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“Very troublesome.” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with deeply knit brows.

“Troublesome” Xu Yi had a confused look.

Just half an hour ago, he had come into Banta City to take care of something and had bumped into Baron Belil on the street. He found that he was currently walking around the street with an unknown girl, looking very carefree, so he immediately came to the City Lord Manor to ask Seveni about this.

It had only been three days since Sevenis accident. When the two cars crashed, although Seveni and Baron Belil werent seriously injured, Baron Belil was still taken to the City Lord Manor for questioning.

Xu Yi thought that for such a serious matter, Baron Belil would be locked in prison for a long time to teach him a lesson, but he never thought that he would be out on the streets in just three days. He also looked so relaxed, like nothing had happened at all.

This confused Xu Yi very much.

Such a serious thing had happened and Seveni was planning on letting it go this easily

“What can I do if I dont let it go” Seveni gave a sigh, “On the second day, the Stagg Family sent someone out to deliver five hundred thousand gold coins to me. According to the rules between nobles, making Baron Belil sincerely apologize to me and having Duke Stagg apologize to royal father is already giving me enough face. If I continued to do anything to Baron Belil, it would cause the other nobles to be dissatisfied, making them think that the royal family were bullying nobles.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Is there a mistake Seveni, you are a princess! Such a serious traffic accident and it just ends with a simple apology”

“It isnt that serious, right” Seveni looked at Xu Yi, thinking that Xu Yis reaction was a bit strange, “I wasnt injured at all and Baron Belil spat out several mouthfuls of blood, didnt you see it”

“Hes the one who caused trouble first! Even if he died, it would all be his responsibility, he deserved it!” Xu Yi angrily said, “That fellow had even been drinking at that time! If one wanted to talk about responsibility, it all lies on him. If it was me, I would have locked this fellow in jail, otherwise he might really kill someone one day!”

“You think I dont want to” Seveni rolled her eyes at Xu Yi before giving a helpless sigh, “But Xu Yi, even going through all the rules of the kingdom, there isnt one about sentencing someone for hitting someone else with a Magic Car. Or it could be said that there isnt a rule specifically for Magic Cars. He was only forced to apologize because he hit me, but if he hit a normal person, even if he killed them, it wouldnt be considered deliberate murder. He might just have to pay a few gold coins and wouldnt even need to apologize.”

“This……” Xu Yi thought for a bit before revealing a bitter smile.

Thats right, the Magic Cars for the Lampuri Kingdom and even the Sines Continent was a novel thing. How could there be laws for Magic Cars

Actually if Baron Belil wasnt unlucky enough to crash into Seveni, nothing would have happened to him.

Xu Yi thought for a bit before continuing, “Alright, your highness, whether Baron Belil should be responsible or not, could it be that youre not planning on using this to do something I feel…..that you could even accuse Baron Belil of deliberately trying to kill you. Trying to assassinate your highness, wouldnt that be a very serious crime”

“No.” Seveni shook her head, “I understand your meaning, but…..now is not the time.”

“Not the time” Xu Yi knit his brows.

“Yes, not the time, I cant do anything now.” Seveni paused before adding with a nod, “This is what many people think, you dont need to doubt it.”

“Does that include Count Sean” Xu Yi asked.


Xu Yi fell silent before nodding, “Alright, I wont handle this matter because I dont have the ability for now. But Seveni, at the very least, I hope that you can use this matter to show the kingdom the importance of Magic Cars. If the traffic regulations that I suggested before could become laws, I think that it would be a very good thing for the kingdom.”

“Un, Im finding someone to handle this matter now.” Speaking of this, Seveni suddenly revealed a smile, “Speaking of this, because of this matter, no one has objected to my suggestions and it has gone very smoothly. Xu Yi, shouldnt you be thankful for this accident”

Xu Yi stared at Seveni with a serious expression and slowly shook his head, “No, I rather have the traffic laws not be established than to have you be in danger.”

