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There was a brand new white Magic Sedan from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that slowly drove to the Falling Star Manor.

The Magic Sedan stopped at the parking lot behind the entrance and Xu Yi came out. He couldnt help looking at another pure black Magic Sedan that had all different kinds of dents in it. He couldnt help laughing as he shook his head.

This Magic Sedan was the exclusive one to Great Magician Camilla and to this day, he had had it for a month.

In just a single month, this Magic Sedan with a high price of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety gold coins was battered like this. Now only was it covered in scratches, there were many dents all over the body. It could be seen how it had been “mistreated” in the past month.

A month ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce unveiled the new Magic Sedan at their product release. Because of its comfort and quick speed, not only was it welcomed by the nobles and merchants of Banta City, it was also welcomed by the nobles and merchants of other cities.

In just a single month, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had received three thousand orders for this Magic Sedan.

With the price of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine gold coins, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned thirty million gold coins from this Magic Sedan alone.

Moreover, when this Magic Sedan was developed, it was aimed at the high end market, so it had a higher price.

The cost of a single Magic Sedan was less than four thousand gold coins.

Which means that from a single Magic Sedan, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned a profit of over six thousand gold coins.

For three thousand of them, that was close to eighteen million gold coins!

When Sebas brought out these stats, other than Xu Yi who was already prepared, the other high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were all stunned.

Even Kennard who was from the Emma Family and had more experience than others was stunned by this figure.

It had to be known, even for the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, their yearly net profits were less than thirty million gold coins. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned eighteen million gold coins from the orders of a single month.

Comparing this, no one could match the Frestech Chamber of Commerces speed in generating profits.

Of course, the orders in a single month didnt mean the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned this much in a month.

With the poor production rate of less than one hundred Magic Sedans a month, it would take at least two years to get this large profit of eighteen million gold coins.

Production capacity was what Xu Yi worried about the most.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt need to worry about orders when they didnt release things, but there were too many orders once they released things and their production couldnt keep up, so there were many orders they couldnt fulfill right away.

Although because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces lead that almost gave them a monopoly, even if they couldnt complete the orders in time, the other side had no other way. They could only patiently wait, but this wasnt a good thing.

Even if Xu Yi wasnt willing, from Kennard to the ordinary workers, they all voluntarily took overtime shifts. There were almost no holidays for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factories and their working hours were normally very long.

Although this meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces business was good and Xu Yi as the chairman should be happy to see this, he didnt want to see this from his personal perspective.

He hoped that the workers could have normal relaxation time and wouldnt be working all day, which would hurt their bodies eventually.

In the environment of the Sines Continent, it was impossible for him to ask the workers not to work overtime, so he could only find another way of solving this problem.

While considering this, Xu Yi headed towards the manor.

“Hey, youre back.”

Stills voice pulled Xu Yi out of his thoughts.

Looking up, he saw Still sitting on a balcony outside the room. She was leaning in a deck chair and was enjoying the warm, but not burning sunlight of the spring.

“Youre not afraid of being tanned like this” Xu Yi teased her with a smile. He walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek before picking up his daughter who had been sleeping in the baby carriage on the side.

The baby who was a month old grew very fast. After not seeing her for a day, Xu Yi felt that she was much more grown up compared to yesterday. Her features were more developed and her face was rounder, making her look much more proper.

“Still, who do you think she looks like” Xu Yi casually asked.

Still looked at her daughter in Xu Yis arms and after thinking about it, she said, “Other people say that the daughter looks like the father and I think its the same. Look, her features seem like yours. Look at this nose, its simply the same as yours.”

“Is it” Xu Yi shook his head, “Its bad if its like mine. She is a girl, she should be like you, the mother and become a beauty like you after she grows up. Dont you think so, darling”

Although she was used to being praised for her appearance, Still still gave a happy smile. After poking her daughters cheek, she said with a faint smile, “If she really becomes beautiful when she grows up, she will move the hearts of many boys. When that time comes, I wonder if any boy will take advantage of her”

Xu Yis expression changed and he gave a soft snort, “Shes still young, theres no need to consider this.”

