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The paper her highness posted in the «Banta Times» was only a small part, the full text was in front of Lampuri Thirteenth and was a total of thirty seven pages. It was quite thick when it was folded together.

Lampuri Thirteenth spent three hours reading the over thirty thousand characters on the pages and he had a serious look the entire time, not even taking a sip of water.

After he finished, he closed his eyes to rest for a while before letting out a sigh, revealing a happy smile.

Out of his three children, he was most satisfied with his youngest daughter Seveni.

She was very smart and had great control since she was young. Not only was she serious with her learning, she was very good at comprehending and had an understanding of politics since she was young.

When she was a bit bigger, she already started expressing her own opinion towards politics and her views were very certain. Some opinions were even approved by Lampuri Thirteenth.

When she was twenty years old, she began participating in politics and she had an ability that was far above her two older brothers. She took care of everything properly and had helped Lampuri Thirteenth solve many problems.

Although her two older brothers couldnt be considered fools, they didnt have the same control as Seveni since they were younger. They were never serious with their studies and after growing up, their abilities were far lacking compared to Seveni and Lampuri Thirteenth was never assured.

If Seveni wasnt his daughter, or even if she was his oldest daughter instead of his youngest, Lampuri Thirteenth would have already made her the successor to his throne.

But Seveni was his youngest daughter and because of this, there were many hindrances to Lampuri Thirteenths idea of making her his successor. It was even hard keeping her in her current status.

If it wasnt for the dominating performances Lampuri Thirteenth revealed in those years, the Royal Parliament would have rejected the idea of giving her her current status.

Seeing Sevenis detailed report on the magic machine industry, Lampuri Thirteenth was determined about his thoughts again.

If he had to choose someone to take the throne, the right choice was definitely Seveni.

In this report, Seveni stated that after the magic machine industry appeared, she had analyzed the influence that it had in Banta City in an exhaustive report, with all kinds of detailed forms and data sheets. She made this report very easy to see through and one could directly see the effects the magic machine industry had on Banta City.

Actually other than Banta City, many kingdoms in the Lampuri Kingdom had experienced the magic machine industry brought by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. However, Seveni didnt have detailed data from these cities, so she didnt include them in this report.

Lampuri Thirteenth appreciated Sevenis realistic approach because he was very clear that although many parts of government are forced to be ambiguous, the parts that shouldnt should not have a single bit of ambiguity.

With this report, one could clearly tell that Banta City was completely different from four years ago when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt appeared yet.

The most direct data was that this years Banta City tax revenue had broken six million gold coins. Compared to the tax revenue of less than five hundred thousand from four years ago, it had already increased over ten times.

Other than this, Banta Citys grain yield had also greatly increased.

With the use of the fertilizer and the agricultural magic machines, Banta Citys grain yield had broken a shocking one million ton.

It could be said that with just the grain yield of Banta City, it would have been enough to feed a fifth of the Lampuri Kingdom.

And according to the report Seveni had submitted before, when the fertilizer factorys output increased, they would have enough fertilizer for every farm in the kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom wouldnt have to worry about food.

If they really could do this, it would have solved the Lampuri Kingdoms biggest problem in several hundred years.

Even ignoring the Frestech Chamber of Commerces other contributions, just with the agricultural magic machines and the fertilizer, it wouldnt be too much for Lampuri Thirteenth to give them any reward.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi being too young and his length as a noble being too short, Lampuri Thirteenth would have raised his rank again.

Other than the most important tax revenue and the grain yield, there was another change in Banta City which was the growth in population.

Banta City that had less than one hundred thousand stable citizens had three hundred thousand people from all other parts of the Lampuri Kingdom, making it the most populated city in the south of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Adding in the fact that Banta Citys economy had developed and business was good, the current Banta City was the economic center of the kingdoms south.

According to what the report had said, right now there were over five thousand transport horse carriages that came from Banta City each day.

And of these transport teams, there were more Magic Cars from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, even surpassing the amount of horse carriages.

Adding in the fact that the Sanglang Canal was complete, people could enter the kingdoms north through the canal and quickly develop the shipping industry of Banta City.

But in this report, Seveni mentioned that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was currently developing a Magic Boat. Once the Magic Boat was developed, Banta Citys ship transport system would definitely prosper.