Seeing the rare serious look on Xu Yis face, Seveni suddenly felt a surge of warmth inside her and her face couldnt help turning a bit red.

After a while, she couldnt take Xu Yis gaze and lowered her head. After pausing for a second, she looked up again.

Although the blush became deeper on her face, she still met Xu Yis gaze without turning away.

“Xu Yi, I never got to thank you for this. Thank you for protecting me that day.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “This isnt anything. No matter what angle you look at it from, its something I should do.”

“No matter what angle” Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a gaze of deep meaning, “What angle specifically”

“This…..first its the basic angle of being a human. Seeing someone in danger, as a normal human, wouldnt I want to help them”

“Oh Then from what other angles” Seveni was a bit unwilling to give up.

Xu Yi smiled and replied, “Theres also the angle of how youre her highness. Think about it, using my body to protect your highness, that is an important merit.”

Seveni also smiled as she looked at Xu Yi. After pausing, she still asked, “Then…..are there any other angles”

Seeing Sevenis intent gaze, Xu Yi awkwardly moved his head to the side. After hesitating a bit, he said in a soft voice, “If I have to say it, its because you are a girl and I am a man. As a man, its a natural thing to protect girls.”

“Really” Seveni gave a happy clap, “So you actually treat me as a normal girl.”

Xu Yi snappily stared at her, “I say…..are you kidding with me Putting aside your status, not only are you a girl, youre a very beautiful girl, alright”

Seveni narrowed her eyes and giggled, “Im very happy to hear this appraisal. Then Xu Yi, I hope that you can treat me as a normal girl more from now on and dont always treat me as her highness, alright”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Its hard for me to agree to this because you cant change your identity. But speaking of this, Im the one who treats you the least like her highness, right Others wouldnt act like this around you in private, right”

“Un, I like this feeling very much. I hope that you can keep treating me like this.”

Seeing the happy look on Sevenis face, Xu Yi found it a bit funny.

Although since he first saw Seveni, she had always acted like a suitable princess, always looking dignified, wise, and calm, in the end she was still a girl in her early twenties and had the same side of an ordinary girl.

Perhaps she wanted someone who could interact with her normally.

After discussing traffic laws with Seveni for a bit and discussing the feasibility of implementing them in Banta City, Xu Yi finally left the City Lord Manor.

When he walked out, a black Magic Sedan suddenly quickly drove over.

When Xu Yi wanted to move aside, the Magic Sedan suddenly made a sharp screeching sound and stopped just two meters away from him.

Xu Yi looked at this Magic Sedan with a frown and then he saw that the one driving the Magic Sedan was actually Baron Belil.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, Baron Belil gave Xu Yi a provoking hand gesture.

Xu Yi gave a cold laugh and knocked on the window, signaling for Baron Belil to come out with his finger.

Baron Beliul opened the door and stood there looking at Xu Yi with a provoking stance.

“Hey, isnt this chairman Xu What You just saw her highness Did you go and complain to her highness about me I just told you, dont waste your time. Her highness cant touch me, so a small merchant like you shouldnt even dream about it!”

Xu Yi looked at him before ignoring him. He looked at the person sitting in the drivers seat and signaled for him to also get out.

When the person came out, Xu Yi recognized him as a small noble. He should be rather close with this Baron Belil.

“This Magic Sedan is yours” Xu Yi asked him.

That small noble was also as arrogant towards Xu Yi as Baron Belil. When he heard Xu Yis question, he raised his head into the sky and gave a cold snort, “So what Its mine Does chairman Xu have a problem”

Xu Yi ignored him after looking at him. He walked over to the front of the Magic Sedan and raised his right hand, gathering his magic.

There was a fireball that condensed in Xu Yis palm.

Seeing Xu Yis action, Baron Belil and the small noble were stunned.

“What do you want to do”

As soon as their voices fell, Xu Yis right hand fell and the fireball landed on the Magic Sedan.


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