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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 4 - Expansion

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Everyone was stunned.

“What does that mean” Chairman Morgan asked.

“Its very simple. To give an example, chairman Morgan, for your company, do you think that you can find anyone to work in the mine” Xu Yi asked back.

Chairman Morgan shook his head, “Of course thats impossible. Even if working in the mine is just some simple hard work, the work is very dangerous. If we dont teach them first, there would be problems.”

“Thats right. Ill give another example. Everyone should be familiar with Magic Cars, right” Xu Yi asked.

Everyone revealed a smile.

The Magic Car had already been out for half a year and although this wasnt long, because Magic Cars were better than horse carriages in terms of speed, load, or cost, all the companies had realized the advantage of Magic Cars. Now they all accepted that Magic Cars could replace horse carriages.

If it wasnt for the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt keep up with production, Banta Citys horse carriages would have disappeared and have been replaced by Magic Cars.

“The Magic Cars need a drivers license or to be more exact, they require a certain amount of skills to be driven. Even if one obtained the license, they need to become familiar with driving and need time to train their driving. So one cant just grab anyone to drive these Magic Cars.” Xu Yi explained.

“Chairman Xu, I understand what you mean.” Chairman Vincent followed him, “Youre saying…..although Banta City will have more people this year, there arent that many of them who can be used Youre saying that they have no meaning towards our companies”

“Its pretty much this meaning, but of course its not that they have no meaning at all.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “For example, if there is some simple work that doesnt require any technique, it can be given to the foreign workers. Moreover, I have discussed this with her highness earlier, we are planning to create a vocational training program in Banta City. We want everyone in Banta City to gain one or more vocational skills, that wouldnt just benefit those people, it would also benefit our Banta City.”

“Vocational skill training” The chairmen all looked at each other before nodding.

“Your highness, how do you plan on carrying out this vocational skill training” Chairman Rank turned to ask Seveni.

Seveni revealed a faint smile, “Right now, I plan on building a large vocational training school in the name of the City Lord Manor. All of you large companies can set up a training area in this school, training the vocational skills that your company needs.”

“Then what do we do with the people trained” Chairman Morgan asked, “If we spend all that time training them and they run to another company, wouldnt we suffer a loss”

“If you cant win them over to your company while training them, wouldnt that be called a failure” Seveni asked back with a smile.

Chairman Morgan was surprised before giving two dry laughs and saying nothing else.

“Other than the vocational training, the City Lord Manor will also promote a detailed and comprehensive vocational skill grading. As for the grading standard, we will refer to the magic machine vocational skill grading from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As for the exact grades, well have to discuss it with everyone present.” Seveni said.

Everyones gaze fell onto Xu Yi again. Of course they knew that this proposal came from Xu Yi.

But everyone felt that this proposal was necessary.

With a clear and precise grade, the large companies will save plenty of effort when recruiting people, they wouldnt need to spend large amounts of time and effort training them again.

As for promoting the vocational skill training system Seveni mentioned, if they could be linked, it would be of great help to the large companies.

So after considering it, everyone showed their approval for these two suggestions.

After that, Seveni announced the City Lord Manors plan for business development in the next year and after discussing it with everyone, the conference came to an end.

Although Seveni only announced some general plans and rarely announced details, this was helpful information for the large and small companies of the city. It would help them adjust to the City Lord Manors plan for next year.

In short, this City Lord Seveni who took over from Count Stagg was still showing support to business development in Banta City.

Just this made everyone assured. After the conference ended and they left the City Lord Manor, everyone had sincere smiles on their faces.

“Everyone, how about we take this chance and find a place to gather so we can continue discussing. What does everyone think about that” When they came out of the City Lord Manor, chairman Rank suddenly proposed this.

Everyone stopped and looked at each other before revealing smiles. They all showed their support for chairman Ranks suggestion.

They all came to a restaurant built by the Sarank Chamber of Commerce in the new part of the city and they booked the entire restaurant.

A bunch of representatives were at a meeting, this wasnt just for eating a meal.

After taking their seats, everyone went to look for their targets to talk to.

