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Now that the fall season was here, it was time for the annual bicycle race.

Old man Sarkozy came out early and rode his Frestech Brand male style twenty eight bicycle that he had bought a year ago. He left Mexilan Village and headed down the Falling Rain Road.

There were many people who had woken up early to ride their bicycles like him. When they left the village, they gathered around old man Sarkozy and they headed towards the start of the race, Banta City that was over forty kilometers away.

With Mexilan Village becoming smaller behind them, Sam who had been riding by old man Sarkozys side the entire time couldnt help saying, “Hey, old man, are you really planning on entering the bicycle race with this broken twenty eight style bicycle”

Old man Sarkozy looked at this younger generation that he was a bit related to and gave a cold snort, “What It isnt good enough”

“It is…..But just with this bicycle……you cant ride fast enough at all, what race are you going to participate in” Sam said with knit brows.

Old man Sarkozy said with a smile, “Hey, Im not like you young people, doing this to win. I just want to exercise, I dont care if I can win or not, its already good if I can make it to the end.”

“Oh…..that is more like it.” Sam nodded, “But if you want to exercise, theres no need to ride this very heavy model twenty eight bicycle. Look at how light mine is, its so light and easy to ride.”

As if to prove himself, Sam stepped on his pedals and charged away from old man Sarkozy.

Old man Sarkozy shook his head with a smile. After catching up to Sam who had slowed down, he looked at the bicycle underneath him and found that this bicycle didnt have the Frestech Chamber of Commerce logo.

“Of course, this bicycle is the newly promoted one from the Angelt Chamber of Commerce. The Angelt Chamber of Commerce specializes in bicycles, the bicycle that Im riding was specially developed for this race. They used the new super light alloy, which makes it ten pounds lighter than the Frestech Brand. Moreover, the shape has been optimized, so its easier to ride than the Frestech Brand and naturally much faster.”

Sam proudly pointed behind him.

“Look, there are quite a few people with the Angelt Brand in our village, its all for this years bicycle race.”

Old man Sarkozy looked back and among the group behind him, there were ten young people from Mexilan Village who raised their hand.

When he looked under them, he found that the bicycles they were riding had the same logo as the bicycle under Sam, they were all from the Angelt Chamber of Commerce.

Old man Sarkozy couldnt help knitting his brows, “Could it be that the Angelt Brand is better than the Frestech Brand I dont believe it.”

Sam laughed, “Old man, youve fallen behind. Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the best magic machine company, the magic machines they produce arent all the best. Look, this bicycle is the biggest example.”

Looking at how relaxed Sam looked while riding his bicycle, old man Sarkozy wanted to refute this, but he didnt know how.

He just thought that it seemed inconceivable that the other magic machine companies would surpass the Frestech Chamber of Commerce one day.

In these years, the people of Banta City were deeply influenced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Everyone was already used to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce being in the absolute lead when it came to magic machines.

In everyones hearts, only the Frestech Brand magic machines were the best. The magic machines from other companies were naturally beneath the Frestech Brand.

Although the bicycles couldnt be considered true magic machines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed them first. Now that the other companies were surpassing them, it was hard for old man Sarkozy to accept.

“What is hard to accept” A young person like Sam looked down on old man Sarkozys thoughts, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is strong, but the world will change. It is normal for them to be surpassed by other companies. Then again, chairman Xu even said that he wants the other companies to surpass the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, what cant you accept”

“Thats right, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hasnt made a move in several months. From what I can see, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might just close down soon.” Another young person added.

“They wont close, but these new companies are all very strong. Moreover, theyve taken the technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so I think theyll surpass them sooner or later.”

“Un…..this is actually quite good. Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces things are good, they are expensive. If the other companies can make magic machines better than theirs, I think the Frestech Brand would reduce their prices”

“Right, didnt chairman Xu say that he wanted more competitors to appear Then again, with this situation, isnt this chairman Xu transferring his technology and personally creating his competitors If it was me, I say that he reaped his own consequences.”

“Right, chairman Xu really is dumb, why did he do this If he didnt spread his technology, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would have been able to keep making money, right”

“You think hes willing I heard that it was the king this time…..”

