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Kennard naturally didnt believe what Xu Yi said.

He had been with Xu Yi for close to two years, so he knew how Xu Yi handled matters and definitely wouldnt act as impulsive as this.

There was a large influence for this matter, so Xu Yi must have thought this through and didnt act just on impulse.

However, the strangest thing was that Xu Yi didnt tell anyone his real thoughts. Even when Kennard asked Still, he didnt receive the real answer which confused Kennard.

But he couldnt do anything if Xu Yi insisted on not explaining.

Kennard thought about it and gave up on guessing about this. He looked at the various reports in his hands and there was a bit of worry in his eyes.

“Alright, lets not worry about this. Anyway, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has benefited and suffered losses from this.”

“Oh What benefits What losses” Xu Yi asked, “In short, is the good better than the bad”

“That depends on how you look at it.” Kennard shook his head, “As for the good, because of this matter, the name of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has once again spread. It has also made the newspapers advertise our Magic Sedans for free. I believe that everyone in the kingdom should accept the new Magic Sedans.”

“Un, just with this, it can save us quite a bit of time on advertisements, right” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Just based on this, I think weve earned quite a bit this time.”

Kennard gave a bitter laugh, “The problem is that the negative influence is also quite serious. With the influence of this matter, there are cries to boycott the products of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. There are thirteen cities that have announced they will not permit any of our products to enter. Theyve closed off the retail spots that weve opened in them already.”

“Un, which cities”

“The first is Lorren City, then theres……”

After Kennard reported the thirteen cities, Xu Yi revealed a smile.

“Ah, as expected, its all the cities that stand with his highness Eric.” Xu Yi thought about it before asking, “What about Basaru City What is their reaction Also, why didnt I hear Dulaketon City being included”

Kennard looked at Xu Yi and his expression was a bit strange.

“Basaru City and Dulaketon City havent made any clear statements, but the people of Dulaketon City have been targeting our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products. Theyve deliberately smashed the various household magic machine stores to give a demonstration. As for Basaru City…..nothing has happened yet.”

“Very good, it seems like weve already gained a reliable ally.” Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod, “Moreover, there might be another one……”

“Sir chairman, I feel like you shouldnt be too enthusiastic about this. Forget about Basaru City, but Dulaketon City is just waiting and seeing. Theres also another piece of bad news that I think that the situation in Dulaketon City will end soon. It wont take long before Dulaketon City will also announce that they are boycotting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“The bad piece of news…..should actually be a very good piece of news for the people of our Lampuri Kingdom, right” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Kennard gave a bitter laugh again, “Yes, the wise and great highness Eric has led the northern army to defeat the Sack Kingdom army several times, they are even marching their way into the Sack Kingdom. This is the biggest victory in the history of our Lampuri Kingdom! This to most people in the kingdom would be considered very good news.”

“So we should be happy about this, right After all, we are citizens of this country, so why is it bad news” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

Kennard couldnt help shaking his head.

He didnt believe that Xu Yi didnt know the importance of this news to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

There were so many cities that announced they were boycotting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, most of it came from the influence of this piece of news.

Because his highness Eric had created such a shocking merit, there were many cities that were on the face that quickly expressed their loyalty to his highness Eric. There were even many City Lords and large noble families that wanted to support his highness Eric in taking the throne.

His highness Eric had a great weight in the kingdom, he suddenly far surpassed her highness Seveni, almost becoming the only candidate to succeed the throne.

However, the king never said anything. He only sent normal congratulations to the northern army and didnt write a single word on his highness Eric which really provoked thought.

“So that means…..its too early to tell and these cities jumping sides this quickly isnt a good thing.” Xu Yi revealed a confident smile and asked Kennard, “Kennard, with so many cities announcing that they are boycotting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how were our sales last month”

Kennards expression became even stranger, “This…..According to the data, our household magic machine sales increased by 17% and the magic machine workshop increased by 28%, so the situation could be considered good.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Look, there are still many sensible people in the world. These thirteen cities can boycott us if they want, since they are willing to live such backwards lives, then they can do it. Anyway most people still yearn to be like the people of our Banta City, they want to live a convenient and self sufficient life.”

Kennard also laughed, “Sir chairman, you are very correct.”

“Alright, this is something we cant influence, so lets not worry about it. We should do what we should do for now.” Xu Yi stood up and after thinking for a bit, he said to Kennard, “Right, help me send a letter to chairman Rundst. Tell him that with so many cities boycotting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he should consider taking our Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines from the Walmart Chamber of Commerces shelves to avoid being affected.”

Kennard shook his head, “Sir chairman, you said this too late. In the cities that announced they were boycotting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were many people in those cities that have already been smashing the Walmart Chamber of Commerces stores in those cities. The Walmart Chamber of Commerce has had a loss of three hundred thousand gold coins in just half a month.”

Xu Yi had an apologetic look on his face, “Theyve been implicated by us in the end Help me pass my apologies to chairman Rundst.”

Kennard revealed a faint smile, “This isnt anything. Since the Walmart Chamber of Commerce has chosen to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they chose to accept the risk. Lord father has already made his decision on this matter and he had chairman Rundst take care of this matter, he couldnt let this affect our cooperation.”

“Very good, help me thank Marquis Emma for his understanding.”

Xu Yi said this and gave Kennard a nod before walking out of the CEO office, heading into the depths of the Falling Rain Valley.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed, people had greater demand for household magic machines. The household magic machine factories from before were far from being able to keep up with this demand.

Starting from the later half of last year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had planned on moving the various magic machine workshops into the depths of the Falling Rain Valley, leaving the outside area for household magic machine factories.

So when the magic machine workshop was moved deeper in, so was the magic machine development center and the magic research facility.

Moreover, it was different from the other workshops that were managed loosely and allowed outsiders to enter. No outsiders were allowed to enter the magic machine development center or the magic research facility, even employees of other departments that wanted to enter had to obtain authorization first.

As for Xu Yi who was the chairman, he also needed to show identification before being allowed to enter.

After giving his identification to the guard outside the door, Xu Yi gave a nod to the bowing guard. Then he looked over him and asked, “How does this new set of equipment feel”

The guard laughed and kept nodding, “Very good! With this new set of armour, I can beat most of the dwarves when Im dueling them.”

“Oh Although I knew the effects were good, I didnt know they were this good.” Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod.

It had to be known that through normal evaluation, a dwarf was at least as strong as five human soldiers.

The dwarf guards of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were elites, so they could match at up to ten human soldiers.

Now that this guard with the new Magic Barrier Armour of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could actually duel most of the dwarven guards, this really was an exaggerated increase in battle strength.

“It was no wonder Camby and chief Siluka have been asking me to give the dwarves this new Magic Barrier Armour as well, so its because they cant even beat you guys.” Thinking of this, Xu Yi laughed, “Then do you think that if the dwarves put on the same armour, you could still beat them”

The guard shook his head, “That should be impossible. The dwarves are already stronger than me, I definitely cant beat them. But I feel that even if the dwarves are strong, it would be hard to injure me, so it might end in a tie.”

“Very good, that just shows that the effects of this Magic Barrier Armour is satisfying.”

Xu Yi nodded before suddenly stretching out a finger. With a bit of lightning, he quickly tapped the guards chest.

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