, Im very happy to see you.”

Seeing King Teruc show a pleasant smile to Xu Yi, ambassador Hakanin was very dissatisfied and gave a strong snort, “Your majesty, as for todays matters, I hope you can properly handle them. I just came from the Candra Empire today and met this matter on the road, so I can treat this as a provocation to me and the Candra Empire that I represent. If you dont handle this properly, I will report this matter to the emperor and let him decide.”

Because King Teruc was speaking to Xu Yi, he was facing Xu Yi while his back was to ambassador Hakanin.

Xu Yi could clearly see that there was a trace of anger on King Terucs face when he heard ambassador Hakanins words, however when he turned to face ambassador Hakanin, he revealed a smile.

“Ambassador Hakanin, how about we come to the side to discuss this matter”

Watching King Teruc speak to ambassador Hakanin in a soft voice on the side, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a faint smile.

His bet was right.

After a while, he didnt know what King Teruc and ambassador Hakanin was discussing, but ambassador Hakanin had a wide smile on his face where the angry look had been. He walked over with King Teruc and looked very proud, not looking like he was wronged like before.

When he came to Xu Yis side, ambassador Hakanin glared at him, “Because his majesty has asked for a favour for you, I will let you go today. But Xu Yi, remember, you better not appear in front of me again, or I will definitely make you pay the price for what you did today.”

Throwing down these words that were no different from that of a hoodlum, ambassador Hakanin gave King Teruc a bow before leaving.

Watching him leave, Xu Yi looked at King Teruc in surprise, “Your majesty, what magic did you use You actually made this fellow let me go this easily”

“Im not a magician, how could I use magic” King Terucs young face that wasnt like that of a man who was close to forty revealed a sarcastic smile, “But I think that no matter who it is, if they receive a compensation of two hundred thousand gold coins, they would let go of the grudge in their heart, dont you think Chairman Xu”

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