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Two hours later, Xu Yi was covered in sweat as he stumbled out of the room.

Seeing Xu Yis weak appearance, Still who had been waiting outside for a while quickly came forward to support him as she asked in surprise, “What did the two elders do to you They actually turned you into this.”

Xu Yi shook his head with difficulty, he didnt even have the strength to speak.

After elder Illusia and elder Lisanya had him take off his clothes, they had used magic to search every part of his body. They wouldnt even let off his most secret place.

According to what elder Illusia said, since humans and elves were different races, although there were semblances, there were slight differences with their bodies.

These differences werent that obvious and werent important, but for the unique magic meditation method that they gave Xu Yi, there was a large influence. They had to make sure that they knew about every single difference there was.

Of course, it was easier if it was a full body search. But after conducting this, the two elders had sent their magic into Xu Yi and checked every magic conduction line in his body. Which meant they were inspecting the conduction line of magic that occurred in the bodies of every magician.

This inspection used magic and to coordinate with the two elders, Xu Yi had to keep sending magic through every line in his body again and again for the elders.

If it was just guiding magic, it wasnt that difficult for a magician. But the problem was that to find out Xu Yis body could adapt to the special meditation method, the two elders had Xu Yi transfer magic to every cell in his body.

This method burned energy even more than extreme exercise. Although Xu Yis physique was considered good among magicians, he could only keep this up at most for an hour.

In order to make the best use of time and get more comprehensive data, the two elders had Xu Yi use all the energy and magic that he had. When he finally came out, he was so tired that he couldnt say a thing.

Seeing Xu Yis appearance, Great Magician Camilal looked at the tightly closed room. After thinking about it, he said with a nod, “Wanting to teach the unique methods of the elves to a human will definitely be very hard, bearing a little pain for this isnt anything. Still, bring Xu Yi to rest. If nothing unexpected happens, theres something for him to do tonight.”

“Theres more tonight” Still looked at the closed door in surprise before looking at the weak Xu Yi in worry. She knit her brows, “Im afraid that Xu Yi cant take it.”

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “How could it be easy to become a Great Magician This kid is already stronger than I was at his age and there are all these people helping him, if he cant even take a bit of pain, he might as well give up studying magic.”

Seeing the look on Great Magician Camillas face, Still stuck out her tongue and said nothing. She and Liz supported Xu Yi as they walked away.


When Xu Yi woke up from his rest, he found that it was already getting dark outside. The sun was setting into the sea in the distance, letting out beams of golden light that caused the room to look golden.

After being in a daze, Xu Yi remembered that after being supported into the bath by Still and Liz, he had fallen asleep while taking the bath. He didnt have any memories at all about how he got into bed.

Thinking of the bath, Xu Yi was suddenly surprised to find that there was a strange scent and the sticky feeling from his body was very uncomfortable.

He opened the blanket with knit brows and found that he was completely naked in bed. It seemed like Still and Liz hadnt put anything on him after carrying him out of the bath and just let him sleep.

But seeing the black liquid that was covering him, it was like his body was stained in black oil. Not only was it ugly, it also smelled bad.

“This should be the impurities that elder Illusia mentioned.”

After thinking of the words elder Illusia had said to him afterwards, Xu Yi had an idea. He used his magic which quickly went around his body.

Xu Yi found that his magic was flowing much faster compared to before and moved much more smoothly. It wasnt like before where there was a blocked feeling, the magic inside him was much easier to control.

This must be because of the “purification” that elder Illusia and elder Lisanya had performed for his body. Its said that it could make humans closer to elves, making it easier for them to use the elves special meditation method.

Stretching out a finger to wipe on his body, Xu Yi couldnt help knitting his brows. After thinking about it, he wrapped the blanket around himself as he went to the bathroom.

He didnt meet anyone on the way. Xu Yi guessed that everyone else was having dinner at this time, so they must be eating dinner since they thought he was still sleeping.

Although he was also very hungry, the feeling around his body was uncomfortable, so he didnt have time for his stomach.

He went into the large bathroom in his manor and Xu Yi pulled off the blanket around himself. He used the water to wash his body off twice before jumping into the spacious bathtub.


