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After a while, Xu Yi gave a soft sigh.

“What Did they cause more trouble”

At the beginning of last year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, the Armani Chamber of Commerce, and the Renekton Chamber of Commerce built a production base on the Black Rice Wasteland.

At first this production base went smoothly, hiring many beastmen from the Black Rice Wasteland and reducing the cost of workers, allowing the four companies to enjoy plenty of benefits.

But in the later half of the year, the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland started harassing the production base. It forced the production base to stop working again and again, creating serious losses.

Moreover, it wasnt just the other beastmen tribes causing trouble, even the workers in the factories caused trouble. They had clashed with the humans more than once and had almost killed someone.

With all these accidents, it was hard to maintain the production base. When they calculated their finances at the end of the year, the four companies had actually lost money on this production base.

Although not a single company pulled out because of the loss, if this situation continued, they wouldnt be able to support the production base any longer.

“Its not that.” Chairman Cruise spread his hands helplessly, “I really dont understand what those beastmen are thinking, you know Everyone can clearly earn money by working together, its good for everyone, but those fellows have to cause trouble when theres nothing to do. Not mentioning them stopping our production and causing us losses, dont they suffer losses themselves”

Xu Yi rubbed his head and said with a sigh, “Theres no other way, the beastmen are just that dumb. They have unruly instincts and arent convinced in letting us humans manage them, so theres no way.”

“Its not right to say theres no way.” Chairman Cruise shook his head, “When the elves controlled the continent, the beastmen were all as obedient as kittens. There werent any beastmen willing to cause trouble, not to mention resisting the elves. In the end, the ones who stood up against the elves were the humans that beastmen normally looked down on and felt were too weak.”

“Oh What methods did the elves have to make the beastmen obedient” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

“Its nothing that special, its very simple. They just beat them.” Chairman Cruise replied with a look of disdain, “Let me tell you, the beastmen bully the weak and fear the strong. If you are a bit stronger and force them to submit, they wouldnt dare resist at all. But if you arent forceful and they think you dont have any abilities, they would start throwing insults at you.”

“Why is that like a certain race on earth” Xu Yi found this a bit funny in his heart, “Then what is your opinion”

“My opinion……Honestly speaking, chairman Vincent, chairman Renersa, and I have the same opinion. We dont think that chairman Xu is forceful enough, that is why the beastmen think our companies are weak.” Chairman Cruise honestly said.

“Just say that Ive been weak.” Xu Yi looked at him, “Alright, what do you think…..is weak or strong Should I run over and kill a few beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland The problem is that were trying to earn money, not slaughter people.”

“How is it that exaggerated” Chairman Cruise waved his hand, “The three of us think that we should strengthen the guards. We should at least be able to protect the production base and safely leave it. That way we can show our strength to the beastmen, making them afraid and wont dare harass us anymore.”

“So How do you plan on strengthening them Dont forget, manpower, especially qualified guards are hard to find. Our company has spent all that time and we still dont have over a thousand guards yet.” Xu Yi said.

“If you have the skills, how about including the elven guards, the dwarf guards, and all the other guards” Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi before waving his hand, “But I dont mean this. It isnt easy to find qualified guards, but to increase their strength doesnt just mean increasing their numbers, right For example…..giving them better weapons”

Seeing the profound smile on chairman Cruises face, Xu Yi couldnt help finding this funny.

“Alright, Cruise, youve gone around in a large circle. In the end, you want to buy some military magic machines for your companys guards from me.”

“Thats right.” Since Xu Yi had seen through him, chairman Cruise didnt try to cover it up, “I had this idea. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has those easy to use military magic machines and strong equipment. If you can give the same to the guards of our company, we can increase their battle strength and how would we need to worry about the beastmen harassing us”

“This idea is very good, but theres a problem.” Xu Yi gave a sigh, “Its fine for normal weapons and armours, but the stronger military magic machines are controlled by the royal army. Normal company guards arent allowed to have this equipment.”

Chairman Cruise looked at him, “Then how can your guards have them”

“Because they are not only my companys guards, they are also the personal troops of me as a viscount. What Are any of your three chairmen also nobles”

Chairman Cruise rolled his eyes, “This fellow……There is only you in the entire Lampuri Kingdom who is both a noble and a merchant, why are you asking when you already know this”

“So even if I want to do this, I dont have any way, right” Xu Yi spread his hands.

“No, of course there is a way.” Chairman Cruise revealed a sly smile. He took out a document for Xu Yi.

Xu Yi took it and found that it was a standard noble order form.

He found that the one who issued this was a small noble from Banta City called Baron Kiri. The content of the form was that this Baron Kiri wanted to take a trip to the Black Rice Wasteland and because he was worried about the beastmen there, he wanted to get three hundred guards like the Royal Parliament allowed.

In order for those three hundred guards to protect him better, he wanted to increase their battle strength. So he would be ordering three hundred Magic Repeating Crossbows and three portable Magic Trebuchets.

After he finished reading this, Xu Yi looked at Baron Kiris seal on the bottom for a bit before looking at chairman Cruise with a surprised look.

“You really can think of ways, but are you sure this wont bring the kingdoms parliaments attention to you and bring your trouble”

Chairman Cruise revealed a faint smile, “What is there to worry about It isnt just our company whos done this. Where do you think the Falcao Chamber of Commerces two thousand guards came from”

Xu Yi thought about it before nodding. He looked back at the order and it was like a door was slowly opening in front of him.


As the new year passed, winter was leaving with each passing day.

As spring bloomed, Banta City became more and more lively with each passing day as the stream of people came in.

Banta Citys renovation plan started with the first breeze of spring and once work began, there wasnt a single idle day.

The entire Banta City turned into a large construction site and there were all kinds of buildings being built.

It was like Banta City was changing with each day.

In the new part of the city, the roads were extending further out. Not only was every village in Banta City connected now, there were roads in every direction, so people could ride the newly improved public transport system with their Magic Cars to any place they wanted.

In the new city, not only were there a large number of factories, there were many different buildings that the people of Banta City had never seen or heard of before.

For example, the nursing home beside the hospital, which was said to be donated by the Armani Chamber of Commerce.

In this nursing home, as long as one was over sixty, they would be able to receive a set of winter clothes and bedding, as well as other daily necessities.

If they had no one to take care of them, an old person who had lost their vitality could directly move into the nursing home. Naturally there would be people who took care of you, so you didnt need to worry about anything.

Other than the nursing home, there was also an aid station not far away constructed by the Falcao Chamber of Commerce.

This aid station was to help people who had run into trouble. As long as it was someone in trouble, they could ask for help here.

The aid station not only provided basic food and board, based on the decision of the one in trouble, they could introduce some work to him or send them to their friends and family.

Moreover, not far away from the aid station was the vocational skill training school built under the collaboration of the various companies and the City Lord Manor.

One didnt need to pay fees, anyone could choose to learn a vocational skill here.

As for the price they paid, after they finished their training, they had to work for at least three years in a Banta City company that fell into their field of training.

If they broke this rule, all the companies in Banta City would blacklist them and they would never be able to find a job in Banta City again.

In these new buildings, everyone found various companies were involved, but they never saw the Frestech Chamber of Commerces name.

Everyone was confused by this.

Wasnt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a “company that cared about the community” like chairman Xu had said Why was it that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt participate in these things that helped the community

Perhaps it was in response to the doubt of the public that at this years spring bicycle race, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced a piece of information.

In a week, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be holding a product release press conference that they hadnt held in a long time.

And the one in charge would actually be Xu Yi himself.

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