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Being seen through by Xu Yi, Kovac was stunned for a bit before saying with an awkward look, “Chairman Xu, were not…..no, we just…..Its a rare opportunity, so we want to grasp it……This doesnt mean were not willing to supply your Frestech Chamber of Commerce with components, really! You have to believe me, we will definitely do our best to process the final batch of components! We definitely wont…..”

Xu Yi raised a hand to stop him again.

“Alright, dont say anything, I understand your meaning.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, not showing any anger like Kovac was worried about, “I dont blame you, but Kovac, tell me, is this your idea or Freemans idea”

“This…..” Kovacs awkwardness became deeper, but he honestly replied, “This is my idea, Freeman doesnt agree with this at all.”

Xu Yi nodded.

Freeman was an honest fellow, he always wanted to repay Xu Yi for his kindness, so he definitely wouldnt give up the Frestech Chamber of Commerces orders for other orders.

But it was because of this that Kovac this “astute” person could easily control the Ireland Chamber of Commerce. Kovac had more right to speak compared to the chairman Freeman, so the Ireland Chamber of Commerce made this decision in the end.

Xu Yi considered it a bit before saying, “Alright, I understand your choice and also support it. Because from my perspective, I do wish the magic machine industry would spread over the Lampuri Kingdom and even the entire Sines Continent. The more companies that step out of Banta City like yours, the more help it is to my goal.”

Kovac kept nodding, “Yes, yes, chairman Xu, I also think this way. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is even developing in other countries and although our Ireland Chamber of Commerce cant compare, we should also have ambitions, right”

“Un, this idea is correct.” Xu Yi nodded to show support before changing the topic, “But Kovac, I must remind you, if you want to consider development of your company, throwing away our Frestech Chamber of Commerce this quickly isnt a smart choice.”

Kovac had a look that didnt think this, but he immediately revealed a smile, “Chairman Xu, youre misunderstanding. How could we want to throw away your Frestech Chamber of Commerce There definitely isnt this matter. This is just a good opportunity and the capacity of our company cant keep up, so we have to stop our supply to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for now. When our capacity catches up, we will definitely want to cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce again.”

Xu Yi just smiled, neither confirming or denying.

“Alright, since youve already made your decision, I have no objections. Once this batch is finished, I will find other companies to solve our component problems. Right, you just said that you had two things to discuss. This is the first one, so what is the second one”

“The second matter……” Kovac said with a laugh, “Chairman Xu, do you think……our companys components can stop following the standards of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at him with a surprised gaze, “Why do you have this idea”

“Because when I went to inspect the other magic machine factories last year, I found that many magic machines didnt follow the standards of our Banta City, but they sold very well. If we want to process components for them, they wouldnt fit if we followed the standards of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So I was thinking…..when it came to orders for other companies, we wouldnt need to continue following our Banta Citys standards”

Kovac looked at Xu Yi with a hopeful look.

Although in theory, the Banta Citys standard was suggested by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and was forcefully stipulated among the magic machine companies, it wasnt too strictly enforced. So the Ireland Chamber of Commerce going against it isnt much.

But out of fear of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Kovac felt that he should get Xu Yis approval first.

Xu Yi looked at Kovac and revealed a ghost of a smile, “When you inspected those companies, did you think their magic machines were good”

“Of course they couldnt compare to the Frestech Brand.” Kovac immediately said, “But I felt that they werent worse compared to the magic machines of our Banta City and they sold quite well.”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Alright, since youve already made up your mind, I dont have any objections. These standards arent being forced, so it isnt a problem that your Ireland Chamber of Commerce is choosing not to follow them.”

Kovac looked at Xu Yis expression and carefully asked, “Chairman Xu, are you really not angry”

Xu Yi revealed a happy look, “Why would I be angry This is a decision from your Ireland Chamber of Commerce, as a peer, I can only give you suggestions and cant do anything to you. Of course, as a peer, I must give you some advice.”


