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Watching Kennards Magic Car heading to Anvilmar City and disappearing on the road, Xu Yi gave a chuckle and shook his head.

“This Kennard, isnt it just going back home for New Years Why did he make it sound so serious and tell megoodbye. He almost scared me to death, I thought he was planning to resign.”

Heinz on the side slightly knit his brows, “This isnt impossible. I heard that the Emma Family has stepped into the magic machine industry lately. Its quite reasonable to call back someone like him who has worked as our CEO for two years now.”

“Because the Emma Family wants to step into the magic machine industry, they wont do something like this because if Kennard remains as the CEO for our company, it will help them develop in the magic machine industry.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “In the end, if any company wants to step into the magic machine industry, they have to build relations with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right”

Heinz broke out in laughter, “Xu Yi, Ive found that youre becoming more like those important people, youre always confident when you speak.”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at him and thought for a bit before asking, “Baron Hannas seemed to have said the same thing to me, could it be that my personality really has changed”

Heinz shook his head, “I dont think your personality has changed, but…..How to say it It should be because our company is stronger, so you as the chairman naturally will have more confidence compared to before, so youve become more oppressive.”

“Why does it sound like Ive become a villain……” Xu Yi laughed at himself, “Could it be that that kid Alex told you this”

Hearing the name “Alex”, Heinzs face fell and he gave a strong snort.

“Dont mention that kid to me, Im angry once hes mentioned!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. Heinz had come to send off Kennard with him today, if it wasnt for Alex, he wouldnt have believed it.

After Alex came back with him from Anvilmar City, he had remained home for a while. Xu Yi had already told him what he and Heinz had discussed to let Alex prepare his heart.

Only Xu Yi never thought that Heinz wouldnt be able to calm down. The second day he returned from Sowell City, he came to find him.

It could be imagined that Alex staying at home put a lot of pressure on Heinz.

But he wouldnt talk about it and acted like it didnt matter. He continued to ask, “Right, speaking of Alex, since he came back from Anvilmar City, what are you planning to do with him Hes still young, he cant just keep staying at home.”

“Un, I think the same. This……” Heinz revealed a very awkward smile and even flattered Xu Yi a bit, “Xu Yi, I have scolded this kid over these days and he regrets it very much, he was very muddled during that time. So…..I hope that you can give him another chance. Look……”

“This isnt something that can be explained as being confused.” Xu Yi shook his head with a serious look, “Heinz, you should be very clear that if I didnt find out about this early and he continued to reveal the secrets of our company, it would have created serious consequences that he couldnt take. Moreover, to be honest, he even had contact with people of the Sack Kingdom before, wanting to betray the secrets of our company to the Sack Kingdom. Do you know that this can be considered treason”

“Its not that bad……” Heinzs expression was very ugly, “He really was just confused, he didnt have these thoughts. He regrets it now, he shouldnt have sold the companys secrets for a bit of money. Xu Yi…..You…..Just forgive him and give him another chance, alright Ive never asked you for anything in these years, just treat it as me asking you for a favour this time, alright”

Seeing Heinzs begging appearance, Xu Yi gave a deep sigh and patted Heinzs shoulder, “He is your nephew, you are doing your best for him. When this kid grows up and needs your help, would you dig out your flesh to help him”

Heinz gave a bitter laugh, “Theres no other way, he is my only nephew. My big brother and his wife died in the turmoil ten years ago and they entrusted him to me when he wasnt even ten years old. I have a responsibility to take care of him.”

“Taking care of him doesnt mean pampering him.” Xu Yi shook his head. He took another look at Heinz and gave another sigh, “Alright, although this goes against the companys rules, since youve already said this, Ill give him another chance. The company will be forming a transport fleet soon, have him take the drivers exam and then he can join the fleet as a driver. As long as he is willing to endure, it isnt impossible for him to become the leader of the transport fleet or even manager of the transportation department. I hope that he will seize this chance and do his best.”

Seeing Xu Yi finally agree, Heinzs eyes lit up and he was filled with joy. He grabbed Xu Yis hands and shook it, “Good, good, good. Thank you, chairman, thank you for giving him this chance. Ill tell him now and have him work properly!”

