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The kingdoms north entering December was naturally much colder than Banta City in the south.

Especially with the breeze blowing across the river, making one feel a chill entering their hearts.

Even if Xu Yi was prepared, wearing very thick clothes, he still couldnt keep out the cold. He had to use a bit of magic to maintain a miniature Fire Magic Array under him and Count Sean, keeping the temperature around them at an acceptable degree.

Feeling the temperature rising, Count Sean looked at the red glowing Magic Array that was under Xu Yis feet.

Even if Count Sean wasnt a magician, he could still tell that it required a high level of magic to maintain such a Magic Array.

“Xu Yi, I havent seen you in a year and your magic power is much stronger. Before you came, you should have participated in the qualification exam in Anvilmar City, right How is it What grade are you now”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I just passed the Eighth Grade exam, Im not that strong.”

“An Eighth Grade Magician isnt strong” Count Sean couldnt help shaking his head, “Then what kind of magician is considered strong to you”

“To me, I feel that no matter how strong a magician is, he cant be considered strong since he is just a single person.” Xu Yi said, “Compared to a single persons strength, I think it is also better to use industrial production to increase ones strength.”

Count Sean couldnt help laughing, “This fellow, you really are a merchant and not a magician. You only think this way because you havent experienced how strong really powerful magicians are. If you experience the power of an Arch Magus or a Great Magus, I think that your thoughts would definitely change.”

“Oh Lord City Lord, have you witnessed the power of an Arch Magus or a Great Magus before” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

Count Sean looked to the east and his eyes were a bit lost.

“Back then, I witnessed a battle between the Candra and the Marlow Empires. There were a total of four Arch Magi. In that battle, as long as an Arch Magus made a move, a powerful Forbidden Spell would destroy an area and even change the colour of the sky, shaking the ground. Even when facing thousands of soldiers, for the powerful Arch Magus, it was just a matter of waving their hands. Even remembering it now, my heart is still filled with shock.”

“Arch Magi are that powerful” Xu Yi thought of the scene Count Sean described. If an Arch Magus could destroy thousands of soldiers with a wave of the hand, it was no wonder the people of the continent worshipped them, “Then what about Great Magi How much stronger are they”

“I havent been lucky enough to see a Great Magus make a move and there hasnt been one on the Sines Continent in many years.” Count Sean shook his head, “But according to legends, Great Magi are several times stronger than Arch Magi. Its said that as long as a Great Magus makes a move, he can even flatten an entire city.”

Xu Yi looked at Sowell City in the distance. Sowell City could be considered one of the biggest cities in the north, but compared to the real cities on earth, it was countless times smaller. It only took an area of less than ten square kilometers.

The most terrifying weapon on earth, the nuclear bomb could even destroy a large city on earth.

This meant that although Great Magi were powerful, they couldnt compare to a nuclear bomb in destructive might.

Seeing that Xu Yi wasnt convinced, Count Sean was a bit confused.

Xu Yi himself was considered a magician with decent talent and he was already an Eighth Grade Magician, so he could be considered one of the higher ranked magicians. But why did he not care about his magic power and even disdained it

But Count Sean didnt care about this. Seeing that Xu Yi was interested in this topic, he transitioned into discussing proper business with Xu Yi.

“Do you see that side of the river” Count Sean pointed at the open space by the river and drew a large circle with his arm, “This is the place that Ive put aside for your Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base, what do you think”

Xu Yi looked it over and gave a satisfied nod.

“Very good. The Lord City Lord had experience with this in Banta City, so you chose a very suitable place for us and I dont have any opinions, but there is still a small problem…..”

“Oh What problem”

“Look, Sowell City is this cold and this Sera River is completely frozen during the winter. Even if we build the production base by the river, we wont be able to use it, so it is a bit wasteful.”

“Theres no other way, this is the north, its different from the weather in the south. Naturally it cant compare in terms of natural conditions.” Count Sean said in a helpless voice, “But your Frestech Chamber of Commerces factorys production wont be affected by the weather, so there should be no problem.”

“Un, there shouldnt be any influence, but there are some small details that I need to discuss with my staff here.”