“When it comes to making goods, especially industrial goods, its good to have a standard. Not only does the standard bring limits, it also gives you advantages. Perhaps you might not realize it now, but I think youll realize it soon.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Kovacs expression still thought otherwise, so Xu Yi was too lazy to explain to him.

Just like he said, this is the decision of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, so currently he had no method to punish them.

Although with Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces position in Banta City, they could make the Ireland Chamber of Commerce suffer, Xu Yi wasnt willing to do this.

Let them suffer their losses and realize the benefits of a standard, it was much better than Xu Yi forcefully stopping them.

To put it more cruelly, if the Ireland Chamber of Commerce suffered a loss, this could be considered a setting an example for the other companies.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could support an Ireland Chamber of Commerce, so of course they could support more companies.

The only thing that Xu Yi felt pity for was that Freeman was a good person.

Watching Kovac turn, feeling quite assured, Xu Yi shook his head with a smile before turning to the group of people who had waited a long time for him.

The things that these representatives discussed with Xu Yi was mainly regarding magic production machines.

Because the magic machine industry had developed well and the companies that joined in the past two years earned quite a bit, as well as her highness Seveni stating that she would be supporting business development, especially the magic machine business, these companies naturally wanted to increase their production.

Moreover, there were many people coming to Banta City this year, which could relieve their lack of manpower, so it was a good chance to expand their production.

So these representatives came looking for Xu Yi to make more orders for magic production machines, to prepare expanding their production scale.

Xu Yi casually talked with these people and confirmed over a hundred orders for various magic production machines.

There were even companies that ordered complete production lines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Compared to their production scales from before, this could be considered a large step.

Xu Yi naturally agreed to everything and with a rough estimate, just with this discussion, Xu Yi had earned orders that added up to a total of over five hundred thousand gold coins.

This order could be considered the first deal of the year for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this was a large opening.

When everyone left, chairman Cruise came over with an emotional look.

“Chairman Xu, there are many times when I envy you. Just by sitting here, business would come to you. If our company could have such an exciting scene, I might die of happiness tomorrow.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes at him, “You make it sound like your Amrit Chamber of Commerce is about to starve. Its fine if you put on an act in front of others, but why are you acting in front of me I know that your Amrit Chamber of Commerce has signed a contract with the Rudson Kingdom for a thousand kilometers of road. Just the amount of this contract is over four million gold coins.”

“Hey, chairman Xu, the surplus and profit is different, dont tell me you dont know that.” Chairman Cruise revealed a wronged look, “Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can turn five hundred thousand in sales to four hundred thousand. Our Amrit Chamber of Commerce earns less than four hundred thousand from this four million in sales!”

“Then what about the high class villas in the cities connected by the roads Dont tell me youre earning little money from that.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Ha, ha……This……Ha, ha……” Chairman Cruise gave a few dry laughs, but he didnt reply to Xu Yi at all.

Xu Yi shook his head. The real estate industry was an industry with large profits on earth, he didnt think it would be different on the Sines Continent.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce had developed the Dawn Neighbourhood by the Sandy River and each villa had cost at least nine thousand gold coins.

According to Xu Yis estimate of the materials, a single villas cost would be around four thousand gold coins.

Even counting the cost of labour and the cost of the land, the average cost of a villa would be no more than six thousand gold coins.

Calculating it, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce could earn over three thousand gold coins from each villa.

There were a total of one hundred and eighty eight villas in this neighbourhood. Just with this neighbourhood, they earned over six hundred thousand gold coins.

This was just a single neighbourhood. If they counted the neighbourhoods built in Saltan City and Karma City, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would be earning a profit of close to two million if they sold everything.

Adding in the income from the roads last year, the Amrit Chamber of Commerces yearly net profit was higher than any other company other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Ke…..Chairman Xu, it isnt that you dont know. Although we earn a lot, we also spend a lot. Moreover, were not earning money in every place, rather there are places where we are suffering a loss. For example…..Were currently losing quite a bit from the investment on the Black Rice Wasteland.”

Hearing chairman Cruise finally mention the Black Rice Wasteland, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

This beastmen place, it really was filled with worries.

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