The warm water wrapped around him and Xu Yi felt like every part of his skin was more sensitive compared to before. He could feel the warmth from the water better than before and it was like each pore slightly opened from the stimulation of the water.

Other than having a much keener sense of touch, Xu Yi felt his other senses becoming sharper.

For example, he found that there was another scent in the bath with his sharp sense of smell. Also his sharp eyes saw that in the bath covered in steam, there were two naked forms…..

Xu Yis eyes suddenly opened wide and he was shocked. He suddenly stood up and prepared to flee.

“Chairman Xu, Ive said it before, you dont need to feel ashamed like the other humans, theres no meaning.” Elder Lisanya turned around in the bathtub, “Youre awake earlier than we expected, it seemed like it went very smoothly. Come, let us see the specific details.”

“Please come over. Chairman Xu, we have just begun researching your body, we need to make the best use of time.” Elder Illusias voice also sounded, “If you can become a Great Magician a day earlier, it will make me feel even more assured.”

Xu Yi hesitated a bit before turning around with a bitter smile. Looking at elder Illusia and elder Lisanya who had stood up with naked bodies and moving over, his lips couldnt help twitching.

“Two elders, isnt this too much of a rush Ill go out first. Youve been busy all afternoon, you deserve a bath to rest up.”

The water in the tub suddenly surged and formed a hand, tightly grabbing Xu Yis leg and stopping him.

Xu Yi looked down in surprise and found that the water flow was very strange. He couldnt help giving a sigh and praising, “Elder Lisanya, your Water Magic really is superb. If you are willing to help our magic research facility study the Magic Boats, it would be great!”

“Lets put this aside and discuss it later. Right now the most important thing is to see how your body is.” Elder Lisanya brought Xu Yi in front of herself and reached out to stroke his chest before giving a satisfied nod, “It seems like its quite good. Illusia, how do you feel”

“Im not clear.” Elder Illusia shook her head. She also touched Xu Yis chest with a faint purple light on her fingertips.

Seeing elder Illusias actions, elder Lisanyas fingertips also released a faint purple light. Just like elder Illusia and like this afternoon, they began carefully going over Xu Yis body.

Although this had happened many times this afternoon, it was only him standing in front of the elders naked, so Xu Yi could accept being investigated like this. Now that elder Illusia and elder Lisanya were also naked, Xu Yi couldnt calm himself and couldnt control his reactions.

Not long after, elder Lisanya finished investigating Xu Yis upper body before her fingers went to the lower half. Seeing the peak on Xu Yis lower half, she stopped before suddenly using her finger to point at Xu Yis little brother and asking, “Chairman Xu, do you really feel desire towards us”

Xu Yi had a very awkward smile, “Im sorry, two elders, this is a normal reaction for humans, I cant control it.”

“Im not asking you this, my meaning is that do you really desire us If I let you copulate with us, are you willing”

“Copulate” Xu Yi was stunned as he looked at elder Lisanya. He found that she was very serious and didnt seem like she was teasing him or seducing him, rather she was just asking him a purely academic question.

Then looking at elder Illusia, he found that she also cared about this question.

Xu Yi was a bit confused before calming his emotions. After thinking about it, he replied with a nod, “It should be willing…..After all, from my perspective, the two elders are very beautiful elven women, so it conforms to my aesthetics very much.”

Xu Yis eyes couldnt help sweeping over the naked bodies of the two elders and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

“But humans are not animals, we need to look at the other side when it comes to copulation. Still is my wife, I have to take responsibility for her. I cant easily copulate with others because that would be disappointing Still.”

“But Agnes told me that youve copulated with your two maids Liz and Linda, right” Elder Illusia suddenly said.

Xu Yi felt very awkward, “This…..They obtained Stills approval…..this is different……”

“Alright, lets not worry about this. In short, you wouldnt be against being with elven women and would agree to it, right” Elder Lisanya asked.

“That is correct, but elder Lisanya, why are you asking this” Xu Yi asked with a confused look.

“Because this is a very important question.” Elder Lisanya had a serious look, “Chairman Xu, are you willing to take an elven girl…..as your wife”

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