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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 47

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Household magic machine workshop

“Hey, Camby, werent you complaining just a while ago Let me tell you some good news, you have work to do now and theres quite a bit of work to do!” Xu Yi smiled as he slapped Cambys shoulder, but because dwarves had quite a bit of muscle, his hand was numb from slapping him.

“What work Is it the Magic Harvester” Cambys eyes lit up and he immediately asked this.

Xu Yi raised the pack of orders in his hand and said while laughing, “Thats right, its the Magic Harvester. An entire seventeen machines and it has to be made in a single week, what do you think”

Camby had a look of joy just now, but he fell over after hearing the number.

“Seventeen And it has to be in a week” Camby shook his head with a bitter look, “Isnt this too exaggerated We are working in full force now and we cant even make one a day.”

“Hei, I dont care about this. I have already taken the orders and if you cant finish the work, dont blame me if I dock your pay for next month.” Xu Yi revealed a look of a ruthless capitalist and placed the orders in Cambys hands before he left the magic machine workshop while whistling a little tune.

He couldnt stop his mood from being good.

An entire seventeen Magic Harvesters!

At the sales price of seventy gold coins for one, this was an entire one thousand one hundred and ninety gold coins!

According to Sebas calculations, the cost of each Magic Harvester wouldnt even add up to ten gold coins.

This meant that with each Magic Harvester sold, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would earn a whole sixty gold coins!

This was equal to 600% profits! Using explosive wasnt even enough to describe this!

At first, Xu Yi was prepared to sell at the set price of “fifty gold coins” Viscount Leslie had said before, but Viscount Leslie say that Xu Yi could still raise the price a bit higher. He dared promise that it would still sell.

Facts showed the Viscount Leslies proposition was very correct.

After witnessing how amazing the Magic Harvester, close to twenty nobles offered to buy the Magic Harvester on the spot.

Even giving a high price of seventy per machine, those nobles agreed without even blinking.

It made Xu Yi a bit regretful that the price was still a bit too low.

He only took seventeen orders in the end because Xu Yi considered that the productivity of the magic machine workshop wasnt enough, so he rejected several nobles.

Because of Xu Yi refusal, those several nobles were unhappy and thought that Xu Yi was looking down on them.

It was a good thing Viscount Leslie was there. He said that he would lend his Magic Harvester to them later, allowing the situation to defuse.

“It seems like the productivity of the magic machine workshop isnt enough. It seems like the crafting research needs to be faster, otherwise when more orders come in, we wont be able to finish them. How could we watch this piece of fat meat in our mouths slip away” Xu Yi thought in an unwilling manner.

As for Camby complaining that they couldnt complete the order, Xu Yi naturally didnt put it in his heart.

Only being able to finish one a day, it was because the Magic Harvester had still been in its development stage.

Now that the development was complete and they were in official production, naturally the efficiency wouldnt be as low as this anymore.

Seventeen in a week, that was the number that Xu Yi had carefully calculated. With the abilities of Camby and the other dwarves, they definitely could finish this task.

Of course, this week would be rather tiring for them.

But Camby said before that dwarves could handle suffering the most and also complained that Xu Yi gave them too little work.

While he was thinking about how to increase the productivity of the magic machine workshop, Xu Yi had slowly walked to the Magic Fan workshop.

Entering the end of August, the Magic Fan workshop had become much more relaxed compared to before.

Before this time, the workshop was always working on full and the slaves had even worked several days of overtime because of this.

But after completing the largest three thousand Magic Fans order from Karma City, the Magic Fan factory became much more relaxed.

It was like Xu Yi had anticipated, once it was close to the end of summer, there were much less families that wanted to buy Magic Fans and the demand for Magic Fans greatly decreased. Naturally the orders wouldnt come in hoards like before.

Xu Yi looked over the much more peaceful workshop and his eyes fell onto Heinz squatting in the corner with a dazed look, not knowing what to do.

When Xu Yi came over and also squatted down did Heinz finally react.

“Ah Xu Yi, when did you get here”

“I just came.” Xu Yi smiled and asked back, “What What are you thinking You looked so worried.”

“Can I not worry” Heinz gave a bitter laugh as he pointed at the workshop, “Take a look, now that the Magic Fan orders have been reduced and the fact that we might not be able to sell another one next month, how could I not be worried If this keeps going on, perhaps this workshop will be out of business by next month.”

“Isnt this something that we already expected” Xu Yi said in an uncaring voice.

