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After the banquet was over, Viscount Leslie returned home alone while Xu Yi and Baron Hannas went to the same place. They came to a secluded courtyard in the east of Anvilmar City.

Before they walked in, they saw several luxurious horse carriages turning the corner and stopping at the door.

After a while, the girls that were beautiful by human standards that had beastmen characteristics jumped out of the horse carriage.

After seeing Xu Yi, the Now Moon Troupe beastmen girls all cried out in happiness and came over.

“Sir chairman, youre back.” The one in front was the fox girl Avril.

Xu Yi looked over the sparkling accessories that she had and the luxurious clothes that were made of fine materials that seemed like it was made just for her by a craftsman. He couldnt help knitting his brows before revealing a smile.

“Yes, Im back. Have you girls in the New Moon Troupe had a happy time in Anvilmar City”

“Very happy!”

“Yes, were living quite well!”

“Its much better here than the Black Rice Wasteland, I dont want to go back!”

“I dont want to go back either, its much better to stay here. Sir chairman, can we stay in Anvilmar City”

Hearing a girl with a cat tail asking this, all the other girls stopped talking and they looked at Xu Yi with hope.

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “You should ask Still that, shes making the arrangements. After all, she is your chairman, not me.”

“Sir chairman, you are chairman Stills husband, she will definitely listen to you. How about you make the decision for us to stay Chairman Still will definitely agree.” A rabbit girl said in a high voice.

“Yes, sir chairman, how about you agree”

“Sir chairman……”


Seeing the beastmen girls moving towards him, Xu Yi quickly raised his hands, “Alright, Ill mention this to Still, but I wont care what decision she makes.”

“Great!” The beastmen girls all cheered out, “We can stay!”

Seeing the happy looks of these beastmen girls, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head with a smile.

The living conditions of beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland were just too bad. It was no wonder that after these beastmen girls arrived in Anvilmar City and saw the better life here, they wouldnt think of home.

He waved his hands to let the beastmen girls go in and Xu Yi followed behind in thought. Then he said to Baron Hannas, “Although you said that you would take care of them, Im certain that the accessories and clothes theyre wearing isnt something you bought for them, right”

Baron Hannas shook his head with a bitter smile, “How could I afford it Do you see the necklace on Avrils neck That was sold for six thousand gold coins at the last auction. Moreover, it was another noble that bought that for Avril, do you think that I can afford to give it”

“Which noble was it Did Avril go to the auction with him” Xu Yi asked with knit brows.

Baron Hannas looked at Xu Yi with a strange expression.

“It was Foledo.”

“Foledo” Xu Yi thought for a bit before remembering. Foledo, was the arrogant guy who had bid against him at the last auction,, “Oh, how did he pull Avril to the auction”

“Hey, stop playing silly, could it be you dont know what Foledo wants He is clearly thinking about chasing after Avril.” Baron Hannas said with a look of disdain.

“I can guess this, but Avril is a beastmen after all, would he still want to chase her” Xu Yi was a bit confused.

Baron Hannas looked like he was defeated by Xu Yi.

“I say, are you really silly or acting silly Avril is a beastmen, but look at her looks, is there any difference from a beautiful human girl If you want to mention it, her fox tail and ears actually make her more charming than human women, alright Let me tell you, Avril is a big star in Anvilmar City, a bunch of nobles all want to chase her.”

“Since the nobles want to chase her, what skills did Foledo use to get her” Xu Yi was even more curious.

“Who told you that he succeeded” Baron Hannas rolled his eyes at Xu Yi, “Let me tell you, Foledo only gave her that six thousand gold coin necklace, the nobles in the city have given her things even more expensive than that necklace. But even now, Avril hasnt shown any special interest in anyone.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. He couldnt tell that this fox girl Avril was a master of socializing, easily making contact with this many nobles and making them willing to pay for her.

