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Ankhto revealed a bright smile, “What Why cant it be me”

Cantona looked at the motorcade behind him and was confused, “Its just sending a few goods, but you actually came, isnt this strange Then again, these are agricultural magic machines, how is it related to the manager of the household magic machine department”

“Because this time it isnt just agricultural magic machines, there are some other things.” Ankhto replied with a smile.

“No wonder…..I felt it was strange. Although three hundred agricultural magic machines are a lot, theres no need for this many transport Magic Cars. So there are other things.” Cantona looked at Ankhto and asked, “What Did chairman Xu send you here to sell household magic machines in the Stantine Duchy”

Ankhto gave Cantona a thumbs up, “Smart. Sir chairman had me come this time to bring household magic machines over and open up the Stantine Duchy market. How about it Youve been in the Stantine Duchy for a while, you should be familiar with this place, right Do you have any suggestions”

Cantona shook his head with a bitter smile, “I feel that chairman Xu and you will be disappointed. The people of the Stantine Duchy are very poor and there arent many people who can afford household magic machines.”

Ankhto didnt look disappointed as he said with a faint smile, “This isnt anything, the people of Banta City also couldnt afford household magic machines a few years ago. But now every household in Banta City is filled with household magic machines. The people of the Stantine Duchy cant afford it now, but that doesnt mean they cant afford it in the future.”

Cantona couldnt help smiling, “Was this what chairman Xu said”

“Right, sir chairman told me this before I left.”

“Chairman Xu is also confident, I admire him very much.” Cantona said with a nod.

“But sir chairmans confidence has never been blind, right” Ankhto said.

Cantona thought about it before laughing. He didnt discuss this any longer as he looked over the motorcade before moving to the side.

“No matter what, lets let the motorcade go in to rest. You came all the way here from Banta City, it must have been very hard. Ive already had people prepare a meal, so first fill your stomachs.”

“Alright.” Ankhto replied with a smile. He waved at the motorcade behind him and the powerful Magic Cars moved past the two of them, heading into the farm.

When the final Magic Car passed by Cantona, Cantona looked inside and was surprised to find that sitting in the passenger seat was the leader of the human Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.

“Why is he also here” Cantona was even more confused.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had several hundred guards, these guards werent weak. Hart was the leader of three hundred human guards and could be considered in a high place in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so he wouldnt easily leave it.

When he came out as a guard before, it was because Xu Yi had tagged along or they were transporting important cargo.

Xu Yi wasnt here this time, but he still came.

This meant…..there was something important among the cargo

But this motorcade only had some normal agricultural magic machines and some household magic machines, what was important about it

When Cantona was about to ask Ankhto, Ankhto softly patted his shoulder and he had a ghost of a smile.

“Chairman Cantona, there are some things that you shouldnt ask, so dont ask them.”

Cantonas heart filled with a chill. He quickly nodded with a few dry laughs before leading Ankhto into the Frestech Farm.

After a while, the motorcade entered the living area at the center of the farm. However, only the first half of the motorcade stopped and over ten Magic Cars didnt slow down at all as they headed to the sea.

Cantona was doubtful, but remembering Ankhtos warning, he could only keep this down. He began seriously entertaining Ankhto and the motorcade that was left.

The motorcade that Ankhto brought didnt just have a large amount of agricultural magic machines for reclaiming land and household magic machines to sell in the Stantine Duchy, there were also a large amount of everyday goods.

According to Ankhto, Xu Yi told him to bring these, which could be considered a New Years present for all the workers at the Frestech Farm.

Seeing the rich goods in the truck, Cantona couldnt help giving a sigh.

Chairman Xu really considered everything. Although he was far away in Banta City, he didnt forget these details.

There were a lot of goods, but it didnt cost that much. However, there was no doubt that it would increase favorability of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers that were here.

Although Cantona had already considered giving Cantona Chamber of Commerce workers gifts, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce couldnt transport goods as well as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He could only buy some local Stantine Duchy goods which couldnt compare to the things from Banta City.

But compared to this, the thing that Cantona cared the most about were the ten Magic Cars that had gone away.

