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When the northern army was focused on preparing for war, the Sack Kingdoms army to the north of the Muerto Mountains naturally werent idle.

His highness Eric didnt conceal his attempt to lead the northern army to attack the Sack Kingdom, so naturally it didnt escape the informants of the Sack Kingdom.

Although the Sack Kingdom had the advantage over the Lampuri Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom didnt dare show any neglect in this rare attempt by the Lampuri Kingdom to attack them.

Because his highness Eric had the support of many large nobles of the Lampuri Kingdom, the northern army was even stronger than the Hungry Wolf Regiment. Also the northern army demonstrated a powerful battle strength last year when they attacked the Muerto Mountains, even forcing the Sack Kingdom to give them up.

If the northern army was as strong as last year and with the strong supplies his highness Eric received from the large nobles supporting them, the Sack Kingdom definitely couldnt easily resist them.

But the Hungry Wolf Regiments commander Chalon Linear had a decisive piece of good news.

Through his reports, because chairman Xu of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce showed his support for her highness Seveni, his highness Eric had refused to buy any military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to show his stance.

The current northern guard, other than a few military magic machines they bought last year, they had just a few military magic machines the royal army headquarters bought from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which they gave the northern army.

The Lampuri Kingdoms military had always been poor and adding in the fact that Lampuri Thirteenth had never supported his highness Erics attack on the Sack Kingdom, so the army headquarters didnt give many military magic machines to the northern army. The northern army wasnt really increased.

Commander Liears greatest worry about the northern army were those strange military magic machines, especially the powerful Magic Trebuchet, which he couldnt find a way to deal with yet.

If his highness Eric had the full support of the large nobles and the northern army had military magic machines, Linear wouldnt have been confident in resisting them.

“Ha, ha, its a good thing this prince is an idiot, what different stands when youre going to war! This is simply breaking his own hands and feet!” Linear slapped the map on the table and broke out in laughter, “When this idiot charges forward with that pitiful northern army, brothers, well give them something good to see and take revenge for last year!”

The officers in the command center all cheered out at the same time.

Seeing his comrades being filled with confidence, Linear gave a satisfied nod.

Although they had been beaten by the northern army last year and lost the Muerto Mountains.

Because of their long time superiority over the Lampuri Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom and especially the soldiers of the Hungry Wolf Regiment all felt superior over the Lampuri Kingdom.

Last years loss made everyones fighting will surge, pledging to wash off the same from last year.

After discussing a few more details with the defense, chief officer Ivy Joao walked in.

Following behind him were his personal bodyguards.

Linear couldnt help looking at the thing Joaos bodyguards had been holding.

“What is that thing” Seeing the rectangular box like thing wrapped in a sheet that was releasing a silver glow, Linear couldnt help asking in a surprised voice.

“A good thing.” Joao revealed a faint smile. He had the guards put the square thing on the wall of the room and then he took out another small and white rectangular box made of an unknown material before asking Linear, “Hey, Linear, do you think this room is warm or cold”

Linear was even more confused, “What do you want to do”

“Youll know in a bit.” Joao shook the little white box in his hand, “First tell me, do you feel warm or cold”

Linear knit his brows and looked at Joao with a strange look.

But he had been with Joao for many years and knew that he didnt have a personality of creating mischief, so after thinking about it, he pulled on his collar.

“Theres too many people in this room, I feel that its a bit stuffy, so it should be a bit warm.”

“Warm” Joao turned to the others in the room, “What about you Do you also feel warm”

The others all nodded.

There were over ten strong men stuffed in a small room and adding in the fact that it was early spring and the temperature was getting warmer, naturally they felt a bit warm.

“Alright, since youre warm, then Ill make it a bit cooler. Ill let you see…..what air conditioning is like……” Joao looked at the small white box for a bit before pointing it at the box hanging on the wall and pressing it.


With a soft and pleasing sound, there was a red light that suddenly appeared on the box on the wall. Then the lower half of the iron box slowly came up and revealed a black hole.

When everyone was confused, the red band that was under the iron box began moving and there was a cool breeze that came out, hitting everyone in the face, causing everyone to feel much cooler.

Feeling the comforting breeze from the iron bax, Linear thought for a bit before asking Joao, “Hey, Joao, this thing…..It wouldnt be that Magic Air Conditioner, right I remember that it was mentioned in the report on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce last time.”

