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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 2 - New home

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A Magic Car drove across the hundred meter long and ten meters wide reinforced concrete bridge newly built over the Sandy River, arriving at the newly built checkpoint that was two kilometers away from Banta Citys north gate.

Sevi had wide sparkling blue eyes as he watched out the window. Although there was a stream of people, it looked very neat and wasnt disorderly at all, causing him to have a look of excitement.

It took four days from his hometown in the north. First they rode a horse carriage before changing to a Magic Car. They traveled over a thousand kilometers to reach the Banta City that his big sister described countless times. Sevi was a bit worried that he wouldnt be able to adapt to living here.

But as soon as he went past the magnificent bridge, he already broadened his world view and felt that he was very lucky to come to a city like this.

And seeing the large checkpoint that he couldnt see through and never imagined before, seeing the Magic Cars going in and out from it, Sevi felt that Banta City really was the most advanced city that far surpassed other cities like his big sister said.

Even staying in Anvilmar City last night, Sevi thought that it was more luxurious, but it was far from being as shocking as the Banta City he saw now.

Whether it was the roads that led all over or the Magic Cars that drove on those roads, it showed that this place was different from other cities.

What Sevi felt was that the people here were bursting with life and filled with vigor. They moved very quickly, not like the spiritless who walked around his hometown or the other people he saw who seemed like “lost souls”.

Alright, the term “lost souls” came from his big sister and Sevi didnt understand it before, but seeing the people of Banta City, he immediately understood what it meant.

“Hey, Sevi, what are you in a daze for, were getting off.” His parents beside him had already gotten out. Seeing that Sevi was looking out the window, they called out to him.

Sevi replied before jumping out.

This young man who was eighteen, Sevi was filled with energy. He took the bags from the hands of his parents and put them on his back as he jumped out. He ran over to his big sister who had gone out to speak with the people at the checkpoint.

The official was patiently explaining, “Miss Akali, you are a member of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so theres no need to inspect you. But your parents and little brother have never registered in Banta City, so we must perform the necessary inspections. Please understand.”

Akali knit her brows, “Why They are my family, I can act as a guarantee for them, so why do they need to be inspected Isnt this too much There wasnt this rule last year.”

It was hard enough to convince her parents and little brother to come from their hometown, she thought that she could easily settle them and give them a good life. She never thought that once she reached Banta City, she would be stopped like this, so she couldnt help being a bit angry.

“These are the new rules announced by the Lord City Lord this year, it was the reason why this checkpoint was built.” The official knew that Akali was a high ranking researcher of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from her identification, so they were very polite to Akali. They continued to explain in a patient voice, “This isnt aiming at anyone, this is just to better manage the non-native population entering Banta City. I think that since miss Akal is a wise magician, you should understand this, right”

Hearing the official call her a “wise magician” and how polite they were, Akali naturally didnt remain angry. She thought about it before spreading her hand, “Alright, inspect what Please hurry up, I still have to bring them home to rest.”

“Un, please wait a moment.”

Actually this inspection was just checking their luggage and then confirming their identity, before checking if they worked or lived in Banta City before. The process was very simple.

When their inspection was over, it took no more than five minutes.

Other than Akali, there wasnt anyone with the courage to question the official, so actually it was only the people behind Akali who were delayed.

But seeing how polite the official was to Akali, the others naturally knew that Akalis identity wasnt low and there wasnt anyone who complained.

When their family came out of the checkpoint, Sevi turned back to the long line of people at the checkpoint before turning to Akali. He couldnt help saying in an emotional voice, “Big sister, I thought that you were boasting before, but I never thought that you really were an important person in Banta City. Even the officials were polite to you.”

Akali giggled, “Im not an important person, Im just borrowing the glow of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If you want to talk about someone important, wait until you see chairman Xu and her highness, then youll know what an important person is.”

Sevis eyes lit up, “I can meet chairman Xu and her highness That is great!”

Akali hesitated a bit, “This…..Its not a problem seeing chairman Xu, but as for her highness…..that is hard to say.”

Sevi was a bit disappointed, but then he became excited again, “Its good even if its just chairman Xu, he is my idol! I have long wanted to meet him!”

