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The season was about to enter spring.

At this time in the past, Cantona was the most busy, but it was also his most happy time.

Because the Cantona Chamber of Commerce had ten farming magic machines. So when the spring harvest came, there were many people in Banta City and the surrounding cities who invited the Cantona Chamber of Commerce to help with their harvest.

Although it was very busy, not only did this work earn quite a bit of money, it also accumulated quite a bit of fame from the Cantona Chamber of Commerce. So although the Cantona Chamber of Commerce was no longer a small company with a few agricultural magic machines, Cantona still put importance in this work.

However, Cantona was actually worried this year.

It was for nothing else, it was because the City Lord Manor sent out a new rule.

The City Lord Manor requested that for the spring harvest to progress smoothly, the agricultural magic machines assigned by the City Lord Manor had to be used in Banta City.

As for the brand, of course it was the Hayada Chamber of Commerces brand picked out by the department.

Everyone knew why the City Lord Manor made this rule, but Cantona had no choice.

The other companies could choose to leave after not being able to continue in Banta City, but for the farming business that the Cantona Chamber of Commerce was in, they were based on the land in Banta City and couldnt avoid the land controlled by Banta City.

Cantona had already considered leaving Banta City, but the Cantona Chamber of Commerce couldnt just leave the Lampuri Kingdom. To open a business in the other cities, with the current situation, it was better to wait for some time.

Because the magic machine industry management department was spreading their rules over the kingdom. They claimed that to guarantee standards for growing, they had to use the brand chosen by the department.

Being forced like this, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce purchased ten sets of farming magic machines and had spent close to ten thousand gold coins.

Cantona thought that this would let them continue in their business, but when the Cantona Chamber of Commerce was about to start their harvest in Mexilan Village, there were various problems that appeared in these magic machines. It caused them to spend more than three days and they still hadnt finished the one hundred mu of land in Mexilan Village.

It had to be known that in the previous years, as long as the Cantona Chamber of Commerce went in full force, they would be able to finish the land in Mexilan Village in just a single morning.

Hearing a sharp screech from the Hayada Brand farming magic machine not far away before stopping, no longer letting out the glow of a Magic Array, Cantona deeply knit his brows.

In the three days of using the Hayada magic machines, there were thirteen of the twenty that had shown problems and six of them had serious problems, so they couldnt be used at all.

The most exaggerated thing was that key parts of two of them had been broken!

This problem was simply unbelievable. It had to be known that this bearing connected every part of the small Magic Harvester. It should have been made with the best materials, but this Hayada Brand magic machine had actually been broken after just being used for two days, it could be seen how bad the quality was.

“Chairman, theres no way of doing this.” One of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce workers threw away the Hayada Brand small Magic Harvester in his hand and complained, “If it keeps breaking, we cant work at all.”

“Yes, chairman, the one in my hand doesnt seem like it can hold on much longer.” A worker who was not far away also revealed a bitter smile, “Listen, what sound is that I think that soon……”

Before he could finish, the small Magic Harvester he was holding let out a strange white light before that light disappeared. The sound stopped and it became still.

Everyone looked at each other. That worker gave a sigh and spread his hands. He came in front of Cantona and shook his head, “Chairman, I cant do this anymore. What damn Hayada Brand Magic Harvester, its just a pile of junk.”

“Right, if it doesnt go bad, its efficiency cant even compare to the Frestech Brand. Not to mention that weve had the Frestech Brand ones for three years now and not a single one has broken down. At most there were only a few small problems.”

“Right, the Frestech Brand Magic Harvesters were easy to use, how could it break down so fast like these damn Hayada Brand ones. Chairman, lets just take out the Frestech Brand ones, otherwise we cant do this at all.”

“Right, right, chairman, lets take out the Frestech Brand ones. Why do we have to use this pile of junk instead of those”

“The chairman is worried about the new rules…..”

“What damn rules, well use it ourselves, what does the City Lord Manor care about.”

“That is hard to say……”


Cantona knit his brows and looked at the entrance to Mexilan Village, seeing someone quickly riding a bicycle over.

That person came over to the farmland and Cantonas group came over to them.

“Hey, Macaro, why are you only back now Didnt I tell you to take the public transportation so you could come back quicker Why are you riding a bicycle” Cantona anxiously asked.