Xu Yi was about to wave to his staff that had come to investigate this area when Camby suddenly ran over.

“Chairman, I found something strange. Come take a look.” Camby indeed at Count Sean before giving Xu Yi a blood red crystal that was actually letting out steam in this cold weather.

After Xu Yi took it, he found that the crystal was soft in his hand, like a piece of fruit jelly, rather than being a real crystal. The surface of it was warm and it was very comfortable holding it.

“This is our special product, the Slime Magic Crystal. This is red, so it should be a crystal containing Fire Magic.” Count Sean on the side took a look before explaining.

“This thing is actually a Magic Crystal” Xu Yi looked at the red crystal that was like slime in his hand. He used his magic to focus on examining it and he found magic fluctuations coming from the crystal, reacting to Fire Elemental Energy the strongest.

But there was a low concentration of magic in this Slime Magic Crystal, it was far from being able to compare to the standardized Magic Crystals that Evita developed. It couldnt even compare to the Magic Crystals that were being sold all over.

“Un, because this thing has a low concentration of magic, no one is willing to mine it. Otherwise this thing is found all over our Sowell City, so Sowell City would have become rich just from this. How could we specially invite your Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Count Sean said.

Xu Yi played with the Slime Magic Crystal and after thinking for a bit, he had Camby and Count Sean move away as he started releasing his magic.


There was a powerful flame that soared into the sky, reaching several meters and completely covering Xu Yi.

Camby and Count Sean on the side were scared. When they wanted to call someone to help, they saw the flame disappear and Xu Yi standing there looking like he wasnt affected at all.

“Hu……” Camby let out a long sigh, “Chairman, you almost scared me to death.”

Count Sean also knit his brows, “Doing magic experiments is dangerous, you should be more careful.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Theres nothing to worry about, I am a magician. How could I do something as dumb as playing with fire But this Slime Magic Crystal…..It really is a bit interesting.”

Count Sean and Camby looked at Xu Yis hand and they found that the Slime Magic Crystal had disappeared. There was only a black powder left in Xu Yis hand that seemed to be the impurities left by the Slime Magic Crystal.

“Lord City Lord, other than this Slime Magic Crystal that has an affinity for Fire Magic, are there other kinds” Xu Yi asked.

“I heard my subordinate say there were, but Im not clear on what kinds there are.” Count Sean shook his head.

“Thats good. Camby, go tell the others to have them collect some Slime Magic Crystals while they are investigating. Bring back whatever coloured or quality crystals there are, I want to use them for an experiment.”

Seeing Camby leave, Count Sean asked in a curious voice, “What You think this thing has a use”

“I cant draw a conclusion now, but based on the experiment, I think this thing has its uses.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“Oh It would be great if there really was a use.” Count Sean said in a happy voice, “This thing is found all over and if it has value, that would be opening a new source of wealth for Sowell City, which would help develop Sowell City.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Lord City Lord, are you addicted to developing cities Now that youre not satisfied with Banta City, you came all the way to Sowell City to satisfy your cravings”

Count Sean didnt smile and said with a sigh, “Having the ability to change the lives of the citizens and letting them live better lives, which City Lord wouldnt be willing to do this”

Xu Yi fell silent because he remembered Basaru Citys Count Longley.

Although their political stances were different, because he had the same idea as Count Sean, Count Longley was willing to take the title of traitor. He actually wanted to invite the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in Basaru City and would do his best to work with them.

He did this just to change the poor conditions of Basaru City, to let the citizens live better lives.

“Ive met the young Longley who took the title just last year. I can see that he is a person with ideas, he isnt the same as his father.” Hearing Xu Yi mention this matter, Count Sean gave his praise for Count Longley, “If he can really do this, it would be a good thing for Basaru City. But this matter…..it cant be done just because he wants it. It depends on how he will handle his relationship with his highness Eric.”

Xu Yi said with a bitter laugh, “Im worried about this.”

Count Sean looked at Xu Yi, “Its the same with you. If you want to work with Basaru City, you should do your best to contact her highness.”

Xu YI nodded, “Naturally.”

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