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After the two had a simple discussion on the Magic Array of the Magic Airship, Evita suddenly asked, “Right, Akali, you already finished your report, so shouldnt you be preparing to go home”

Akali was surprised, but then she immediately replied.

“Right, other than to hand over the report, I also wanted to ask, are you planning to go back Do you want to go with me I want to head out tomorrow.”

“I havent decided for now.” Evita shook her head, “But I definitely wont go back tomorrow. Theres a bunch of work at the magic research facility and the Magic Airship is currently at its most essential stage. If I go back for new years and come back, Ill have forgotten some things.”

“How can that be” Akali immediately said, “We research these things every day, how could you forget after less than a month away Arent you looking down on yourself too much”

“In short……Although the vacation this time is long, Im not planning on heading back so early. Perhaps…..I might not go back.”

“Ah Youre not going back” Akali was stunned, “Its the new years! Youre not planning on going home If your mom and dad knew this, they would definitely be angry.”

Evita said with a faint smile, “Im just saying that Im not going back, I didnt say that Im not planning to spend time with my parents.”

Akali was surprised, “What do you mean”

“Because Im considering whether to bring my family from my hometown to Banta City for new years.” Evita replied, “The north is very cold and our houses condition isnt good. With just the Magic Air Conditioner, it isnt as comfortable as living in Banta City. Instead of letting them spend new years in our hometown, it is better to bring them over.”

“Un……You only have your parents and not any relatives, so this idea isnt bad.” Akali thought about it before saying in a dejected voice, “But I cant do this since other than my parents, I have a bunch of relatives. If I just bring my mom and dad here, they definitely wouldnt be willing.”

Evita looked at depressed Akali and after pausing a bit, she asked with a serious voice, “Other than bringing my parents over for new years, Im actually planning on having them settle in Banta City. Akali, havent you thought about this”

“Settle” Akali was stunned, but thinking about it, she gave a nod, “Not bad, but I said before, you dont have many relatives, so its fine if you have your parents come for new years or settle here, it isnt a problem. But I cant do the same with my family.”

“But havent you considered something” Evitas expression had a trace of worry.

“What is it”

“Did you forget Last time we went to see Still, didnt we hear the chairman say that it is very likely that his highness Eric will lead the northern army to attack the Sack Kingdom next spring” Evita asked.

Akali had a strange look, “What does that matter to us This is a matter for important people like his highness Eric and her highness Seveni to consider. What use is there in you worrying about this Then again, how is this related to what you said”

“Of course its related.” Evita had a serious expression, it didnt seem like she was joking at all, “His highness wants to attack the Sack Kingdom, it is fine if he wins, but if the situation goes bad and the Sack Kingdom attacks us, the north part of the kingdom will become very unsafe. I want to bring my parents to settle in Banta City because Im worried about this.”

“How is that possible…..” Akali wanted to refute when she suddenly knit her brows and a trace of worry appeared on her face, “Right, we heard sir chairman say that his highness is rejecting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and never ordered any military magic machines from us, so the northern army isnt that strong. If they really lose……”

“Now do you know why Im considering this” Seeing the expression Akali had, Evita asked, “Moreover…..In the letter from my father a few days ago, my father said that Lorren City and the surrounding cities are all aggressively taxing the citizens. They are requesting citizens to take out at least ten gold coins or equivalent goods to be used for the northern army. The citizens in those cities are all complaining about this.”

“His highness is the one who wants to fight, why does he need us citizens to pay!”

Akali angrily said before calming down. After thinking for a bit, she gave a heavy nod.

“I understand, this matter is indeed very important. Evita, youre right, if the northern army loses, my family is close to the northern border, so it will be very dangerous for them. No, I have to rush back tomorrow and convince my parents and relatives to move here. Anyway, Im making quite a bit of money, so it shouldnt be a problem helping them move out here.”

“Un, its best if you have them come to Banta City.” Evita gave a nod, “Right now Banta City is developing this well and we can be considered to have a bit of success, as least we earn enough money to support our families. Moreover, Banta City has many work opportunities, so even if they come, they will be able to find jobs. No matter how you look at it, its better than staying in our hometowns.”

“Right, I rather give my taxes to her highness than to be exploited by his highness Eric like that!” Akali angrily reprimanded his highness Eric before giving the report in her hand to Evita, “I cant wait, I have to pack now and rush home this afternoon! Evita, I havent inspected this report yet, so please help me look it over.”

Seeing Akali say this before running to her residence, Evita couldnt help shaking her head while laughing. After putting away the report, she pressed the remote in her hand and the Magic Airship steadily floated down. When it was at the height of her chest, she controlled it to head to the magic research facility in the distance with her.