“Dont be surprised. It isnt just Avril, every beastmen girl is very welcomed in Anvilmar City. Although Avril is the most popular, the other girls arent being treated worse than her.” Seeing the expression on Xu Yis face, Baron Hannas continued.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “That means…..I was too worried in the beginning I never thought that the people of Anvilmar City would accept these beastmen girls that easily.”

“Nonsense, these beastmen girls are all pretty and their beastmen characteristics increase their charm. It would be strange if they werent popular.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I thought that most humans would hate beastmen.”

“That depends on who. If its a bunch of beastmen who look like monsters, do you believe that they would be driven out of Anvilmar City right away Then again, there isnt a race war ongoing and we humans are actually very curious towards other races. You making this New Moon Troupe could be considered satisfying the curiosity of many people.”

“Un, this is reasonable.” Xu Yi nodded, “Alright, Ill go back and discuss with Still on how to arrange the New Moon Troupe. During this time, Ill have to trouble you to look over them.”

Baron Hannas gave a bitter laugh, “Its fine to look after them for a while, but if I keep looking after them…..I cant take the pressure. In order to guarantee that these girls remain pure, Ive offended quite a few nobles to stop them from doing anything to these beastmen girls. Do you know that Foledo has warned me several times over this”

“Have him come find me if he has the skills.” Xu Yi softly said.

Baron Hannas looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Xu Yi, I havent seen you in half a month, why do I feel that youve become much more aggressive”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Because Ive thought it through. There are some things where it isnt good to be too passive.”

“Good, I like how you are now. Because you acted weak, there were many things that needed to be endured and I didnt feel good about it. Actually, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt weak at all right now. Youre someone who many people place importance in and your magic isnt weak, so why do you have to act weak.” Baron Hannas praised.

Xu Yi broke out in laughter, “So I was like this in your eyes Alright, Ill let you see something different from now on.”

“Im waiting for it.” Baron Hannas gave two laughs before revealing a bitter look, “But Xu Yi, you can be impolite to Foledo and those fellows, but you cant be this way to the beastmen girls, right”

“Why do you say this” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

“Because……” Baron Hannas looked around and after confirming that the beastmen girls were all in their rooms, he lowered his voice to say, “You also saw it, these beastmen girls are very satisfied with living in Anvilmar City and arent even willing to return to the Black Rice Wasteland.”

“This is also normal. The Black Rice Wasteland living conditions are that bad, I wouldnt want to go back either.” Xu Yi said.

“The important thing is that these beastmen girls are very popular in Anvilmar City, there are many rich nobles and merchants chasing them. With the contact with these nobles and merchants, their hearts are also moved. There have been many beastmen girls meeting these nobles and merchants in secret.”

Xu Yis expression changed, “Then have they done anything”

Hannas shook his head with a bitter smile, “Im only taking care of their daily necessities while also warning those nobles and merchants not to act unreasonable. But if theyre willing themselves, I cant do anything.”

Xu Yis expression became a bit ugly.

He had Still arrange this New Moon Troupe to change the impression of beastmen in the heart of the Lampuri Kingdom humans. He wanted to make it easier for the people to accept beastmen workers and co-exist with beastmen.

But if thee New Moon Troupe became something that the nobles and merchants in Anvilmar City used for pleasure, then how would it be different from when humans caught beastmen as slaves Not only did it not help achieve the goal he wanted, it actually might go against it.

Although purely from the perspective of humans, it was normal for male beastmen to do hard labour while the beautiful beastmen girls served them, Xu Yis eyes werent this narrow and he wanted the two races to work together.

After knitting his brows in thought, Xu Yi said to Baron Hannas, “Im not going back tonight, Ill stay here.”

Hannas was surprised as his eyes looking at Xu Yi filled with a strange look. Then he pointed at the yard where the beastmen girls lived and gave Xu Yi a wink. When he wanted to speak, he was stopped by Xu Yis glare.

Seeing Xu Yis serious expression, Hannas immediately swallowed the joke he wanted to say.

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