Heinz looked over at Xu Yi with a serious look and suddenly said, “Xu Yi, be honest with me, are you planning to give up on the Magic Fan workshop”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Who told you Im giving up on it”

“Then what about the new product you mentioned” Heinz reached his hand out to Xu Yi, “Dont think I dont know, you helped Camby research that Magic Harvester thing and it must be selling very well right now. Adding in the fact that they were already making those machines, their magic machine workshop must be incredibly busy right now. Then look at out Magic Fan workshop, there is only less and less work to do. In the end, we might even be shut down. Tell me, arent you favouring one side too much”

Xu Yi didnt know whether he should laugh or cry.

“I say, Heinz, what nonsense are you thinking by yourself here Whether it is the Magic Fan workshop or the magic machine workshop, they are all important parts of our company. How could I possibly favour one side and give up on the other Thats right, the magic machine workshop does have quite a bit of work to do right now, but if you think that I would give up the Magic Fan workshop because of this, you are making a big mistake! Ill honestly tell you that this workshop will be changing its name today. It will no longer be the Magic Fan workshop, rather it will be called the household magic machine workshop.”

“Household magic machine workshop” Heinz was stunned, “What does that mean”

“It means that this workshop will no longer only make Magic Fans, rather it will produce magic machines that families will use in their daily lives. Didnt I tell you to make thirty Magic Air Conditioners a while ago Did you forget”

“Of course I wouldnt forget. But Xu Yi, the Magic Air Conditioners were not as popular as you said they were. After thirty of them sold, there hasn't been another single order.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes at him, “Nonsense, the Magic Air Conditioner costs twenty gold coins for one, how could it be easy to sell Then again, with summer half over, how many people will buy a luxury good like the Magic Air Conditioner But you dont need to worry, the Magic Air Conditioner isnt like the Magic Fan where it can only be used in summer, it can also be used in winter.”

“Used in winter Are you kidding me” Heinzs eyes popped out, “That thing blows out such cold wind, wouldnt people freeze to death from using it in the winter”

“I say, Heinz, when did you get such a single tracked mind” Xu Yi sighed before saying in a voice that didnt expect anything, “Who told you the Magic Air Conditioners can only blow out cold wind The so called air conditioning means controlling the air itself. If it can turn the air cold, naturally it can also make the air warm. Let me tell you, when the weather becomes cold, we can sell Magic Air Conditioners that controls heat. At that time, I dare say that we will sell a large amount of them.”

Heinzs eyes lit up, “Youre telling the truth Can it really make the air warm”

“When have I ever lied to you before”

“Then thats great! If it really is like this, well earn a large amount when that time comes!” Heinz excitedly stood up.

Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh. No matter what method he tried to convey his thoughts to Heinz, he was always such a petty fellow. It seemed like he was only suited to being a plant manager, he couldnt develop any higher.

This was something he was helpless in, a persons experience is related to their environment. Before meeting Xu Yi, Heinz was only the owner of a small general store, so how could he have any excellent experience.

After Heinz was excited for a bit, he suddenly thought of something and became depressed again.

“But Xu Yi, summer is over and there are still several months before winter, what will we do during this time”

Xu Yi looked at him, “Did you forget about what I told you before Let me tell you some good news, Still and the others have already researched the core Magic Array and now I just need to spend some time to combine the Magic Array with the machine structure. After some testing, we can officially start producing it. If we move fast, we can finish it in less than twenty days.”

“Really Thats great!” Hearing that the workshop wouldnt close down, Heinz let out a sigh of relief and finally calmed down.

Seeing him being swayed by personal gains, Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh again.

This time he wasnt sighing because of Heinz, but rather because of the backwards industrial system of the Sines Continent.

In the previous world, the electric fan companies didnt run out of work once summer was over.

Even if no one bought it now, they would first produce stock and hold it, waiting for the next summer to sell it.

Moreover, it was even easier to change production. The powerful industrial system of his previous world allowed the electric fan factories to change their production line slightly to make new products. They wouldnt stick with electric fans to the end.

But on the Sines Continent, because of reasons with the material, if they were to produce Magic Fans a year ahead of time, it would become a pile of waste by next summer.

Moreover, the Magic Fan workshops machines and workers were all trained to specially produce the Magic Fan. If they were to change products, they would have to rebuild the machines and retrain the workers.

That meant that in the next twenty days, Xu Yi would still be quite busy.

“Hei, establishing a complete industrial system, it sounds easy, but it is actually harder than ascending to the heavens.” Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a bitter laugh, “Oh, no, if mentioning ascending to heaven, it isnt that difficult in this world filled with magicians……”-

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