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Xu Yi couldnt help feeling awkward being stared at by Princess Caroline, so he turned his head.

But when he turned his head, Princess Caroline suddenly reached out her hand to grab his waist and forcefully twisted.

Xu Yi was caught off guard and winced in pain before turning to look at Princess Caroline in surprise.

This move, wasnt it the divine move that a girlfriend uses to punish her boyfriend that he read in novels and saw on TV back on earth

The problem was that Princess Caroline wasnt his girlfriend, why would so do this

Then again, he had never heard of this custom on the Sines Continent before, so where had she learned this……

Before Xu Yi could ask, Princess Caroline gave a cold snort filled with resentment, “I waited so long in my room last night, but I never thought that I would hear you and your beautiful slave in bed all night! Humph! Chairman Xu, I cant tell that with your serious and aloof appearance, you became very fierce after going to bed. You were going so late that I couldnt sleep well last night. Speak, how are you going to repay me”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry at Princess Carolines bullied appearance. Was the insulation effect of the City Lord Manors walls really that bad His night time even with Linda was actually heard by Princess Caroline next door.

It was no wonder she had a bitter look today, so she knew what had happened.

Count Sean intentionally put Princess Caroline next door to him to make it easier for them to interact, but did he expect this kind of problem

Thinking of what he did with Linda last night and Princess Caroline hearing everything, Xu Yis face couldnt help being covered in embarrassment.

“This…..Ke……I am a normal man……” Xu Yi reluctantly explained, “Its normal for this to happen……”

Princess Caroline gave a heavy snort, “Why do you not know how to choose the time, why did you choose last night Dont think that I dont know, you clearly took the virginity of your slave last night! Speak, why did it have to be last night Youve never done it before when you were with her, why did you choose to do it after you saw me Are you deliberately trying to anger me”

Seeing Princess Carolines angry appearance, Xu Yi shook his head. He gave a bitter laugh before saying with a sigh, “Your highness, if I said that this is all your fault, would you believe me”

“My fault How could it be my…..” Princess Caroline refuted before suddenly stopping. Thinking about it, she gave a laugh, “I understand…..Ha, ha…..I understand……Hei, chairman Xu, is it because you couldnt hold back from my teasing and youre too embarrassed to come looking for me, so you vented yourself on that slave of yours”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Dont say anything about Linda. Although she is my slave in name, I have always treated her as part of the family. This matter would have happened sooner or later, it isnt related to venting at all.”

“Alright, its my fault, I apologize.” Princess Caroline said with a smile. She poked Xu Yis chest and looked at him with big charming eyes, “But chairman Xu, I already said it very clearly before, what is there to be embarrassed about If you really cant hold on, you can knock on my door or even jump the wall, I welcome you very much.”

Xu Yi took a deep breath before saying with a serious look, “Your highness, although I admit that youre a very charming woman that has even moved my heart, I dont like this kind of woman. I hope that you can treasure yourself. Moreover, we are partners, I dont want our personal matters to affect our cooperation, do you understand what I mean”

Princess Caroline looked at Xu Yi in surprise when he said these words.

But after a while, she gave a laugh.

“Chairman Xu, you really are the most conservative man Ive ever seen. A man like you is definitely unique on the continent, but its a good thing that I like men like you the most. If it was said that I was just trying to seduce you before, then now…..” Princess Caroline pointed a finger at Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, I really am interested in you. I announce that I will definitely catch you and make you obediently come to my bed!”

Seeing Princess Carolines serious expression, Xu Yi could only shake his head and couldnt say a thing.

After being in this world for long, he knew that matters between men and women werent conservative on the continent.

When he was in Banta City, there were many noble young misses and madams who were even more wild than Princess Caroline, they had even directly sexually harassed Xu Yi before.

But this matter happening with Princess Caroline who had status and beauty, it really made him feel it was unbelievable.

If Princess Caroline was more open, it would be fine since this was normal among nobles of the Sines Continent.

But when Xu Yi discussed Princess Caroline with Kennard before, he heard that Princess Caroline was clearly still a virgin.

Kennard wasnt as conservative as Xu Yi, he had been with countless girls in Anvilmar City, so there was no problem with his judgement.

But the problem was, since Princess Caroline wasnt an open young miss, why did she always try to seduce Xu Yi like this

Was it just to develop a relationship with Xu Yi so that she would receive more benefits from their cooperation

Not mentioning if Xu Yi would do this, did Princess Caroline believe that she would get such a big return on her body

As these thoughts flashed through Xu Yis mind, he took a deep breath and said to Princess Caroline with a smile, “Alright, your highness, since you want to chase me, you have to make me like you first, right But my character has always focused on business, so what is the business you wanted to discuss”

Princess Carolines beautiful eyes turned over and she didnt refute Xu Yis words. With a faint smile, she elegantly sat down in a chair on the side and pointed at the opposing chair for Xu Yi to sit down.

“Of course there is business and it isnt just one piece.”

“Oh Then tell me about the first one.”

“The first matter is that our Duchy Parliament has already proposed allowing your Frestech Chamber of Commerce invest in our Drake Duchy and it has been passed with unanimous agreement. This means that from now on, if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wants to invest in our Drake Duchy, engaging in trade, you will have the full support of our duchy which will make many aspects much more smoother.”

Xu Yi nodded as he wasnt surprised.

The Drake Duchy wanted to invite the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest, so how could they reject their investment application

“The second matter is related to technology.” Speaking of this second matter, Princess Carolines expression became more serious, “Chairman Xu, I proposed to you before that I hoped that your Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine technology could be sold to our Drake Duchy like the other companies of your Lampuri Kingdom.”

“Yes, as long as it is technology our company is currently selling to the other companies, your Drake Duchy can purchase at a similar price no matter what it is. Of course, you can also exchange for it using resources.” Xu Yi said.

“But we also want some other pieces of technology, I wonder if chairman Xu is willing to transfer it.”

Xu Yi thought for a bit before saying, “Then it depends on what technology you want.”

“For example……What we currently want the most is your companys construction magic machine technology, would you be willing to transfer it”

“Construction magic machine” Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “Why are you interested in this technology I thought that you would be like the Rudson Kingdom, you would request the agricultural magic machine technology.”

Princess Caroline shook her head, “Our duchy has fertile lands and rich grains, so our grain yield has never been a problem. Moreover, our duchy doesnt have much land, so just buying agricultural magic machines from your company is enough to satisfy our use. Gaining this technology isnt worth it.”

“I can understand that. Then why do you want the construction magic machines” Xu Yi asked, “I dont feel like it is any use to your duchy.”

“That is because you havent inspected our duchy before. Actually our duchys terrain is very complex and if we want to solve the transportation problem like your Lampuri Kingdom to keep developing, there are many projects that need help from the construction magic machines.”

“Then why dont you buy it from our company It is like you said before, your Drake Duchy isnt that big and I dont think you need that many construction magic machines.” Xu Yi said in a confused voice.

“Our duchys terrain is more complicated than you can imagine, there are many places that need specially designed construction magic machines. We cant just order from your company all the time, right That would cost too much.”

Xu Yi couldnt help saying, “Then you think the cost of grasping this technology and then developing it is very low”

“At least if we have the technology, its easier to adjust when we have a new demand, right” Princess Caroline said with a faint smile.

Seeing the determination in Princess Carolines smile, Xu Yi secretly gave a sigh. He felt that Princess Caroline really resembled her highness Seveni when it came to this aspect.

The two were both daughters of their respective countrys leaders and cared about national affairs. They both had good vision and foresight, as well as determined characters.

If they could become the rulers of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Drake Duchy, what kind of scene would that be

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