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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 153 - Trade invasion

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“Chairman Xu, no matter what technology your Frestech Chamber of Commerce transfers, our Vidal Chamber of Commerce wants one share. Dont forget.”

“Chairman Xu, it isnt just their Vidal Chamber of Commerce, our Blanka Chamber of Commerce also wants a share.”

“Its the same for our Manxin Chamber of Commerce.”

“Also us…..”


Seeing the passion of the Sowell City company representatives, Xu Yi laughed. He said in a loud voice with a nod, “Everyone be assured, as long as our Frestech Chamber of Commerce releases a new piece of technology, the Sowell City comrades will be considered for the first batch like the Banta City comrades. As long as Count Sean holds the post of City Lord, this promise will never change.”

Sitting on the side, Count Sean who was here to supervise this Frestech Chamber of Commerce technology exchange conference looked at Xu Yi and gave a nod with a faint smile, as his eyes filled with praise.

Xu Yi adding this condition to his promise was clearly showing support for him.

As expected, when they heard Xu Yis words, all the representatives said that they would support Count Seans work and properly develop Sowell City, consolidating Count Seans place in Sowell City forever.

Hearing this, Count Sean couldnt help smiling, “Are you blessing me or cursing me If I stay as the City Lord forever, wouldnt I never be promoted again”

The representatives all laughed, reprimanding the words the others had said. This scene was auspicious and the atmosphere was harmonious.

At the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology transfer conference, everyone received a satisfying result.

Count Sean received the support of many companies and the companies of Sowell City received the production methods for various household magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

According to the contract they signed with Xu Yi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would not only provide them with the technology, they would also help them with setting up a factory. They guaranteed that they would turn this technology into products.

Xu Yi also promised that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt establish a household magic machine factory in Sowell City, which meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt compete for the market with them.

This was very good news for these companies because they knew that even if they obtained the production technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the household magic machine they produced couldnt compare to the Frestech Brand.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very famous in the Lampuri Kingdom now. If people bought household magic machines, they would always go for the Frestech Brand.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built a household magic machine factory in Sowell City and produced Frestech Brand household magic machines, they wouldnt be able to compete at all.

Even if they bought the production technology, it would be hard for them to develop it and apply it, not to mention using it to earn money.

It was because of Xu Yis promise that those companies that were hesitant in buying household magic machine production methods made up their minds. It caused this Frestech Chamber of Commerce technology transfer conference to be very lively. The representatives all smiled at Xu Yi and were very polite.

For Xu Yi, there was a considerable amount of harvest.

Through selling this technology to Sowell City, just with the transfer contracts he signed in one day, he had earned over three million gold coins.

Although this was much worse compared to the fifteen million he earned in Anvilmar City, this was just the harvest from Sowell City alone.

If he could earn this much from every city in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would earn a shocking amount just from transferring technology.

Other than the income, what was more important to Xu Yi was that through transferring technology, more than over half of Sowell Citys companies were participating in the magic machine industry.

Although this was a bit far from integrating them into the magic machine industry, Xu Yi believed that with Count Sean here, the effects would be great.

The more important thing was that integrating Sowell City into the magic machine industry would mean that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could build a solid foundation in the northeast. If they went through Sowell City, they would be able to integrate the entire northeast province into the magic machine industry.

If this goal could be achieved and adding in the magic machine industry around Banta City and the surrounding cities, and Anvilmar City, eventually over half of the Lampuri Kingdom would be integrated into the magic machine industry.

At that time, the flames of industry that Xu Yi stoked would become a raging flame across the Lampuri Kingdom.

After the success of the conference, as the host, Xu Yi invited the company representatives to the largest restaurant in Sowell City.

But after this lunch banquet, Xu Yi, Count Sean, and the representatives of the three largest companies in Sowell City came together for a smaller meeting.

This included the Meierda Trading Companys chairman Sampson

“Chairman, I am the same as before. I have no objections towards the steel mill constructed by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the City Lord Manor, but isnt it a bit unjustified that you wont pass the steel producing technology to us” Chairman Sampsons expression wasnt as happy as the conference earlier.