Akali gave a soft laugh, “Alright, chairman Xu is easy to meet. If you want to see him, Ill bring you to the company tomorrow and you should be able to meet him. As for now, lets head home to rest, mom and dad should be tired.”

“Un!” Sevi gave a strong nod and held the luggage before looking around, looking a bit confused, “Big sister, where are we walking”

“What walk, my new house is several kilometers away. Its fine for you to walk, but do you want mom and dad to also walk there” Akali glared at him.

“Then what do we do”

“Wait.” Akali left the three and came to a patch of land near the checkpoint.

There were several Magic Cars stopped there. Seeing Akali come over, a middle aged woman came to welcome here.

“This miss, are you here to rent a car Come ride my car, as long as its in Banta City, we can go wherever you want.”

Akali looked at the sign on her Magic Car and asked, “Are you with the Mercado Chamber of Commerce”

“Right, right, right, we are with the Mercado Chamber of Commerce. Our cars are very credible, there definitely wont be any problems.” The middle aged woman kept nodding.

“Alright, Ill rent one.”

“Rent one” The middle aged woman was surprised, “Miss, youre planning to rent an entire one”

“Thats right.”

Hearing this, the middle aged womans expression became more respectful.

“Where does this miss want to go”

“Its not far, its the new citys Dawn Neighbourhood.”

“Dawn Neighbourhood” The middle aged woman gave a gasp and looked at Akali in surprise. Her expression was a bit strange, but she had an exaggerated smile on her face, “So its the Dawn Neighbourhood, no wonder.”

Akali was too lazy to care about the meaning in her smile. She called her parents and her little brother to get into the car before passing the old city and heading to the Dawn Neighbourhood near the shore of the Sandy River outside the west of the city.

When they sat down, Akalis parents and Sevi were surprised by the scene outside the car. When the Magic Car approached the Dawn Neighbourhood, the three were even more shocked.

Akalis mother had a look of disbelief as she asked Akali, “Good daughter, youre saying that your new house is here Such a beautiful house, how much did it cost”

Akali revealed a faint smile as she patted the back of her hand and comforted her, “Mom, dont worry about how much, just relax and stay here. Be assured, Im making over a thousand gold coins a year, its not much to buy a house like this.”

Although they had already heard Akali mention her income, this number was just too far away for her parents. They had no idea if it was true, they just thought Akali was comforting them or boasting to them.

But when they saw these houses, they started to seriously consider Akalis words.

A thousand gold coins a year Wasnt that too much

It had to be known, adding up the income of all hundred families in their village, their yearly income wouldnt reach a thousand gold coins!

After a while, the Magic Car stopped in front of a three story villa right by the bank of the river.

Akali took out five gold coins for the middle aged woman driver and stepped out of the car first. She came to the entrance of the villa and spread her hands as she said, “Mom, dad, Sevi, this is our new home!”

Akalis parents and Sevi came out of the car and were stunned by this magnificent and luxurious villa that took up over five hundred square meters. They were stunned for a while.

After a while, Akalis mom asked in a stutter, “Daughter…..This…..This…..Is this really your house”

Akali shook her head with a faint smile, “No, mom, youre wrong. This isnt my house, this is our house because well live here together from now on.”

Akalis mother looked at the villa in a daze before her eyes filled with tears and she said in a choked voice, “I…..I thought that…..that we would have to wander later, but…..But I never thought…..thought that we would be able to live in such a beautiful house, it really…..it really…..”

Akalis father took his wife by the shoulder and gave a nod to Akali before saying in a deep voice, “Akali, its been hard on you.”

Seeing her parents like this, Akali felt her nose stuff up and a few tears couldnt help coming out of her eyes.

Only Sevi who was careless didnt feel moved at all, rather he had a look of excitement and joy.

“Mom, dad, big sister, why are you crying We get to live in such a large and beautiful house, we should be happy.”

Akalis dad wiped the corner of his eyes and said with a sigh, “I was just feeling emotional after leaving our hometown and settling here.”

Sevi curled his lips, “What is there to be emotional about We left that broken place because we couldnt stay there anymore.”

Before waiting for his parents or Akali to react, Sevi charged into the villa.

Seeing how impatient he was, Akalis father gave a sigh before revealing a smile.

“Right, we cant stay there anymore, so theres no need to feel emotional. Come, lets see our new home!”

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