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Bringing along the worries of Viscount Leslie, Xu Yi left Anvilmar City and headed back to Banta City after being away for a month.

What made him happy was that when he left Anvilmar City, out of the thirty seven beastmen girls of the New Moon Troupe, including Avril, a total of thirty five of them returned to Banta City with him.

A fox clan and a rabbit clan girl chose to remain. Xu Yi didnt make it hard for them, making them sign a statement that they were withdrawing from the New Moon Troupe and then provided them a compensation of five hundred gold coins before sending them off.

In addition to Xu Yi and Linda, a total of thirty seven people were stuffed in two Magic Cars and were heading off to Banta City.

According to Xu Yis initial plan, he planned on stopping in several cities on the way back to inspect the Frestech Chamber of Commerces bases, but because he had been outside for too long and Xu Yi was missing Still, he ordered them to directly head to Banta City.

Banta City and Anvilmar City had long been connected by a road, so with the full power of the Magic Car, it only took a single afternoon for them to almost reach Banta City.

Looking at the Sandy River glowing under the golden sunlight, Xu Yi felt a bit of excitement about returning home.

He had been in this world for close to seven years. He had struggled to survive for the first three years, so Xu Yi didnt have a sense of a home in this world.

But once he settled in Banta City, he created the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, got married, and his child was about to be born. This made him feel like he had truly integrated himself into this world, also making Banta City his hometown in this world.

The Falling Star Manor was naturally his home.

After the Magic Cars went across the newly built Sandy River Bridge, Xu Yi had the driver not go into Banta City and to go along the road outside Banta City to head to the Falling Star Manor.

Driving on the road by the river, Xu Yi found that there were a bunch of people gathered at the bank and he didnt know what they were doing.

Xu Yi curiously looked out the window and he discovered a familiar figure in the crowd.

“Why isnt she at home What did she come all the way here for”

As soon as he thought this, with a shocked cry from the beastmen girls, he used a Wind Control Spell to fly out the window. He crossed the span of a hundred meters in an instant and fell into the crowd.

Suddenly falling into the crowd caused the crowd to call out in surprise.

When they saw that persons face, everyone cried out again.

“Chairman Xu!”

“Its actually chairman Xu!”

“Chairman Xu is back!”


Xu Yi ignored the crowd around him and looked at the pleasantly surprised Still who was looking at him in disbelief as she covered her mouth. He pulled her into his embrace and pulled aside her hand, moving his head down to give her a kiss.

The crowd around them exploded again. Several people whistled and there were some that even applauded.

After a while, Xu Yi let go of Still. Seeing her red face and her panting, he said with a faint smile, “Still, Im back.”

Still revealed an incomparably happy smile as she reached out to touch Xu Yis face before saying with a sigh, “Xu Yi, youve become thinner and much more tan. Has it not gone well this time”

“Being outside isnt as comfortable as being at home, this is very normal.” Xu Yi laughed before adding, “This isnt related to Linda, but you cant say that she didnt take care of me.”

Still thought for a bit before glaring at Xu Yi and giving a soft snort, “Of course she took care of you well, would I not know this”

Hearing how Still emphasized “took care”, Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile. He quickly changed the topic and asked, “Right, why arent you staying at home, what did you come here for Its this cold today, youre not taking care of yourself.”

“Im not that weak.” Still shook her head and turned in the direction of the river, “Look, wouldnt you know what is going on if you just wait a bit”

He never thought that Still would keep him guessing. Xu Yi could only chat with Still while wondering and watching the river.

In less than a minute, there was a black sport that appeared on the river that quickly approached.

After a while, Xu Yi looked carefully and found that this black spot was a boat.

When it came closer and he could see it clearly, he saw that it was a small boat that could only fit one person.

The small boat quickly moved along the river and guessing with his eyes, this boat was moving at least thirty kilometers an hour. It didnt take that long for it to quickly come from not far away.

Looking at this small boat, Xu Yi was pleasantly surprised.

“It cant be, right Those fellows clearly said that it would take a long time to develop this, how could they have already developed it on a single trip”

Still pursed her lips into a smile, “That was them lying to you.”

