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“Sir chairman, did you really have to ask the elder about such an obvious fact” Agnes looked over at Xu Yi with a confused look, “If we didnt approve for you, it was impossible for the clansmen to work at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. For example, if I didnt truly accept you, why would I stay by your side”

“You are different from them.” Xu Yi shook his head, “You are the first elf I met, so you staying by my side at first was because I pried your from elder Illusias hand. Moreover, if after being with me for this long, if you still dont recognize me, I really have to re-evaluate my character.”

Agnes giggled, “Theres no need. Sir chairman, although your mind isnt as pure as big sister Still or Vivian, you are outstanding among humans. Anyway, I like staying by your side and if you chase me away, I will be unhappy.”

Xu Yi couldnt help pinching her nose, “Could it be that you want to stay with me forever Sooner or later you have to marry an elf and live your own life.”

Agnes thought for a bit before clapping her hand and excitedly saying, “Right, speaking of this, I suddenly thought of something. Sir chairman, didnt you tell me before that it was impossible for elves and humans to be together But I asked the elder and she told me that it isnt impossible. Rather before the race wars, there were humans and elves that married and gave birth to children, the legendary half elves.”

“And then” Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Those half elves definitely werent accepted by the elves, right”

“Un…..that seems to be the case, but that was several thousand years ago, it is different now. Sir chairman, your words were wrong before, we can get married. Moreover, Im certain that the half elf children we give birth to will definitely be accepted, so theres no need to worry.”

“You really arent shy!” Xu Yi reprimanded before tapping his index finger on Agnes head, “I say, youre this young and what kind of things are you thinking about Are you not shy

“Shy Why would I be shy” Agnes rubbed her forehead and revealed a confused look, “A race between different sex and leaving offspring is a very normal thing. You are a male human and I am a female elf, is there anything to be embarrassed about when discussing the possibility of us coming together to leave offspring Moreover, sir chairman, Ive said it many times, Im eighty years old! Im much older than you!”

Xu Yi was defeated by the innocent Agnes and he couldnt help sighing.

“Alright, if you dont feel shy, I feel shy. In short, you shouldnt discuss this topic in a loud voice in front of others, alright” Xu Yi looked at the people looking at him with strange gazes and ruthlessly stared them down, “If you really care about this topic, we can discuss it next time we go see elder Illusia.”

“Alright, I also have many questions to ask the elder.” Agnes happily clapped her hands and quickly agreed.

Xu Yi helplessly shook his head and turned to look at Vivian waving in the distance.

“Come, Vivian, take Agnes over to Kennard and explain your designs to the officials sent from the magic machine industry management department. Its the first time the department is officially inspecting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you have to seriously take care of them.”


Vivian pulled Agnes who still was in thought. A middle aged man who looked normal, but could be seen as a noble with a single glance came to Xu Yis side.

“Those two are the most outstanding designers for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce They really are young.” The middle aged man watched Vivian and Agnes leave as he spoke with a sigh.

“It isnt anything, theyve just been here longer, so practice makes perfect.” Xu Yi casually replied before turning to look at this middle aged man, “Speaking of outstanding designers, I think those ten companies should have the help of the kingdoms most outstanding artists who definitely wont lose to the two of them. Am I right, director Russell”

The magic machine industry management departments director Dino Russell revealed a faint smile as he shook his head, “Chairman Xu, you should know better than anyone else that masters of art are different from designers. That beautifully elven young miss Agnes isnt just a designer, she is also a master artist recognized by everyone in the kingdom. But as for those artists, not a single one of them can be called a designer.”

“Its very simple, let them design more and as time passes, they will naturally become designers.” Xu Yi said.

Director Russell looked at Xu Yi with a faint smile and said, “Chairman Xu, it seems like you are still dissatisfied with the technology transfer.”

Xu Yi looked at him before slowly shaking his head, “No, Im not dissatisfied. Its just that its taken quite a bit of time and effort to study these things, I just feel a bit of discomfort from suddenly giving them to someone else.”