Seeing Heinz turn to leave, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

Actually, he didnt feel good about Alex.

The matter of Alex selling the companys secrets for money in Anvilmar City was completely because he was corrupted by Anvilmar City.

Hes already used to the life of luxury, could he really suffer and work hard as a driver

Xu Yi was doubtful.

Even though there were plenty of other jobs for Alex in the company, Xu Yi had already lost faith in him, so naturally he wouldnt give him any chance to touch the secrets of the company.

It was like he had told Heinz earlier, the things Alex did could be considered treason. Xu Yi had forced him back from Anvilmar City was all because of Heinz.

If he wanted to enjoy a good job again, it wouldnt be fair to others and it would be irresponsible when it came to the company.

Thinking of how Heinz was begging for Alex, Xu Yi couldnt help giving another sigh.

“Others pity the parents of the world, but what about Heinz Pity the uncles of the world”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile. He turned to his horse carriage and headed to the City Lord Manor.

When she saw Xu Yi, Seveni was on her rare break.

When she saw Xu Yi, Seveni put down the hot drink at her mouth and revealed a happy smile.

“Xu Yi, youre finally back.”

Xu Yi raised his hand to greet her with a casual look on his face.

“Hey, your highness, Im back. Have you been well during this time”

Seveni pointed at the pile of paperwork on her desk, “What do you think”

Xu Yi laughed, “This is the work of a City Lord. When you become queen, I guarantee there will be several times more paperwork.”

Seveni said with a sigh, “Right, Ive seen my father at work before, I was scared by the amount of paperwork he faced, so Im hesitating now. If I want to take the throne, I have to face this difficulty and Im afraid I cant handle this.”

Hearing the hidden meaning in Sevenins words, Xu Yi knit his brows and said with a serious look, “Your highness, you cant just give up because you want to. If you want to give up, it means giving up on the people who have supported you.” After pausing, Xu Yi pointed at himself, “Or to put it more directly, people like will be sold out by you.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi and said with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, even if I wanted to sell you out, I need people to buy you, right Dont forget, your current value has reached a point where others are willing to collude with the Sack Kingdom to get rid of you.”

Hearing Seveni mention this, Xu Yi deeply knit his brows, “What about the captives I sent back If i wasnt prepared this time, I might not have come back at all.”

“Ive handed them to father, so I dont know about them right now.” Seveni replied.

“His majesty”

Xu Yi thought about it. The king used a forward method to deal with the Royal Parliament this time, which also showed his support for him. Other than deterring those fellows with bad intentions, this was also a warning to the nobles and the reason for that was here.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi stopped discussing this matter.

Now that the matter had been handed over to his majesty, he no longer needed to meddle.

But there were other things that needed to be done. So after Xu Yi thought about, Xu Yi mentioned another important matter to Seveni.

“Noble private armies” Seveni slightly knit her brows and looked at Xu Yi with a strange gaze, “Why are you thinking about this Didnt you oppose nobles having private military equipment, feeling that it would destabilize the kingdom”

“That is to protect oneself, your highness should understand the reason.”

Seveni let out a deep sigh, “I can understand your ideas, but ideas have even been changed by you, so I feel that this world really is disappointing.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug with a bitter smile, “Your highness, we are no longer children, so we should expect this sooner or later. Only I never thought that the other side would be in such a rush to force me to bring this day sooner. I think that if you had been there when our motorcade was attacked, you would definitely understand my urgent mood.”

Seveni shook her head, “No, even if I was there, I can still understand your idea and support it very much. But…..Xu Yi, do you know that Ive always been moved by your great ideal So I hope that you can keep acting this pure , but now it seems like you cant avoid this fate. Actually…..Im very disappointed, but it isnt disappointment in you.”

“The idea that you have, could it be that you idealize me too much, or wouldnt this be called naive by others” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Seveni, perhaps it was because of this that we attracted each other and started walking together”

When he said this, Xu Yi immediately reacted. These words were a bit too much.

However, it was too late to change his tone, so he just gave a cough and turned his head. He quickly changed the topic, “That…..Your highness, you still havent told me how big of a private army nobles can have.”

Sevenis face was a bit red, but she still looked at Xu Yi and said with a faint smile, “In theory, there is no limit.”

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