Still looked at Xu Yi and like she could see Xu Yis thoughts, she gave a secret smile.

Xu Yi looked at Still and wanted to say something, but Great Magician Camilla walked in.

“Hey, kid, you came back right on time. I was looking for you.”

Seeing the expression on Great Magician Camillas face, Xu Yi knew this wasnt good.

But he had nowhere to hide and could only brace himself as he said with a smile, “I saw your Magic Sedan in the yard, so I knew you were back. What Do you need me for something”

“Its related to that Magic Sedan.” Great Magician Camilla said with a nod, “I dont know what happened, but I couldnt start that fellow no matter what this morning. I asked Camby and he told me that there might be a problem with the engine, so he wants me to bring it in to fix it when I have time.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

Camby was the manager of the magic machine development center, he could be considered the top Magic Mechanical Engineer in the entire Frestech chamber of Commerce. He should be in charge of important research, but now he was being used as a mechanic by Great Magician Camilla.

But of course he didnt dare speak his real thoughts and just nodded with a forced smile, “Un, Camby is rather familiar with the Magic Sedan, so its no problem to let him fix it.”

“Its no problem to let him fix it, but the problem is I dont have a Magic Sedan to drive during this time. I was just having fun, so find another one for me.”

Great Magician Camilla said it in a very relaxed voice, but Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter look.

He was just thinking about the lack of production capacity for the Magic Sedans, but now Great Magician Camilla was asking for another Magic Sedan to “abuse”.

It had to be known, countless nobles and merchants in the surrounding cities were all waiting for a Magic Sedan, but Great Magician Camilla was already planning on “playing” with his second Magic Sedan.

“Grandfather……this……if you dont have a Magic Sedan to play with, how about you play with the Magic Boats The Magic Boat that Bordeau and them have developed could reach a max speed of forty kilometers an hour, right”

Great Magician Camilla revealed a look of disdain, “Too slow, its only forty kilometers an hour, what is that You have to know, this Magic Sedan can reach sixty kilometers an hour! Its much more interesting to drive this!”

Xu Yi was completely speechless.

It was no wonder the Magic Sedan became like this in just a single month, so Great Magician Camilla was driving it at full speed the entire time.

Adding in his terrible road sense, only breaking after a single month was already considered a miracle……

After considering it, Xu Yi said with a serious expression, “Alright…..grandfather, Ill have Camby arrange another one for you, but…..could you be careful when youre driving this time If you break it again, I might not be able to get another one for you. You should know that whether it is in Banta City or the other cities, there are many people waiting for Magic Sedans.”

“What Who dares steal from me” Great Magician Camillas eyes popped out. After pausing, he said with a nod, “Relax, my skills are much better than before, it wont break that easily. Right, Xu Yi, when it comes to the Wind Magic Engine, I feel that the speed of the Magic Sedans are limited. So Ive decided to join the Fire Magic Engine development team and join their research.”

“Un” Xu Yi was surprised before being filled with joy.

Although work in the Fire Magic Engine had started long ago, because it was still in its initial stages, Xu Yi had focused on the Wind Magic Engine, so the progress with the Fire Magic Engine has always been slow.

Now that there was a bit of success with the Wind Magic Engine and they had some data for it, Xu Yi was planning on focusing on researching the Fire Magic Engine.

At this time, Great Magician Camilla said that he wanted to join, which was no different from giving the greatest propellant to this research.

With a Great Magician joining the development team, the research of the Fire Magic Engine would definitely be smoother than the development of the Wind Magic Engine!

Although Great Magician Camilla was a top grade researcher, because of his special identity, no one could force him to participate in any research and it all depended on his interests.

He never thought that because of his interest in driving Magic Cars, he would want to participate in developing the Fire Magic Engine.

With his current enthusiasm, he would definitely put plenty of focus on this research.

This really was a pleasant surprise for Xu Yi.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help laughing, “Grandfather, you should have told me earlier that you wanted to participate in the Fire Magic Engine development. If you told me earlier, not mentioning one or two Magic Sedans, even if it was ten or twenty, I could arrange them for you!”

Great Magician Camillas eyes lit up, “Really”

Xu Yis expression instantly froze and he couldnt say a thing.

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