There were many people who wanted to find Xu Yi, but the first one to do so was chairman Rank.

“Chairman Rank, as for the idea you mentioned about selling things to the Sack Kingdom, I have a suggestion.”

When Xu Yi said this, chairman Rank was stunned.

He had mentioned this matter to Xu Yi before, but Xu Yi didnt care, so he thought that Xu Yi wasnt interested and never mentioned it again.

He never thought that Xu yi would take the initiative to mention this, also he had a new idea

Could it be that he had some new channel to the Sack Kingdom

“I have indeed grasped control of a new channel, but the key thing is that its in Sowell City.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“Sowell City” Chairman Rank was surprised. He suddenly remembered that Xu Yi took a trip to Sowell City last year.

Sowell City was one of the cities in the north nearest to the border. Xu Yi creating a channel there wasnt that surprising.

“Alright, what suggestion do you have”

Xu Yi had a strange smile on his face, “Chairman Rank, I want to ask, just what is the scale when your company sells to the Sack Kingdom”

Chairman Rank slightly knit his brows. He wanted to say that this was a business secret of the Sarank Chamber of Commerce, how could he easily reveal this.

But seeing the strange expression on Xu Yis face, chairman Rank thought about it before replying, “It should be around two to three hundred thousand gold coins a year. It isnt much, it can just be considered an extra path.”

Xu Yi nodded, not caring that much as the smile on his face became wider.

“Then chairman Rank, do you want to increase this scale For example…..two to three million per year”

Chairman Rank looked at Xu Yi in surprise. Seeing the strange smile on his face, his heart was moved.

“What Chairman Xu, what suggestion do you have”

Xu Yi smiled and approached chairman Rank, speaking in a low voice.

After a while, chairman Rank had a look of joy and disbelief on his face when he left. The Ireland Chamber of Commerces vice chairman Kovac who had been waiting on the side quickly came forward.

“Chairman Xu……” Kovac had a very exaggerated flattering smile on his face, “Can I talk to you”

Xu Yi calmly looked at him and gave a slight nod.

Xu Yi always thought that this Kovac was very cunning, so he never really liked him.

If he wasnt for the fact that he was Freemans most efficient helper, Xu Yi wouldnt want to see him.

Kovac was clear on Xu Yis attitude towards him. Seeing Xu Yis indifference, he couldnt help giving two awkward dry laughs before continuing, “Chairman Xu, I came to discuss two things with you today.”

“Un, speak.” Xu Yi indifferently replied.

“This…..The first thing is……Our company received many orders from other cities, of course they were all for magic machine parts.” Kovac said.

“This is a good thing.” Xu Yi nodded, “I always told Freeman, I hoped that your Ireland Chamber of Commerce could leave Banta City and sell your components to every part of the Lampuri Kingdom. Now that there are other sides placing orders with you, it means youre doing very well.”

“Many thanks for chairman Xus support.” Kovac kept nodding. After pausing, he revealed a difficult look, “But because of these orders, our company has met a problem…..”

Xu Yi looked at him, “What is it Youre afraid you cant handle them”

Kovac was a bit surprised before nodding, “Un…..Yes. With our companys current production, its already hard for us to complete your Frestech Chamber of Commerces orders, not to mention dealing with even more orders……”

“You just said that you just accepted many orders from other cities” Xu Yi cut him off.

Kovac hesitated a bit before giving a forced nod, “Yes…..But chairman Xu, you dont need to worry, we will definitely finish your Frestech Chamber of Commerces orders first. Moreover, we will guarantee the best quality and the best workers!”

“Im not worried about this.” Xu Yi shook his head, “But hearing your words, after you finish our companys orders, you have some new ideas”

Kovac gave a dry laugh and looked around before saying to Xu Yi with a difficult look, “This…..Chairman Xu, it was hard for us to get orders from other cities, so we want to grasp this opportunity and promote our company to the entire Lampuri Kingdom. Didnt you always tell us that you hoped the magic machine industry would take root in many different places in the kingdom If our companys components are sold to other places, it will definitely help your idea and…..”

“Be more direct, youre planning on stopping the orders to our company” Xu Yi cut him off again.

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