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Although back in the Lampuri Kingdom, Xu Yi had the Falling Rain Valley as his territory, he wasnt used to being a noble back then. He had just treated the Falling Rain Valley as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base, so he didnt feel like he was a noble at all.

So when he was forced to leave, he gave up his identity as a noble and handed over his territory. He didnt have any feelings towards being a noble or owning private territory at all.

But this time was different.

The Stantine Duchy was different from the Lampuri Kingdom. The upper class of the Stantine Duchy represented by Duke Stantine didnt have any cohesiveness at all.

So Xu Yis private territory was territory that belonged to him.

According to what Lord Wein said, no one would care what Xu Yi did on this lade. Even if he slaughtered people, there wouldnt be anyone that could say a thing to him because no one was qualified.

Of course Xu Yi wouldnt slaughter anyone on his land, but he needed that feeling of free control because only with that, he could do what he wanted with this territory. It wasnt like when he was limited when making plans for the Falling Rain Valley, so it wasnt perfect.

Moreover, this territory was over two hundred and forty thousand hectares, it was over two thousand square kilometers. It was several times larger than the Falling Rain Valley with its ten square kilometers, so of course he had more space to plan.

Of course, he also knew that the degree of control he had depended on the power that he owned.

If he didnt have enough power to defend his land, when there was a need, he believed that Lord Wein would swallow back this piece of land without any courtesy.

So after he officially became the lord of this land, Xu Yi reorganized the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards again, taking the most elite five hundred guards as his personal guards.

It was like Agnes said, even the most elf guards who were famous for being proud didnt reject the offer of being his personal guard at all. Rather there were many elf warriors that were very happy when they heard they would become Xu Yis personal guards.

When Xu Yi asked the elven guard leader Furio about this, Furio said that this was elder Illusias meaning in the first place. Moreover, he was the human that all the elves in the Night Song Tribe approved of, so becoming his guard to the elven warriors wasnt shameful at all because they all recognized Xu Yi. They felt that Xu Yi was someone who could change the fate of their tribe, so they wouldnt mind offering Xu Yi their lives at all.

Rather it was being a guard for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that was hard for them to accept.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt completely belong to Xu Yi, so they felt like they were selling their lives to humans other than Xu Yi.

As for the dwarf warriors, they naturally didnt have any problems at all.

When Xu Yi revealed that he was establishing his personal guards and there were limited quotas, the thirteen dwarf clans that followed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the Stantine Duchy held a large contest. They claimed that only the most elite dwarf warriors could join Xu Yis personal guard.

As for the human guards

Was there a need to ask The treatment for the company guards was already this good, so naturally the treatment for Xu Yis personal guards were better.

When they heard that Xu Yi was recruiting personal guards, not mentioning the human guards of the company gathering, there were many elite human warriors who had all come from different places after hearing this news.

But Xu Yi didnt want his personal guards to have people he didnt know, so he only chose a portion of those people to enter the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

What surprised Xu Yi was that after elder Lisanya heard that Xu Yi was recruiting personal guards, she sent out two hundred elf warriors from the Moon Shadow Tribe who wanted to join Xu Yis personal guard.

After Xu Yi considered it for a bit, he turned down elder Lisanyas goodwill.

In the end, elder Lisanya didnt have those two hundred elf warriors come back, rather they also entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

In the end, although Xu Yi had taken the five hundred most elite guards from the company guards, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards went from one thousand two hundred to one thousand five hundred.

Of course, because they werent used to it, because the new guards from various races werent familiar with the military magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, their battle strength couldnt compare to the one thousand and two hundred from before.

But Xu Yi wasnt worried about this.

The beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland were like weed. They had strong life forces and no matter how many times they were cleaned out, there would be some blind beastmen who appeared.

Those beastmen couldnt cause any threat to the production base that was already growing bigger and was seriously defended, but they were useful for training the guards that had just joined the company.

After obtaining his title and his land, there was a series of matters that made Xu Yi always busy. When he finally took care of his personal guards and the companys guard, then taking care of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces next plans for development, several months had already passed.

After entering July, the summer heat in the Stantine Duchy kept increasing, but Xu Yi found it hard to find free time during this period.

When he finally had time to pay attention to Banta City and the Lampuri Kingdom, he found that the situation in the Lampuri Kingdom had already greatly changed.

In just a few months, the Lampuri Kingdom had many large and small nobles who lost their title, losing all their property and their private territories.

The Royal Parliament gave many strange reasons. There was even a viscount who had lost his title after killing a head of cattle on his private territory, going against the kingdoms laws.

It had to be known, even if it wasnt easy to farm before, so each head of cattle was very important to the Lampuri Kingdom, a noble killing a head of cattle on their land was considered a small matter.

Even if it did go against the laws of the kingdom, how could the Royal Parliament let the nobles who had more rights than normal people be punished by the law

Not to mention that the Lampuri Kingdom was already using the agricultural magic machines. Cattle were only used in rare places, so they didnt have any important position.

As for food that was made from beef, they had already appeared on the tables of the various restaurants in the Lampuri Kingdom.

In this situation, a noble had lost his title for killing a head of cattle and would be heavily punished, even jailed for breaking the kingdoms laws

This was simply a joke!

However, this was a fact in the present Lampuri Kingdom.

Other than the small nobles who didnt have much power, there were even two large noble families that had real power that were punished.

Those two large nobles had wide personal territories and one was even the City Lord of a city, so their power wasnt to be underestimated.

However, the Lampuri Kingdoms parliament and Royal Parliament had worked together, catching these two large nobles before they could even do a thing. Since then, there has been no more news on them.

After hearing this, Xu Yi was very happy.

It was a good thing that he left the Lampuri Kingdom, otherwise this time he might have been one of the nobles caught.

Now that he was a lord of the Stantine Duchy, there was no one who dared to come and catch him.

At the same time, he felt a bit confused.

Most of the nobles that this happened to were nobles that had supported Seveni before. When Eric became king, Xu Yi thought that he would find some excuses to take care of these nobles who hadnt supported him before.

It wasnt strange for the emperor to change his court.

However, Eric didnt do this back then and the Lampuri Kingdom had been at peace for close to a year.

Xu Yi thought that this would just pass, but he never thought that Eric would suddenly make his move.

Even if the situation in Lampuri Kingdom was bad because of the bloody conflicts, with many of the nobles that had supported her highness Seveni before taking this chance to speak up against King Eric, didnt Eric think that this was too conspicuous if he made a move now

If he did this, there was no doubt that he would take care of the nobles who were against him, but wouldnt Eric be afraid that he would anger a bunch of nobles and create even more chaos

Xu Yi didnt understand the other nobles, but he at least knew that Baron Hannas was very dissatisfied with this situation.

In the «Anvilmar Times» and the «Lampuri Weekly», there were direct attacks on the things currently happening in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Although it didnt mention King Eric by name, the meaning between the lines were very clear.

Although the editor in chief of the «Anvilmar Times» and the «Lampuri Weekly» was always Baron Hannas, he always represented the nobles behind him.

Now that these two newspapers made this clear point and released this sharp article, it was enough to show that the large nobles standing behind Baron Hannas were clearly very dissatisfied.

But what had really shocked the entire Lampuri Kingdom, or more accurately speaking, all the nobles in the Lampuri Kingdom was not these two articles, but rather a piece of news.

Duke Staggs son, Leslie Stagg who had the right to inherit the Stagg Family had been expelled from the Stagg Family by Duke Stagg!

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