Still touched her swelling belly and looked out the window. She found that Great Magician Camilla was still in the yard and was staring at the parked Magic Car in front of him in a daze, she couldnt help finding it a bit funny.

As grandfather became older, he became more like a child, actually being angry with a Magic Car.

At the beginning of the month, Great Magician Camilla had been stimulated by something and suddenly decided to take the test for a drivers license.

Although Xu Yi and Still were a bit surprised, since he had asked them this, the two couldnt refute him.

But what was unexpected was that this powerful Four Star Great Magician didnt have any talent when it came to driving a Magic Car. After half a month, he still hadnt passed the most basic drivers exam.

In a rage, Great Magician Camilla had ordered a Magic Car from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as an individual and he drove it around the Falling Star Manor when he had free time.

But the results were terrible. Right now the broken trees all along the Falling Star Manor was proof of this.

If it wasnt for Great Magician Camilla having powerful magic, using his magic to stop the out of control Magic Car, the Falling Star Manor wouldnt just have a few broken trees.

Still looked over the freshly cracked trees before looking up at the sky. Then she shouted to Great Magician Camilla, “Grandfather, its about to snow, how about you leave it here for today”

Great Magician Camilla turned back to Still before turning back to the Magic Car. His expression wasnt willing, but he had no choice as he gave a sigh and headed back inside.

Seeing how he was, Still finally couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

From her memory, her grandfather was always omnipotent. Everyone had respected him, even Still had been very popular.

This caused Still to revere Great Magician Camilla since she was young, but she never thought that a day would come when there was something hard for him to do.

Thinking of how the Magic Car that stumped him was made by her husband Xu Yi, even the idea of testing for a drivers license came from Xu Yi, Still found it even more funny.

When she wanted to stand up to welcome Great Magician Camilla back in, Still saw horse carriage moving along the newly laid road outside the manor.

As she looked at the symbol on the horse carriage, Still immediately understood. She stood up and said to Great Magician Camilla, “Grandfather, I need to go out. You can just have lunch here, Vivian and Agnes will be back soon and they will make lunch with Liz. If you want to eat something, you can just tell Liz.”

Liz on the side quickly looked at Great Magician Camilla, waiting for his order.

Great Magician Camilla waved his hand and doubtfully asked Still, “What are you going out now for Its about to snow, you should just stay home and rest. You need to take care of yourself at this time, you cant let anything happen.”

“Theres some work that I need to personally take care of, otherwise it wont work.”

Still replied. The horse carriage came to the entrance of the manor and without stopping, it went to the large area in front of the manor.

The door of the horse carriage opened and chairman Porters wife Mia jumped out, walking over with a smile.

“Madame, everything is prepared, theyre just waiting for you.”

Mia was respectful facing Still, just like she was a subordinate or a servant. She came to Stills side and took Stills arm from Liz without any courtesy, carefully supporting her.

Still had met her several times and Still wasnt used to how respectful she was each time, but she couldnt say anything and could only nod at her with a smile.

“Alright, Im also prepared, lets set off.” After saying this, Still turned to Great Magician Camilla, “Grandfather, Im heading out.”

Great Magician Camilla knit his brows and shook his head, “Youre like this and youre going out in this weather. If Xu Yi was here, he definitely wouldnt let it happen.”

Still revealed a naughty smile as she gave a soft snort, “This is my work, Xu Yi already agreed. Even if he was here, he wouldnt oppose me.”

Great Magician Camilla naturally understood Stills personality. He gave a sigh and waved his hand, “Alright, go and come back early. Be careful. Right, Liz, go with Still and take care of her on the way. You cant let anything happen to her.”

Liz hesitantly looked at Still.

Still knit her brows, “Grandfather, Im not a child, I know what to do.”

Great Magician Camilla gave a strong snort, “Youre different compared to before, you cant be willful!”

Seeing that Great Magician Camilla was really a bit angry, Still could only stick out her tongue and didnt dare refute.

Liz quickly came over and took Stills arm from Mias hand to help support her.

Watching the three board the horse carriage and gradually disappear, Great Magician Camilla gave a soft snort.

“That kid Xu Yi, hes spoiled Still too much. When he comes back, Ill properly teach him, he cant just let Still do everything. He is Stills husband and should care about the things he should take care of.

Looking around, Great Magician Camilla waved his hand around with a bit of annoyance.

“It would be good if Sowell City had a Communication Array, I could teach that kid a lesson right now.”

Thinking of this, Great Magician Camilla was stunned. He stood there for a while before suddenly clapping his hand and revealing a look of joy, while his eyes lit up.

“Right! Isnt the Communication Array a Magic Array, cant it be put in a magic machine using the old method!”

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