“Shut up!” Old man Sarkozy suddenly shouted in an angry voice, cutting off the discussion of the young people.

Sam and the others were stunned. Seeing the dark look on old man Sarkozys face, they all knew to be silent.

“You dont know **!” Old man Sarkozy kept reprimanding them, “How can you guess the thoughts of those important people Whether chairman Xu was forced or not, I will keep supporting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. You should all think about it, without the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, could you have such good jobs Could you live such good lives You actually dare to say that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt good and that chairman Xu is stupid Let me tell you, if I hear this again, I will beat you all to death for your parents!”

Old man Sarkozy had some prestige in Mexilan Village and now that he started a transport company with Baltro, making decent money, they became the idols of many young people. So naturally they had a deterrent effect on them.

Now that he was reproving them, the young people could only be timid and didnt dare talk back.

But they still werent convinced in their hearts.

Sam mumbled, “Its fine to be grateful to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but good things are good things, you cant just make us not buy them, right”

Old man Sarkozy coldly looked at the Angelt Brand bicycle under Sam before saying with a cold snort, “Dont forget, this Angelt Chamber of Commerce amse made from technology stolen from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, what are you so proud of”

Sam couldnt refute this and didnt dare refute, he just honestly shut his mouth.

This group rode on in silence, but they rode quite quickly. In less than two hours, they already reached the Banta City west gate.

There was less than an hour before the official start of the race, but the space outside the gate was already filled with people.

Naturally, everyone was either riding or pushing a bicycle.

Old man Sarkozy looked around and found that many of the people participating were using the Angelt Brand bicycle. There were even combinations of other brands mixed among them. It wasnt like last year where there were only Frestech Brand bicycles wherever one looked.

When Sam saw old man Sarkozy looking around, he couldnt help laughing.

Old man Sarkozy glared at him, but he was also too tired to say anything else.

Their group waited for a while before several people suddenly came from a platform built in the square. It was actually the Frestech Chamber of Commerces vice chairman Heinz, the bicycle departments manager Brew, and a young man that Sarkozy had some impression of, but couldnt think of his name.

After Heinz came up to the stage, he announced a few rules related to the bicycle race before giving his position to Brew.

According to the ceremony of each past race, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces bicycle departments manager Brew would come onto stage to give a short speech. He would give the importance of the bicycle race, but also brought out announcements that helped promote the bicycle.

However, what people didnt expect was that after Brew came up, he didnt talk about this. He announced to everyone that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was using this race to unveil a new model of bicycles.

Everyone was surprised to see that young man who was with Heinz and Brew come out, bringing out a new model bicycle.

“This is our companys newly developed multi speed bicycle. Not only is the body light, its also easy to ride, and has special tires for running across roads. When this bicycle is riding across the road, it will not be hindered at all and can quickly reach its max speed. This bicycle is also equipped with the new gear change system…..”

Brew waved at the young man beside him and that young man easily raised the bicycle high up.

Seeing how relaxed he was in raising this bicycle, everyone understood that this bicycle was very light.

“Everyone look, the gear shift is by the back tire and the controls are on the handles. Through fine adjustment, you can control the amount of force that is pushed into the wheels, allowing you to adjust your speed. As for how to use it properly, thatll depend on how everyone rides.”

Seeing that the people under the stage were stunned, Brew revealed a smile and announced another piece of news.

“In order to show off the performance of this multi speed bicycle, we will send out a chosen player, which is him, Alex, who will participate in this race with everyone. Of course, his results wont count in the competition, so everyone doesnt need to worry about him stealing first place. But…..we will add a reward. As long as anyone can arrive at the finish line before Alex, they will receive a hundred gold coins special reward from our bicycle department!”

There was a stir under the stage.

As long as they could finish before this fellow, they could receive a hundred gold coins. This was a large enticement for everyone.

Old man Sarkozy looked at the young people who came from the same village, he saw that they were all eager to try, it seemed like they were filled with competitive spirit.

“Hei, you really think you can easily pass this Alex Naive!” Old man Sarkozy gave a cold laugh in his heart.

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