Director Russeel laughed, “I understand chairman Xus feeling, but we all have to look forward on this matter, right Although your Frestech Chamber of Commerce seems to be suffering a loss from transferring the technology, first lets not discuss the transfer fees those companies had to pay, just the help these companies bring to the magic machine industry from entering it, I think chairman Xu knows in his heart, right”

Xu Yi gave a cold laugh in his heart.

Transfer fees

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold the Magic Stove, the Magic Furnace, the Magic Air Conditioners, and the other household magic machine production methods, the lowest transfer fees was at least a hundred thousand gold coins.

As for these ten magic machine companies assigned by the department

The most they paid was only thirty thousand gold coins!

This thirty thousand also included an entire magic machine production line!

If they calculated everything, it was equal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce giving it to them for free!

The so-called transfer fee was nothing to Xu Yi, but these fellows wanted to make a big deal over it.

As for the development of the magic machine industry brought by these ten companies, Xu Yi didnt refute it.

These ten companies had the old and large nobles behind them, so with this solid backing and the technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, these ten companies could charge into the magic machine industry and speed up its development.

The more important thing was that because these ten companies are participating, those conservative nobles that were against the magic machine industry no longer opposed it, rather they all became supporters of the magic machine industry.

For example, one of the conditions that Xu Yi gave to King Eric through City Lord Kamado was to take back the tax aimed at magic machines.

When Xu Yi transferred the technology, this condition got a quick response.

Just half a month ago, the Banta City taxproved to be an unsuitable experiment, so it was abolished.

Because of this, the smaller magic machine companies in Banta City that were close to bankruptcy recovered and all of Banta City regained their vigor.

But Xu Yi was not optimistic towards their prospects.

These ten companies received all kinds of benefits and preferential treatment, so if these companies without any foundation from Banta City wanted to compete with them, it was a losing battle.

Even if it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would be hard for them to continue under their attack.

They didnt swallow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce now because they couldnt digest all the technology they had. There was still value in keeping the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Whenever he thought of this problem, Xu Yi kept sighing in his heart.

It really was too hard for business to break free of the influence of the government.

It was a good thing that he already knew this and had made his preparations.

Everything he did now was just to found the industrial system that he always dreamed of.

To leave Banta City or the Lampuri Kingdom a spark of the magic machine industry, he had done everything he could. As for whether this spark could continue and set the prairie alight like when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce led the magic machine industry, that was not something the current Xu Yi could decide.

Taking a deep look at director Russell, Xu Yi said with a serious look, “I believe that after these ten companies enter the magic machine industry, they will definitely help the magic machine industry in the Lampuri Kingdom develop. But theres one phrase that I hope that director Russell can pass to the managers of those ten companies.”

Seeing Xu Yi being serious, director Russells expression also turned serious.

“Please speak.”

“Transferring all the technology that our company has isnt that hard of a thing for me to accept. Actually, before this, our company had already transferred out many technology.”

“Un, I understand. Regarding chairman Xus selfless actions, there are many people who have expressed their admiration when they talk privately to me.” Director Russell said with a nod.

“I want to say, directly taking the mature technology from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the most convenient method, but have you ever considered a problem Once you take all the technology from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, what will you do then”

Director Russell revealed an awkward smile, “I understand what chairman Xu means. Chairman Xu has always stressed that the development of the magic machine industry cant leave technology development, so I think the ten companies understand this and you dont need to worry. Then again, isnt there the Frestech Chamber of Commerce led by chairman Xu”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, you dont understand, neither do they. Developing technology is just words, but if you really want to do it, it isnt as simple as you imagine. If I can be frank, whether it is in terms of personnel, foundations, or even basic workers, there isnt a single company that can compare to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Director Russell knit his brows, “Then chairman Xu, do you have any good suggestions”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I dont have any good suggestions, I just….wish you luck.”

Seeing the fake smile on Xu Yis face, director Russells face couldnt help changing.

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