“Thats right, its the Magic Air Conditioner.” Joao said with a nod, “How is it Is it comfortable”

“Its much more comfortable, but how did you get this thing” Linear asked with a frown, “It cant be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came to sell things in our Sack Kingdom, right”

Joao looked at him and didnt respond. He put away the white box in his hand and looked over the others in the room.

The others understood and gave the two a bow before leaving the room.

Seeing Joaos actions, Linear knit his brows even more. When the others left, he immediately asked, “What Is there a problem with the background of this Magic Air Conditioner”

“Of course.” Joao nodded, “Without a problem, how could the Frestech Chamber of Commerces things appear here”

“That is right……” Linear reacted and after thinking about it, he asked, “How did this thing get here If my guesses arent wrong, it should be some damn merchants that smuggled it in from the Lampuri Kingdom, right”

“It was indeed smuggled in, but you cant look down on those merchants this time. If it wasnt for their help, we couldnt obtain the easy to use magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Dont you think the effects of the Magic Air Conditioner are quite good”

Linear looked at the Magic Air Conditioner blowing out the cool breeze and looked at the white box that Joao put on the table before shaking his head, “It is easy to use, but theres no need for us to have this thing. Anyway, smuggling the Frestech Chamber of Commerces things, isnt this helping them earn money Theres no benefits here.”

“What You want the people of the kingdom to ignore the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products” Joao looked at Linear before giving a laugh, “Let me tell you, this is impossible. Chairman Walker who gave me this Magic Air Conditioner said that in the bunch of household magic machines he smuggled this time, they were sold out a month in advance. He just needs to transport them and he would be earning a large amount.”

Linear gave a strong snort, “He just cares about earning money, but doesnt he think abou the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earning money If it was me, he is committing treason by supporting the enemy!”

Joao gave a sigh and shook his head, “Dont be this close minded. We actually can gain quite a bit from this. Think about it, the military magic machines are produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, these household magic machines also come from them. After we receive these household magic machines, those old men in the magic department might receive inspiration from them, helping them study the military magic machines.”

“What Is this the arrangement of the headquarters” Linear asked back.

“Yes.” Joao nodded in confirmation, “Other than bringing in goods from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to help the magic departments research, we can also have direct contact with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce through these transactions. Do you need me to tell you the benefits we can receive from this”

Linear thought for a bit before giving a nod.

“Alright, I can understand the reason for this arrangement, but just like you said, a bunch of people in the kingdom want to buy household magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, isnt that letting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce take money from them This doesnt seem good, right”

Joao gave a shrug, “Theres no other way, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces things are good to use. Not just them, even Im moved. Right, Im planning on having chairman Walker get some magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for our regiment, but I dont know if he can get them or not.”

Linear was stunned, “What do we need those for No, I dont agree!”

“Dont be so quick to judge.” Joao took out a piece of a paper with a smile, “Look, this is an introduction to all the magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produces. Look, the Magic Air Conditioner isnt something we need for the entire regiment, but I think we should at least get ten thousand of these Magic Lamps, right Because its easy to turn on, theres no need for flames and it can last a long time with just a bit of a Magic Crystal…….”

“Also this Magic Freezer. Itll be summer soon and the logistics department will be shipping all kinds of meat and vegetables to us. We lose quite a bit of them on the way when they are shipped. If we have the Magic Freezer, we can preserve them for longer and save on transportation costs.”

“Speaking of the transportation problem, look at this transport Magic Car. This thing can load several tons of cargo and this thing is much sturdier and faster than horse carriages. If the logistics department uses these transport Magic Cars, we dont need to worry about logistics in the future. Of course, this thing is too big and its not easy to smuggle it.”

“Theres also this Magic Stove. I feel like we definitely need this thing because we can use a stove without lighting a fire. Adding in the Magic Rice Cooker, itll be much easier to cook compared to lighting a fire. Whether it is in the barracks or out in the wild, its very easy to use.”

“Of course, theres still this……”


Hearing Joao introduce the magic machines one by one, although Linear kept struggling with the idea that this was “supporting the enemy”, he couldnt help being attracted by Joaos introductions.

Even if it was him, he had to admit it.

The magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really were too damn easy to use!

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