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There was silence in the car as everyone looked in the direction of that voice in a stunned manner.

Even the car shook before returning to its normal speed. It was clear that the driver in front was also shocked to hear these words and he couldnt help losing control from this shock.

Seveni was thinking about how to change various policies based on the discussion of these people. When she heard this, she was stunned and looked to the left, finding a man who was around fifty years old looking at everyone else looking at him with a challenging look on his face.

“What You refuse to accept it If it was me, I would say that her highness doesnt have any brains at all! She only knows how to let her subordinates do what they want and listen to that Frestech Chamber of Commerces Xu Yi, she cant do anything herself. Its fine if she remains as the princess for her entire life, but she came here to be the City Lord and even wants to be our queen That is simply a joke!”

Hearing this, the people in the car immediately became angry.

Shaq poked his nose without any courtesy and shouted, “This fellow, you really are bold! Can you speak nonsense about her highness How are you qualified”

“Thats right, you actually dare say her highness doesnt have any abilities Do you think that everyone is blind” Another passenger echoed, “When Count Stagg was the City Lord, the good days that everyone had was ruined. Now that her highness has taken over as City Lord for less than a year, havent you seen how much the city has changed What kind of lives everyone is living”

“Thats right. You can talk about others, but you still dare talk about chairman Xu If it wasnt for the chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce giving our Banta City all those new things, would everyone be living such good lives Doesnt everyone think so”

“Right. Its because chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce drove Banta Citys development that everyone could live such good lives.”

“You cant just talk about chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. During the year Count Stagg was the City Lord, chairman Xu couldnt do anything. So you have to give her highness the greatest merit. Once she became our City Lord, our entire Banta City started developing again.”

“Thats right. It if was me, Id rather have her highness not be the queen and continue to be our City Lord, that way we would always have such good days.”

“This isnt right. If her highness became the queen, I believe that our entire Lampuri Kingdom would become as good as our Banta City.”

“Un, thats also true……”


The group kept talking, once again praising Seveni while also saying a few words for Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The middle aged man had the same cold smile, but he didnt say anything else, so the crowd couldnt cause trouble for him.

But with a target like him, the crowd started talking even louder and their words became more sharp.

Perhaps he felt that it would be meaningless to stay in this car or perhaps he was at his stop, when the Magic Car stopped at the next stop, the middle aged man got off.

Seveni thought about it before following him off.

Looking around when she got off, Seveni found that this stop wasnt far from the Sandy River. This was near the Dawn High Class Villa Neighbourhood that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had built recently.

That middle aged man headed to the neighbourhood after getting off, which made Seveni even more curious.

Based on his clothes, that middle aged man shouldnt be that rich. No matter what, he couldnt be someone who lived in this high class neighbourhood, so what was he doing here

If it was said that he was acquainted with someone who lived here, this place was for people who had profited from Banta City developing and could afford an eight thousand gold coin villa, so how could they be acquainted with him

Seveni followed the man from afar and seeing him approach the villa, the two guards at the gates noticed him and came forward to stop him.

But the man stopped not far away from the gates of the neighbourhood and reached into his chest. He suddenly took out some cloth that was rolled up and shook it, opening it up to reveal two iron rods stuck to either side of the cloth.

The middle aged man inserted one iron rod into the dirt and pulled out the cloth, going to the other side of the road to insert the other iron rod.

When the white cloth was revealed, there were blood red leathers written on it.

“The Amrit Chamber of Commerce is heartless! They destroyed our homes! Her highness Seveni has no humanity! She colludes with merchants!”

Seeing these letters, Seveni was instantly shocked.

It was fine to say that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was heartless, by why was he saying that she had no humanity

As for colluding with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce…..To develop Banta City, the City Lord Manor cooperated with all the companies of Banta City, the best representative of that was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This person didnt choose the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and chose to call out the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, what reason was it for

Seveni thought for a while and found that because the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had construction projects all over Banta City and had a wide range of cooperation with the City Lord Manor, she couldnt make a guess at all.

The two guards of the neighbourhood saw this and after being stunned, they quickly went over to the middle aged man, looking like they wanted to question him.

Who would have known that when he saw the two guards approach, the middle aged man would suddenly take out a dagger from his chest.

The two guards were shocked before they continued to approach while laughing.

For the two guards that had retired from the army, a middle aged man that didnt seem that strong only holding a dagger didnt pose any threat at all.

However, the middle aged man didnt use the dagger to attack them. He turned his hand and pointed the dagger at his throat as he shouted, “Dont come over! If you keep coming over, Ill stab!”

