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Year 3783 of the new continent calendar had passed for a week and a cold wind swept across the Muerto Mountains.

The thick snow had started falling since morning and didnt stop at all even at noon.

The entire sky was dyed white with snow and not only did it cover the barren land burned from the flames of war, it also covered the bloodstains that dyed the field. It made the Muerto Mountains look as white as the snow.

The Hungry Wolf Regiment commander Chalon Linear looked at the fuzzy outline of the mountains in the snow for a while. He was already covered in snow and he had turned into a snowman.

Although he couldnt see the Muerto Mountains in the distance clearly because of the snow, Linear knew that it was covered in the northern armys soldiers.

Just like how they were on guard against the northern army, the northern army was also on guard against them attacking to take back the Muerto Mountains.

This confrontation had continued since the northern army had taken over the Muerto Mountains last year.

Both sides were unwilling to retreat because once they did, it would be equal to giving the border to the other army and they couldnt predict the consequences.

But in this kind of weather, neither side could attack, so they enjoyed a rare peace.

But Linear was dissatisfied with this peace.

Now that the Muerto Mountains that the Sack Kingdom controlled for ten years had been taken, many people in the Sack Kingdom were calling for replacing Linear as the commander, so Linear had been passive during this time.

But compared to how passive he was, what Linear cared about was the shame that came with losing the Muerto Mountains.

As a soldier, not being able to protect his post was a ruthless slap to the face for Linear.

Every time he looked at the Muerto Mountains, he would feel his face sting and the flames of rage appear in his heart.

However, when he thought about the battle strength the northern army had displayed, it was like a bucket of cold water falling onto Linears head that instantly calmed him down.

He was very clear that if the northern army had the same battle strength as before and if the Hungry Wolf Regiment didnt change, the Hungry Wolf Regiment would be defeated without a doubt if they fought again.

The Lampuri Kingdoms northern army hadnt approached the Sack Kingdom in half a year, so Linear could tell that it wasnt because they were afraid of the Hungry Wolf Regiment, rather they were afraid of the difference in national power.

However, the more he knew this, the more ashamed Linear became.

“Just wait, there will be a day when I take back the Muerto Mountains!”

Urged by his guards, Linear gave a snort and took one last look at the mountains before turning to return to his tent.

When he shook off the snow on him, the flap of the tent opened again and a chill came in that made Linear unable to stop his shiver.

When he turned to call out, he found that it was his chief staff officer Ivy Joao that came in. Linear immediately changed to asking a question.

“What is it Is it urgent”

Ivy Joao rubbed his hands and he didnt seem worried at all, rather he looked a bit happy.

After warming his hands by the fire in the tent, he carefully took out a bundle of paper and gave it to Linear.

Linear doubtfully took it and found that there were strange drawings on the map, looking like a design for some machine.

“What is this”

Joao laughed, “Your long awaited thing.”

Linears eyes lit up, “Could it be the blueprint for the Magic Trebuchet”

“Thats right.”

Hearing Joaos answer, Linear quickly rifled through them and focused on reading it.

But he didnt know anything about this, so he couldnt understand it even if he was focused.

But he could see a few clues from these designs and could confirm that the thing on the blueprint was the Magic Trebuchet that the northern army took out last year, the one that caused the Hungry Wolf Regiment to suffer and made their lines collapse.

“Where did you get this thing” Linear asked.

“The headquarters got it from the Lampuri Kingdom and I only brought you a copy.” Joao took the thing from Linears hand and carefully put it away, “This was something the headquarters paid a high price to get. It took me quite a bit of effort to get a copy for you.”

Linear was a bit surprised, “The headquarters really is good. Something as important as this is something the Lampuri Kingdom would strictly protect, how did they get it”

Joao laughed, “We dont care how they got it. I want to tell you some good news, the king has ordered for this thing to be quickly studied. I think that it wont take long before we also have Magic Trebuchets.”

Linear didnt have a happy look on his face, rather he deeply knit his brows.

“Im not as optimistic as you. The kingdoms magic department fellows studied this before and in the end They smashed several people to death in the end! I dont think that they can make it even with the blueprint.”

“Its better to try than to not.” Joao shook his head, “Otherwise, you think that we can win if we fight those northern army fellows again”

Linears face sunk and after a while, he slowly shook his head with a sigh.

“Those things are just too strong, we cant stop them. There are many times that I think, if Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were in our Sack Kingdom, we might have already defeated the Lamuri Kingdom. How could we still be suffering like this.”

“Its a pity that that fellow is in the Lampuri Kingdom.” Joao said with a sigh, “But its fine, according to the report of the magic department, their progress with the blueprint is going very smoothly and we just need to wait for their good news.”

Linear gave a cold snort, “Then did they say how long they want us to wait Dont forget, there was news from the other side that the one commanding the northern army is now the eldest prince Eric. That kid wants to use military exploits to take the throne, so hes preparing to attack our Sack Kingdom. I think that once winter passes, that kid will be unable to wait. If we still dont have a weapon to resist them, should we just wait and watch them attack our kingdom”

Joao gave a laugh, “You dont need to worry about that. According to the reports from headquarters, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce are supporting Seveni, so prince Eric is drawing a line with him. He didnt buy any military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so the northern army isnt as strong as last year.”

Linear shook his head with a frown, “I really dont know what this kid is thinking. Hes clearly not using those convenient military magic machines, does that kid think that he could defeat our Hungry Wolf Regiment”

“You cant look down on him.” Joao said with a serious look, “There are many nobles in the Lampuri Kingdom supporting him to the throne, so theyve supported his attack on our Sack Kingdom very much. So this time the northern army that were facing is a northern army with the best supplies, so we cant look down on their battle strength.”

“As long as they dont have military magic machines, Im not worried about the northern army.” Linear revealed a look of disdain, “If I have to say it, the northern army fellows might even become weaker after eating their fills and wearing warm clothes. Adding in the idiot prince, it would be strange if they became more powerful.”

“No matter what, its good to be careful.” Joao said.

“Of course, I still know that.” Linear nodded. After thinking for a bit, he suddenly said, “Actually, I strongly suggest that headquarters think of a way to take care of that kid Xu Yi. That kid is the biggest uncertainty. If he creates some more powerful military magic machines and if the people of the Lampuri Kingdom arent as dumb as that prince Eric, our situation might really be bad.”

“That isnt good.” Joao shook his head, “The headquarters think he has high value and if we can find a way to bring the things he and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develops into our hands, it would be of great benefit to our Sack Kingdom. You have to understand, the target of our Sack Kingdom isnt just the Lampuri Kingdom.”

Linear knit his brows in thought before saying with a sigh, “I understand that your words are reasonable, but I feel that…..letting that fellow stay alive, it might ruin our matters in the end. In the end……our Sack Kingdom might even be defeated by the Lampuri Kingdom……”

Joao laughed as he patted Linears shoulder, “Youre thinking too much. The Lampuri Kingdoms national strength is much worse than our Sack Kingdom. Moreover, they still havent decided their next ruler yet and the kingdom isnt stable. Even if Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce are uncertainties, what kind of threat can they give us Not to mention…..the headquarters has already started watching that kid Xu Yi, what kind of new thing can he think of that we cant expect”

Linear was silent for a bit before giving a slow nod.

“I hope its like this.”

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