Seeing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was developing the Magic Boat, Lampuri Thirteenth suddenly remembered that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce seemed to have invested in a port in the Stantine Duchy.

Could it be that Xu Yi had already thought of the Magic Boat then and wanted to use the Magic Boats to connect to the sea

If it really was like this, Lampuri Thirteenth had to re-evaluate Xu Yi.

Perhaps this fellow had more foresight than he thought.

When he was considering the impact of Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Dema came in.

“Your majesty, Viscount Leslie is asking for an audience.”

Lampuri Thirteenth put down the report, “Let him come in.”

After a while, Viscount Leslie was brought to Lampuri Thirteenth reception room by Dema.

After Viscount Leslie gave a bow, Lampuri Thirteenth looked him over and gave a nod. He praised with a faint smile, “Not bad, after being disciplined by the northern army, you seem much more pleasing to the eye now.”

Viscount Leslie revealed a faint smile, “I think that what your majesty is talking about is different from what the young misses and madams in the city are talking about, right”

Lampuri Thirteenth broke out in laughter.

Viscount Leslie came from the Stagg Family, but he had been close to the royal family since he was young. Viscount Leslie had grown up with the two princes and the princess Seveni, so he was quite close to Lampuri Thirteenth and naturally wasnt as cautious as others.

“Actually, although your skin is a bit rougher, the young misses and madams might like a rougher man like you. The tender looking you from before might not be as welcomed as you are now.” Lampuri Thirteenth teased, “So that means sending you to the northern army actually benefited you.”

Viscount Leslie couldnt help laughing.

He already heard that Lampuri Thirteenth was uninhibited when he was young, but he could see a trace of that now.

“If you say it like that….I do feel Ive benefited. But as for what, its letting come in contact with different people through service and encountering many…..different things.” Viscount Leslie said.

“Different things” Lampuri Thirteenth took a deep look at Viscount Leslie. He waved his hand at Dema and had him leave, “Come, tell me about it. What different things have you encountered that you cant forget”

Viscount Leslie thought for a bit before saying, “Your majesty, I think that what made the deepest impression on me should be the attack on the Sack Kingdom. I think that you also wouldnt forget it.”

“Of course.” Lampuri Thirteenth nodded, “This is our Lampuri Kingdoms first time attacking the Sack Kingdom and it was a magnificent victory, we even recaptured the Muerto Mountains. This is the greatest victory since our country has been founded, how could I forget it”

“Yes, this victory inspired the people and when I was in the northern army, I could feel the high morale among the army. Everyone was filled with excitement, wishing we could take this momentum to capture the entire Sack Kingdom.” Viscount Leslie recalled with an emotional sigh.

“Its thinking too much in wanting to capture the entire Sack Kingdom, we arent that strong right now.” Lampuri Thirteenth shook his head as he said this.

“I understand, but your highness, have you thought…..why did the northern army have the ability to fight the Sack Kingdom and take the entire Muerto Mountains back”

Lampuri Thirteenth narrowed his eyes, “What do you want to say Just be direct, theres only the two of us here and I wont force you to take responsibility, so just talk freely.”

“Alright.” Viscount Leslie nodded and revealed a serious expression, “Your majesty, I think that you should be more clear of this than me. The reason why the northern army had this powerful battle strength at the beginning of the year was completely because the northern armys equipment had been greatly improved. Whether it was their weapons, the Magic Repeating Crossbows, or the Magic Trebuchets that had the greatest effect, it could be said that after getting this new equipment, the northern army had the ability to defeat the Sack Kingdom and take back the Muerto Mountains. At the same time, we could guard against the wild attacks of the Sack Kingdom in the following half a year.”

Lampuri Thirteenth fell into thought before giving a slight nod, “Of course I understand this, but Leslie, what do you want to say raising this now”

Viscount Leslie had a serious look as he said in a serious voice, “Your majesty, since you understand this, then may I ask you a question Right now the northern army isnt buying equipment from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because of his highness Eric, so do you think they have the ability to attack the Sack Kingdom”

Lampuri Thirteenth was silent.

Viscount Leslie didnt wait for him to reply and continued in a serious tone, “No, your majesty, you certainly dont think they have this ability. But you clearly know this and you wont give the decree to stop his highness Eric. Are you…..trying to send his highness Eric to his death”

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