Xu Yi watched as the small boat came closer and stopped by the bank near the crowd. He saw the boatman walk off the boat and he was surprised.

This boatman was actually Great Magician Camilla!

Xu Yi had asked Still in a low voice with a strange expression, “Hey, Still, grandfather still hasnt learned how to drive a Magic Car yet, how could you let him drive a boat Arent you afraid that itll turn over”

Before Still could reply, Great Magician Camilla already spoke in a loud voice.

“Hey, kid, my ears are very sharp, dont think that I cant hear you! Let me tell you, Im not good at driving the Magic Car, but that doesnt mean I cant drive the Magic Boat!”

Xu Yi quickly turned and came forward with a smile.

“Grandfather, I didnt say that you couldnt drive well, only…..This should just be an experiment, why did they pull you out”

“Im willing. What You have an opinion” Great Magician Camilla glared at him.

“No, no, no, how could I have an opinion Its good that youre happy.”

Xu Yi turned and found several magic machine development center researchers in the crowd before immediately pulling them out.

“Hey, arent you already on vacation Why are you doing an experiment instead of going on vacation”

The researchers didnt care about Xu Yis reproving tone and excitedly said to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, look! Weve done a total of seventeen tests today! The facts prove that the fastest speed of the Magic Boat is thirty seven kilometers an hour! Its pretty much the same as the Magic Car!”

“Oh” Hearing this figure, Xu Yi didnt continue to reprove them. He took the records from their hand and seriously looked it over, finding that they had been experimenting all day.

The experiment had a starting point of one kilometer upriver on the Sandy River and this was the stop point.

It could be seen that the first test took the longest and then it became faster and faster.

The most recent one which was the one that Xu Yi saw, this Magic Boat took less than two minutes to come over from a kilometer away.

Then after he finished reading the data, Xu Yi knit his brows.

“Its only following the current What about against the current”

The researchers looked at each other with awkward expressions.

“This……Sir chairman, this small Magic Boat is only in the experimental stage. The Magic Engine isnt strong enough, so the results of going against the current…..is just too ugly.”

Xu Yi glared at them, “You dont record if its ugly Didnt I say it many times, experiments are for finding problems and then finding a solution to those problems Youre actually neglecting data that doesnt look good, then what meaning does this experiment have”

“Dont blame them, I had them not record it.” Still suddenly cut in.

“You” Xu Yi looked at Still in confusion, “Why”

Still didnt respond and just pointed at Great Magician Camilla who was talking to the crowd about the pleasant feeling of driving the Magic Boat.

Xu Yi looked at the excited Great Magician Camilla and could guess a few things, so he gave the data back to the researchers.

“Alright, lets end todays experiment here. Remember, when you do experiments, try not to attract the attention of many people. It isnt only to protect our secrets, its also to keep things safe, understood”

The researchers all agreed.

“Moreover……In light of the fact that you have made a major breakthrough with the Magic Boat, in my name as the chairman, I grant you a third level reward.” Xu Yi added with a smile.

The researchers were stunned before they cheered out.

The year was about to end and if they could get a third level reward, it would be great!

Seeing the researchers take away the small boat, Great Magician Camilla felt a bit unwilling, but Xu Yi convinced him that Still needed to go back to rest, so he gave up.

“Hey, kid, when this thing is developed, I want to be the first to drive it, understand” On the way back, Great Magician Camilla warned Xu Yi with a strict look.

Xu Yi agreed not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

This Great Magician Camilla was clearly conservative, so why did he crave to test these new magic machines

Whether it was the bicycle from before or the Magic Car, he was very interested.

This Magic Boat was clearly in its developmental stage and he actually came here to volunteer to drive it.

“Perhaps its because he cant learn to drive a Magic Car that he wants to reverse the situation with the Magic Boat” Xu Yi guessed in his heart.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi thought of the Magic Airship Evita was developing.

When the Magic Airship was to be tested, because it was flying in the air, it would be very dangerous. When that time comes, one would need a magician skilled in flight magic to test it.

It seemed like Great Magician Camilal was a pretty good choice.

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