Ankhto was acting this mysteriously and adding in the fact that chief Hart was the one in charge of escorting them, just what kind of goods were in those Magic Cars……

Cantona suddenly had a guess and his heart was shocked. He couldnt help looking at the sea with eyes filled with shock.


The ten Magic Cars went at a moderate speed until they came to the sea and stopped by the wharf.

This steel wharf wasnt complete right now, but the finished part could allow some ships to enter from the sea.

Hart jumped down from the Magic Car and looked up, finding several dark spots on the sea quickly approaching.

“It seems like theyre on time.” Hart nodded and moved towards a middle aged man who came out of a building on the wharf.

“Hello chief Hart.” The middle aged man revealed a very friendly smile and gave a strong shake of Harts hand, “Ive already waited here for two days.”

He looked at the motorcade behind Hart after saying this and kept praising, “These are the Magic Cars developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce They really are more powerful than horse carriages. I thought that it would take you several days to come from Banta City, but I never thought it would only take two days. This really surpassed my expectations.”

Hart looked at him and said with an emotionless look, “If mister Anklo was here, he wouldnt be surprised.”

The middle aged man revealed an awkward smile, “I am naturally not as experienced as mister Anklo. This is my first time seeing a Magic Car, Im a bit surprised.”

“Youll get used to it in the future.” Hart went to the sea and pointed at the dark spots, “Those should be your boats, right”

The middle aged man quickly nodded, “Right, right, we saw your motorcade arrive, so I already gave the signal. I ask chief Hart to wait a few minutes, they will be here soon.”

Hart nodded and came to the wharf with the middle aged man, watching those dark spots approach.

The middle aged man kept talking to Hart and Hart gave him a short and concise answer each time. The man felt helpless and stopped talking, as the two waiting in silence.

After around twenty minutes, those dark spots approached and they were thirty boats that were commonly seen in the Stantine Duchy.

Although they were boats, they werent as big as the boats that sailed on the Sandy River. Rather they were smaller, with each boat being less than ten meters long and three meters wide, they were all small boats.

Seeing these small boats, Hart couldnt help shaking his head.

The middle aged man on the side noticed this and asked, “What is it Chief Hart, is there a problem”

Hart asked with a frown, “These boats are too small, how will you transport the goods back”

The middle aged man laughed, “You dont need to worry about this. Although these boats are small, its quite easy for us to transport the goods in these ten Magic Cars.”

Hart nodded and didnt ask anything. He went to the boats by the wharf and bumped into Anklo who had just gotten out.

“Chief Hart, hello.” Anklo wasnt as excited at that middle aged man, but how he kept looking at the Magic Cars showed the trace of anxiety in his heart.

Hart and Anklo shook hands before he pointed at the Magic Cars, “The things have been transported. Mister Anklo, please inspect the goods.”

Anklo didnt hold back at all as he came to the Magic Cars with Hart. He went into the back of one of the Magic Cars and lifted up the cloth.

With just a look, Anklo couldnt help taking a deep breath.

Under the cloth were weapons that let out a bright and cold glow.

Just based on the glow of these weapons, he knew that they were of splendid quality. They far surpassed the normal goods that could be bought from a blacksmith in the cities.

As for the standard weapons of the Stantine Duchy, they couldnt compare to these weapons at all.

Anklo just took a look and immediately pulled down the cloth. He turned to Hart and found that Hart was very calm, not moved at all.

“I was excited about these weapons, but in chief Harts eyes, these are just normal things.” Anklo secretly gave a sigh before looking over the other Magic Cars with Hart.

The first seven Magic Cars were filled with weapons and armours and in the eighth and ninth Magic Cars, they were filled with large amounts of Magic Repeating Crossbows and arrow boxes.

Seeing these Magic Repeating Crossbows, Anklo became more excited.

He knew the might of these Magic Repeating Crossbows. If they had these Magic Repeating Crossbows, as long as they had enough arrows, their enemies couldnt approach them.

When he came to the final Magic Car that Hart personally escorted, when Anklo pulled back the cloth, his breath couldnt help stopping.

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