The two guards were stunned and they couldnt help stopping.

This fellow threatening to kill himself really made the two guards worry.

When the two guards and Seveni were stunned, a Magic Car on the road behind them stopped and a crowd of people charged out. They came to the middle aged mans side and surrounded him. Then they all took out daggers and pointed it at their own necks, looking the same as the middle aged man.

Seeing that there were men and woman, old and young in this crowd, even having two children who werent even ten years old yet, Seveni tightly knit her brows.

What did the Amrit Chamber of Commerce do to force these normal citizens to this point


“Your highness, Ive been wronged!” Chairman Cruise had a tearful look as he turned to Seveni with an aggrieved expression, “You should know how our company handles matters, how could we do anything heartless These fellows…..these fellows are just causing a scene!”

Seveni looked around and didnt say anything.

Chairman Cruise understood and waved his hands for the others to leave.

There were only the two of them left in the room. Chairman Cruise nervously looked at Seveni as his heart was unsettled.

When he received the news, he didnt care at first since this was not the Amrit Chamber of Commerces first time encountering this situation.

But when he came over and found that her highness Seveni was also here, he was terrified.

Although this matter in his opinion was not the Amrit Chamber of Commerces fault, if a large matter happened, it would have a bad effect and her highness Seveni would definitely be angry.

But from when she saw him until now, her highness Seveni didnt look that angry, but chairman Cruise didnt dare be negligent.

“Speak, just what has happened” Seveni looked over chairman Cruise and calmly asked, “Why did these citizens say that your company destroyed their homes”

Chairman Cruise rubbed his hands and thought about it before saying, “Your highness, you should know that the construction of the Sanglang River Canal, right”

Seveni nodded, “I do, what about it Is this related to the Sanglang River Canal”

“Un, these people are from a village near the Sanglang River Canal, but because the canal passed through their village, we had to take some farmland from them. The reason theyre causing trouble is because of this farmland.”

Seveni knit her beautiful brows, “Didnt I tell chairman Porter that he had to properly take care of the matters of the Sanglang River Canal Moreover, why did these citizens not look for the Porter Chamber of Commerce and cause trouble for your Amrit Chamber of Commerce”

Chairman Cruise said with a bitter smile, “Because the one in charge of this project was my company, so these citizens only know that our Amrit Chamber of Commerce dug up their farmland and blame our company.”

“Then why did they agree at first and now come here to cause trouble” Seveni asked with a confused look.

“Chairman Porter agreed at first that after we dug up their farmland, we would give them some gold coins as compensation and arrange for them to work for some companies in Banta City, giving them a stable income. They agreed to this at first, so we started digging, but who would have thought…..”

Speaking of this, chairman Cruise suddenly stopped.

“What” Seveni looked at him.

Chairman Cruise gave a bitter laugh and shook his head. His expression showed that he didnt know whether to be angry or find this funny

“When I negotiated with those people and asked them why they were causing trouble, they said that they had all been fired. Theyve lost their jobs and dont have any income, so they cant live like this and came to create trouble.”

Seveni was stunned, “Why were they fired Didnt chairman Porter arrange for them to work at those companies”

“I asked a few people and can you guess why were they fired by those companies”

Seveni shook her head.

Chairman Cruise said with a strange look, “Chairman Porter looked for chairman Xus help when he organized things for them, so chairman Xu arranged for these people to work for magic machine companies in the city with his relations. But these people didnt have any skills and refused to learn, so they didnt meet the work requirements so they were all fired.”

Seeing the strange expression on Sevenis face, chairman Cruise quickly added, “Your highness, you have to believe that if it wasnt for the fact that they didnt have skills, I think that to give chairman Xu face, they wouldnt have fired them no matter what.”

Seveni gave a nod, “I understand, but this matter had reminded me of a problem.”

“What problem” Chairman Cruise asked in a curious voice.

“Xu Yi had mentioned this problem to me before. He said that as the magic machine industry developed quickly, there would be a higher demand for skills among the workers and there would be a higher demand for qualified individuals. Just depending on training from the companies of Banta City would be far from being enough.”

Chairman Cruise immediately agreed with a nod, “Un, I have a deep understanding of this. Normally the work of our company relies on physical strength and doesnt require any techniques, but as there are more projects and more magic machines being used, our company cant find enough workers to operate those magic machines and it has affected many of our projects.”

“So the problem raised by Xu Yi before is very important. How to change people in the required work force, we need to invest a large amount.” Seveni thought about it before saying to chairman Cruise, “Chairman Cruise, send some people, I want to build a vocational training school outside of the city.”

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