“Yes, chairman Xu, we three companies are very sincere in wanting to buy shares in the steel mill, but you arent even letting us touch the steel making technology even after we pay. What are we taking out our money for” Chairman Duan Serop from the Mobil Chamber of Commerce said with knit brows.

“Thats right, chairman Xu, each of our companies paid three hundred thousand gold coins for a share, you might as well just give us the steel making technology and our three companies can take out at least one million to buy it. If you feel that this price isnt enough, we can still discuss. Having us buy stocks instead, I feel like there is no meaning.” The Rofelle Chamber of Commerces chairman Scanno Orwell agreed.

Xu Yi looked over the three of them and said with a faint smile, “Inviting you to invest is of course to have everyone earn money together. Otherwise, why would our Frestech Chamber of Commerce invite you to invest in our steel mill The three of you, do you think that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt have enough funds, thats why we invited you all to invest”

The three looked at each other before shaking their heads.

Who didnt know that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was currently the most profitable company in the kingdom Wherever the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced magic machines, they would be immediately snatched up.

To say that they didnt have enough funds was simply a joke.

Seeing that all three were speechless, Xu Yi said with a nod, “To be honest, I invited the three of your companies to invest in the hope that you could unite the colleagues in Sowell City. The reason I had the City Lord Manor participate is so you three can support the Lord City Lord. Otherwise, why would I do something so unnecessary”

Chairman Sampson knit his brows and was a bit dissatisfied, “Chairman Xu, even if you dont do this, we would still support the Lord City Lord.”

Xu Yi smiled and didnt explain. He looked at the three of them and said, “I know that you want to obtain the steel making technology, but Im very sorry. I might consider this in the future, but at least I dont do it for now. The steel mill isnt just for making money, its for important military equipment work, so we cant be careless.”

“Military equipment” The three looked at Count Sean in surprise.

Count Sean took a sip of his tea and gave a nod, “Thats right, the steel material made from this steel mill will be used for Sowell Citys military equipment. As for how it will be made, you shouldnt ask too much.”

The three quickly nodded.

After looking at each other, chairman Sampson asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, you just said that you would consider transferring this technology in the future, right”

“Thats right.”

“Then how about we sign another contract If your Frestech Chamber of Commerce ever transfers the steel making technology, our three companies will have priority.”

Xu Yi thought for a bit before slowly shaking his head, “Im afraid not. I can only guarantee that you would be within the first batch considered. As for how it will be transferred, it will depend on the situation.”

The three looked at each other again and they all had helpless looks.

Although Xu Yis tone was very strong and didnt give them any leeway, with the overwhelming advantage the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had now, they couldnt do anything even if Xu Yi was firm.

After considering it a bit, chairman Sampson gave a slow nod, “Alright, our Meierda Trading Company will invest three hundred thousand into the steel mill.”

Chairman Serop and chairman Orwell looked at each other before nodding.

After sending the three off, Count Sean looked at Xu Yi with a ghost of a smile.

“Hey, Xu Yi, trapping their three companies, it isnt just as simple as supporting me, right”

Xu Yi revealed a wronged look, “Lord City Lord, how can you say this Im fully considering your position and youre still doubting me!”

Count Sean waved his hand, “Alright, with this, how could I not understand you If there arent any advantages for you, it would be strange if you wanted to do it.”

Xu Yi laughed, “This…..I am a merchant, it is natural to strive for benefits for myself.”

Count Sean nodded, “This is more like it. But Xu Yi, why cant I see the advantage your Frestech Chamber of Commerce gains from this I remember that the steel mill should be the most stable source of income for your company, right If you give these three companies a part for free, wheres the benefits for you”

“This is not a benefit that is weighed in gold coins.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Lord City Lord, did you find the common ground between these three companies”

Count Sean knit his brows, “I just know that they are the biggest companies in our Sowell City.”

“That is not important.” Xu Yi shook his head, “The common ground Im talking about is that all three companies trade with the Sack Kingdom.”

Count Sean was a bit surprised. He looked at Xu Yi with wide eyes and said in a deep voice, “What do you want to do”

Xu Yis lips curled and he revealed a smile of deep meaning.

“Lord City Lord, have you ever heard of a trade invasion”

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