Macaro put down the bicycle and spread his hands with a bitter smile, “The public transport fees were raised, so I felt that it wasnt worth it. Then again, this place isnt that far from the city, so I just rode my bicycle over.”

“It increased again” The people were stunned, “Didnt it just increase last month It increased again How much did it increase by this time”

“Thirty silver coins a trip……” Macaro said with a sigh, “A round trip is sixty silver coins, so do you think its a waste or not”

“Damn! It just increased to twenty silver coins and now it suddenly increased to thirty silver coins Isnt this crazy With how expensive it is, who would ride it!”

“Damn, I knew that things price would increase after the Fersen Carriage Company withdrew. I never would have thought that it would increase by this much! It was only eight silver coins a trip before, alright!”

“The Fersen Carriage Company really is something. They were doing well, why did they stop Now we cant even ride the public transport system.”

“You cant blame the Fersen Carriage Company. Did you see what the «Banta Times» said Its because of the City Lord Manors policies that forced them to withdraw, otherwise they would lose everything. Do you think the Fersen Carriage Company doesnt need to earn money”

“Then that Lafaye Chamber of Commerce the public transport system was given to, they cant increase the price by that much, right Are they not planning on letting people ride”

“Go talk to the Lord City Lord if you have the skills. Dont forget, the reason why we cant use the Frestech Brand magic machines is because of the rules of the City Lord Manor.”

“Damn, those fellows at the City Lord Manor are shameless!”

“Shh…..Dont talk nonsense…..”


Cantona cut them all off before asking Macaro, “Dont worry about the public transport. Macaro, did you ask the Hayada Chamber of Commerce What did they say”

Macaro replied with a nod, “I asked, they said that they would send someone to see.”

“Then did they say when they would send someone over” Cantona asked.

“I asked this and they said they can fix it, but they need to charge us a fee.”

“They want to charge us” Everyone was stunned, “Is this a joke! These Hayada Brand magic machines have only been bought for less than a month, alright It should still be in the warranty period, they want us to pay to fix it”

“Right, isnt this too much The Frestech Chamber of Commerce promises free service for six months and they have selective free services for three years. This damn Hayada Chamber of Commerce, they dont even include free maintenance How are they doing business”

“Alright, if you compare this Hayada Chamber of Commerce to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, arent you afraid of chairman Xu being angry How are they qualified to compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Are they worthy”

“Then what do we do Do we just accept it”

Seeing the questioned looks of his subordinates, Cantona knit his brows. After thinking about it, he asked Macaro, “How much did they say it would cost”

“They didnt say.” Macaro recalled as the Hayada Chamber of Commerces reply, “They said that if its a small problem, we can send it to them to repair for two gold coins. If they send someone over, its three gold coins. If its a big problem, itll be ten to twenty gold coins, it depends on the situation.”

Hearing this, the surrounding workers couldnt help cursing again.

In the twenty Hayada Chamber of Commerce Magic Harvesters, there were fifteen of them that were broken. Moreover, not a single one of them seemed like a small problem.

This meant that to fix them all, it would cost the Cantona Chamber of Commerce at least close to two hundred gold coins.

“Chairman, I think that even if these things were fixed, it wouldnt take long for them to break again. Moreover, I dont think we can harvest that much with how efficient it is.”

“Right, if we keep using them, the money we earn cant even compare to how much it costs to fix.”

“But what do we do this year if we dont use them”

“What do we do We clearly cant do anything.”

“We cant do it anymore This is our companys most basic service.”


The group looked at Cantona once again.

At this time, they had to let their chairman make a decision.

Cantona couldnt help giving a bitter laugh, he also didnt know what to do.

It was very clear that if they continued using these Hayada Brand magic machines, they would earn less money than what it cost to repair them.

But if they dont use them, it means that they would give up the most basic and most stable industry their company had.

The only way to solve this problem was to use the Frestech Brand magic machines.

But the rules of the City Lord Manor made him not dare do this.

“I should have listened to the advice of old man Sarkozy and learned from the other companies to give up on the Lampuri Kingdom. The kingdom is already being ruined by those fellows, theres no way to continue.”

Cantona gave a sigh and after thinking about it, he shook his head. He was about to have Macaro run back to the Hayada Chamber of Commerce to have them send someone before he saw that there was a pure black Magic Sedan that was driving over from the entrance of Mexilan Village.

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